What to wear to a Scholarship interview? 

Little wonder why despite some people’s intelligence they will seek scholarships for years without securing any. There are several processes in scholarships.

Some phases consist of some other things that have no direct links with being brilliant. Some of which include your attitude and mode of dressing.

As a result, we have put this together to enlighten you on what to wear to a scholarship interview. The topic herein will come alongside some other aspects of landing a scholarship.

The kind of clothing to wear to a scholarship in

There are no specific kinds of clothing you should wear to a scholarship interview, in fact, you don’t need to get a new set of articles of clothing, nonetheless, you should ensure some things are in place. 

Firstly, make sure you don’t go with loose or too tight clothes. You may look sloppy in the attire when the cloth is too big. Secondly, ensure it is washed and free from unpleasant odors. 

If the clothing you choose to wear also requires pressing, don’t forget to iron it. Do not put it on, if the cloth you plan on wearing has holes, stains, or tears. 

The idea behind your clothing in a scholarship interview is to know what kind of person you are. Through dressing, you can get to know a smart girl or boy. 

What kind of bags or purses should you carry to a Scholarship interview? 

Handbags or purses may be quite important when going for a scholarship interview, as you will have to take along with you certain paperwork, your phone, and some other required items. But the necessity of a handbag or purse does not guarantee that an interviewer considers any bag. 

Any bag with a briefcase structure will do. Or a portable one that doesn’t look distracting. Most importantly, make sure you don’t go to a scholarship interview with more than one bag. 

The purpose of this, in a nutshell, is to make you appear smart and ready for the program.

You don’t want to look like someone who is bribed to get the results you are holding. Recall that our appearances can go a long way to telling whether we are smart or not, and ready or not.

Should you wear fragrances to a scholarship interview? 

No! You want to agree with us that – that one thing you so much admire means nothing to some people.

And a few others may equally hate it. Let’s discuss this in a quite general sense that you will also be able to relate to. 

Wearing perfumes or colognes to job interviews has made some people lose jobs they are supposed to be qualified for. We have heard of several such cases. 

One report had it that a candidate’s fragrance was too strong that despite keeping the interviewer’s office ventilated, she could hardly breathe, for the fear of perceiving the scent of the perfume.

The story continues, but the candidate apparently can’t get the job. One reason is that the interviewer will, in a matter of seconds, assume that the candidate will always smell that way.

For a number of reasons, we would therefore also suggest that you don’t go to a scholarship interview (especially), wearing cologne or perfume, because you may be allergic to the interviewer. This is an issue quite more serious than you may think it is. One or more ingredients in the fragrance you wear may be allergic to your interviewer or others around the setting. In this case, a person may fall seriously ill – as a result. 

Moreso, it can be very distracting, if not offensive to the interviewer. 

In case of body odor or any personal reasons, you should at most, apply deodorant or antiperspirants. In lieu of this, however, you can simply shower and put on the best interview attire you can readily access, before setting out. 

For some of the reasons highlighted herein, you should also conclude not wearing fragrances to a scholarship interview. It is not a crime nor unethical, but for the favor of yourself and the interviewer, don’t use it. 

This, therefore becomes what not to wear to an interview. 

Five Dos Associated with what to wear to a scholarship interview 

This aspect of the article is more like a summary of the entire piece. Pay close attention to the following things you are free to do when going for a scholarship interview.

Look simple in neat attire.

Don’t go with big bags or more than one.

You should smell good – perhaps with a shower or deodorant.

You can use simple accessories if need be.

If you would like to stand a good chance with your dressing, suit up.

Moreso, you should appear smart; wear comfortable clothes that appropriately fit your body. 

Five Don’ts associated with what to wear to a scholarship interview Don’t use fragrance. Don’t go for trendy haircut styles as a man, for instance.

Get a good hairstyle.

If any article in your attire can be ironed, don’t leave it unpressed.

Don’t look unkempt. 

In the case of accessories, they can ideally add to your beauty, but for the sake of simplicity, kindly use only a watch. Earrings are not also a bad idea for ladies. 


In addition to all that has been highlighted in what to wear to a scholarship interview, we would advise you don’t get to the interview with a drink in your hand. You may decide to put it in your bag (if you have bought any before getting to the program) but remember it can stain some of the documents or other paperwork in your bag. Which will be the highest order of shambolism you can get yourself into. 

So it is ideal you leave the drink in the car or dispose of it before getting to the interview. Don’t also hesitate to put your phone off or in silence. 


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