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NordVPN one of the Best Free VPN App for Android


VPN is one of the Technologies that got its root in nook and cranny of everything both on the internet and locally hosted programs. There is a different platform that restricts you from accessing a certain plan, websites, and many others. Also, some programmer or hacker needs to hide their ass and information while they access a certain platform, either to avoid being traced or getting their information to public assets. So we will be giving you detailed information on what VPNs are and why you need to get one.


  • What Is a VPN?

VPN is acrimony for Virtual Private Network; this program enabled you to set up a private or in other word secure connection to another network on the internet. Take for example, you have a Wi-Fi set up for a private Universities or a working environment, sharing such Wi-Fi with others your information is opened to others who are on the same Wi-Fi, if you have got a hacker on such network or the administrator of such network, your information can easily be retrieved and can be used for malicious acts, so the need to set up a private network while working on public domain is expedient.

Most time, while you are surfing the internet to register or apply for a certain program, there may be restriction of your country IP to register on such platform, also you may not be in the country currently where you register a certain program with your residence country IP and while you are on vacation or outside your country, you may not be able to access the platform or program, so it is paramount you access the platform with your home country’s IP here the function of VPN comes in.

What are VPNs

What are VPNs

  • What was the Initial Purpose of a VPN?

Initially, Virtual Private Network was developed for business to connect securely with one another over the internet from your home, but these days, users have extended the uses more than the initial goal of developing this program.

Initially, then, it directs all your network traffics to the established business network, it was developed in this manner because most time business operates central server and most time business may grow beyond their initial location, maintaining information remotely and securely was the prior goal for VPN and as technologies evolved, most PC manufacturer and software developer integrates the use of VPN with most of the programs from that are being designed.

  • What Is a VPN and How Does It Help Me?

Now we have been writing from the perspective of computer geeks, now let us break it down to every man’s language, and what it means, Virtual Private Network simply plays an intermediary role in connecting your PC, your smartphone, and other gadgets with just a computer which is commonly referred to as the server. Your server may serve the purpose of central information which is usually connected with the internet so that other gadgets or our tablets may access even while you are not at home or close to your computer. So, if your central computer (Server which we already give meaning to) is in a different country if you connect with the computer, and you access the internet through it, even though you may be in another country that is different from your server country, any website or platform you access with the server will appear as if you are browsing with the network of your central server.

Take, for instance, your server is hosted in Huston USA, and you are currently in Kenya of Africa, while you access the internet after your current gadgets either a Smartphone or Tablet has established a secure connection with your central server situated in Huston USA through the internet connection and a certain program, when you start browsing with your phone or gadget, you will appear on the internet like you are in Huston Texas? Do you get that?

So we go to the question, how does this help me or why do I need a VPN?

The question sounds great, after we have given you information on VPN then let us quickly give you why you may need a VPN if not now perhaps when the need comes up, you already know what to do and the best approach to such urgency. So here are the uses of VPN;

  • Protect yourself from being logged while torrenting:

Many of us a movies lovers and of course we make use of torrents to download a lot of information that may be regional restricted and also needs data of your country, making use of VPN will get you access to the torrent platform, and any of your information will not be saved as a cookies and cache.

  • Bypass geographic restrictions on websites or streaming audio and video.

Some countries or platform has regionalized some certain movies, channels and many other media platforms for certain countries or their target, you can easily access most of this platform while you make use of VPN you will be able to make use of information you may need and surf like a user from such countries that were enlisted in their access.

  • Protect yourself from snooping on untrustworthy Wi-Fi hotspots.

I have mentioned this earlier, there are various malicious hotspots that have been created so that if you connect with, your information may be accessible, do not be surprised that there are gadgets that may be used to snoop into your devices to access your private information such as your messages, files, SSN, card information and your bank information that may be used to deprive you of your rightful access to a certain platform or your information being used for devilish acts and you may be arrested for actions you do not commit.

  • Watch streaming media like Netflix and Hulu.

We all know Netflix and Hulu are restricted, so for you to gain necessary access, you may deploy the use of a VPN, it will establish a piece of secure and private information you may need to create an account and get verified without stress on both platforms even other platforms not mentioned.

  • Establish at least some anonymity online by hiding your exact location.

Also, you may be one of those badass nigga called Hacker who always wished to gain accesses to computer including both private and public networks, doing this without getting your ass covered may land you in trouble, so with the use of VPN, you may get yourself securely covered while using a coffee shop or a cyber cafe.

  • How Do You Get a VPN, and Which One Should You Choose?

This is a good question, getting a VPN for yourself may depend on your purpose of creating VPN, you may wish to establish a network for your office or your house but while most people are deploying the use of VPN is basically for getting access to most online media to watch a movie or download certain files.

We will be giving you a list of certain VPN websites you can easily register with and download their app on your system and other devices you may want to use them for; the platform supports the likes of Windows PC, Mac, Android, iPhone, or iPad. It’s as easy as that.

Here is the list of recommended VPNs servers you may use and may serve the purpose you needed a VPN.

  • Express VPN – this is one of the best and easy to use VPN, it integrates a high-speed server and also supports torrenting, and online streaming at a pocket-friendly rate.
  • Tunnelbear – this is another good VPN you may choose to deploy for use at the coffee shop and has a (limited) free tier. It’s not good for torrenting or streaming media also.
  • Strong VPN – this is different from other VPN you may have been using and also different from the one we have mentioned earlier; it is somehow technical to handle.

Just take note, all of the above-stated VPNs have a trier period for new users after the trier period elapses there are specific charges which may be monthly or annually.

  • How Does a VPN Work?

After a thorough discussion on what VPN is, there is a need for us to simply demonstrate to you how the VPN operates and how it is being used. If you want to use VPN here are the few things you need to do.

The first thing is, select the VPN server you want to work with; we have listed some of the VPN above even though there are dozens of this VPN that are available online, you could search around on the internet to select the VPN of your choice.

After you already have a VPN server you wished to work with, the next thing is for you to register on their website or platform, you can easily do this by visiting their links and selecting sign up button or register button, this option will redirect you to the registration page where some primary data will be collected, do not bother yourself because you may ask, VPN is meant to protect me, what on earth should I provide my data? The answers are, they are not going to display or make your data available to anyone or platform; it is just a means of keeping records of their clients.

After registration, download the VPN application on your devices, with this software, you could easily log in to your account and do whatever you want to do with your VPN.

After your initial trier period elapses, you could opt-in on your desire plans among their listed plans, you pay a token to make use of these, you may be billed on annual bases or monthly bases, and sometimes you may be placed on some days’ charges.

  • How Do I a Corporate VPN in Windows?

This is one of the frequent questions that has kept coming from different users, how do I use VPN on my window PC. As we all know, the most common operating system all over the world today is Window which comes in various packages ranging from XP to Windows 10. Setting up a cooperate VPN on your Windows system is not a big deal and will not cost you anything to get this done; all you have to do is follow this simple instruction.

The first thing you need to do is boot your computer, after passing through all the normal unlocking and accessing your desktop mode, press F5 or right click and select on refresh to refresh your system.

After this, navigate to the window or press on the windows key usually at the left side of your keyboard generally after the “alt” button.

After this type VPN, you will see the options of your VPN here then click on the option

Set up your virtual private network option here, this approach is entirely different for Windows 8 users, for Windows 8 users, you first click on settings and navigate to category immediately you are done searching for the VPN.

After this is done, make use of the wizard to insert your login and address the date of the VPN service you decide to use. You can anytime connect or disconnect from the VPN by just the same approach you make use of while you make use of your Wi-Fi.

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Conclusion On What are VPNs? Their benefits and types.

Most time it may be difficult for one to decide which of the VPN server is best advice base on your region and what you may be needing the VPN for, all we have always been telling readers who asked us questions about this is, still go through the terms and condition of any VPN server you want to work with, check their pricing rate if it is advisable and stable then you can make use of these parameters to choose your VPN server. So far so good, that is all we can say about the VPN and why you should get one. If there is a need to do a review of this, we will surely do it.

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