Ways to Make New Friends in a New School

When you first enter high school, it may seem like everyone already has their clique of friends, leaving you with few options but to hope that the new people in your classes will become your friends as well.

However, this doesn’t need to be the case! With a little bit of effort and a lot of friendliness, you can make new friends quickly and easily in any high school.

Even if you’re shy or have been out of school for several years! Check out these ways to make new friends in your new school today!

1) Start Small

Introducing Yourself
It can be hard to start conversations with new people, but it’s important to try. One way is by introducing yourself. Hi, I’m so-and-so.

This will help you start the conversation and get your name out there. You might want to follow up with questions about their interests or activities they enjoy.

You could also ask them if they need help finding anything, or if they need someone to show them around campus. If they are at lunch or another social activity, then join in.

The more friends you have, the easier it’ll be to make friends later on. If they’re sitting alone, then introduce yourself and say Hi! My name is so-and-so.

What brings you here today? What do you think of this place?

The idea behind these small talk questions is to get your new acquaintance talking, which will open up an opportunity for some quality bonding time.

2) Attend Classes Together

One of the best ways to make new friends is by attending classes with them. If you see someone sitting alone, they may be interested in making friends as well.

You can also ask your professor if he or she would be willing to assign seats so that you’ll be sitting next to someone you don’t know.

Another way is by simply introducing yourself and starting up a conversation with those around you.

If you have trouble coming up with things to talk about, bring some current events into the conversation like what’s happening in the world or what sports teams are playing today.

Sharing an interest with someone else is a great way to find common ground.

Once you start talking, the other person will probably offer up their own interests for discussion.

3) Work on School Projects Together

One of the easiest ways to make new friends is by working on projects together.

Not only will you have fun and find common ground, but you’ll also be able to ask them questions and get to know them better.


Join After-School Activities: Another great way to meet people at your school is by joining after-school activities.

You can find out which clubs are available at your school by checking the website or speaking with someone from your school office.

Reach Out on Social Media: If you’re too shy to approach people at your school or join after-school activities, there’s no reason why you can’t use social media as an alternate method for making new friends!

Try joining Facebook groups related to your interests, searching hashtags related to what you like on Instagram, or following some popular bloggers.

There are so many opportunities that exist today that allow us to connect with others without ever having to speak face-to-face.

4) Join Extracurricular Activities

Joining extracurricular activities is one of the easiest ways to make new friends. The best part is you can find something that interests you and meet new people while doing it.

You could join the soccer team, student council, or any number of other clubs that are available at your school.

It’s also important to take initiative and reach out to others who share similar hobbies.

5. Join Student-Lead Organizations:

Many schools have student-lead organizations where students organize social events for their classmates.

Another easy way to break into the circle of friends at lunchtime is by joining an activity they’re already involved in like playing basketball, doing arts & crafts together, or playing chess.

6) Seek out Common Interests

The key to finding common interests is by asking questions. This will help you both get to know each other better and find out what you have in common.

Ask about their hometown, favorite movies, and what they like about your school. After the conversation, ask if they would be interested in getting together again sometime soon!

If they say yes then invite them over for dinner or meet up for coffee before or after school.

If not, that’s okay too! It might just take more time to make friends when it comes to this topic!

Keep looking for someone who has a similar interest as you.

You can also try joining clubs, sports teams, social groups and volunteering at an event on campus.

And if all else fails? Just introduce yourself to one of your classmates during lunch and see where it takes you from there!

7) Get Involved with Clubs and Events

A great way to make new friends is by getting involved with school-sponsored clubs and events.

If you have an interest like theater, photography, or film production, the club will provide a space for you to meet other people who share that interest.

Not only do these organizations offer more chances to talk with your peers, they also present networking opportunities that can be valuable down the road.

To find out what clubs are available on your campus, take a look at your school’s student organization directory online.

You may find some you were not aware of before! Even if there isn’t a club for something you’re interested in, don’t be afraid to create one yourself.

And if there is a club but it doesn’t seem like it would fit with your interests, ask someone about it – sometimes that club just needs another member!

8) Hang Out after Class

Hanging out after class is the perfect way to make new friends. You can get to know people outside of the classroom, and it gives you an opportunity to ask them questions about themselves.

This is important because you want to know what their interests are so that you can find common ground.

Plus, there’s nothing more fun than getting together with your classmates after school! I’m sure they’ll be happy to meet some new people and maybe even show off their cool sports team or club that they’re part of.

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