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  • VanossGaming Profile

VanossGaming, as stated earlier, goes by the real name Evan Fong, he is known Canadian game developer and commentator. He is popularly known in the gaming sector especially for his funny commentaries on populate channels. Following his fast-growing gaming idea and attraction, he has been able to acquire up to 4 billion viewers and over 17 million subscribers to his gaming work in just a space of three years.

Over the years people keep subscribing to his game and this has made him beat other commentators at a certain time on Youtube. With the spirit of determination and passion for gaming, he developed lots of games and people began to like VanossGaming even more than any other game. Following his style of gaming, it was noted that his work is very much similar to that of PewDiePie who was formerly the biggest gaming commentator on Youtube but in no time he was defeated by VanossGaming and had triple the number of viewers and subscribers in a very short time.


On Youtube VanossGaming is known for playing popular video games, meanwhile, he does not do this alone, he is noted to do this with other Youtube collaborators. Fong seems to be a lover of his work and he enjoys what he does all the time, also everyone following his trending Gaming pattern loves him for what he does.

As of recent, VanossGaming invented a new game in partnership with Youtube subscribers, this video game is named DeadDream, and meanwhile, this video game is noted to have a striking resemblance with a certain video game known as mod hide and seeks which was created by Gary Mod.

Recently, Vanoss invented a new game, partnering with other YouTube subscribers, and the video game is called DeadDream. The video game has a core resemblance with another video game called mod hide and seeks created by Gary Mod.


His channel is notably the 20th most subscribed Youtube channel, and he reported that he is aspiring to be number one and which would come to pass in no time. As of February 8 of the year 2018, he was noted to have over 22.3 million subscribers on youtube. Vanoss filming network for games is known as 3BLACKDOT, and he is also known to have just two associate acts for his gaming business which are known as SeaNanners and Tom Syndicate.


Furthermore, a Canadian news outlet described his style of gaming as a picture of his chatting, laughing, and playing with some of his friends about games which have popular titles.

VanossGaming Biography 2019/2020

VanossGaming also was known as Evan Fong was born and raised in Toronto Ontario Canada on the 31st of July of the year 1992, despite the fact that VanossGaming Place of Birth is Canada and VanossGaming Nationality is Canadian, he is as well considered as partly Korean and Partly Chinese. Fong tends to be a lover of the Hockey sport, well this may e due to the fact that he was a great Hockey player back in his younger days, following this interest, he made a declaration to the world that there would be at a certain point in time that he would create and invent a great hockey game that would be mind-blowing in the nearest future, and he has been noted to follow up this dream every day.

Evan Fong graduated from a school called Richmond Hill High School in Toronto, Canada, and later on proceeded into college and was not able to further in his second year in college, therefore, he dropped out of school himself and embraced video gaming as a career. His parents had no slight idea of what had gotten into him and were scared that Fong wouldn’t amount to anything in life.


VanossGaming has only been noted to have shown his face only in some videos of which he covers it with an Owl mask, his video game character is known as GTA V which looks a whole lot like him. Diving down the years after he hit the internet, rumors began to spread over the internet about people knowing his real identity, many who claimed to know him reported that VanossGaming is an easy going person who is usually in the mood to play prank on anyone around him, and also he is said to joke a lot about anything, he likes to play around and has no dull time. Furthermore, he is said to be a fast thinker of which there is no doubt about that as it only takes a great and fast thinker to develop games of his type, and he is said also to be a calculative person. Vanoss is also noted to possess the habit of featuring other gaming commentators on his youtube channel.

  • VanossGaming History

Vanoss kick-started his gaming career on the 15th of September of the year 2011 and he named his gaming network “Vanoss” which was derived from the name “VANOS” which is known as a variable timing system which was produced by the BMW automobile company in Germany. His father was known with an alias name called “Vanoss62c” on PlayStation 3 which was inherited later on by Vanoss, as his name implies, Vanoss is well known by lots of collaborators on youtube  as well as Youtube Gaming commentators of which some are; H20 Delirious, Montoya, Adam sea manners, and Tom Syndicate Cassell.

Still on VanossGaming History, in the year 2013, he had just a total number of subscribers of 100, 000 on his gaming Youtube Channel, later on that same year his subscribers breached 1, 000, 000 and this was the first time VanossGaming revealed his true identity following his celebration of getting one million subscribers on his gaming channel and also as a sign of gratitude to his subscribers on Youtube for being there for him, later on in the year 2015, his subscribers count hits 10, 000,000. Still, in the same year 2015, Vanoss went on a convention for his gaming work which was the first ever convention for his gaming network and this was termed “Youtube Gaming Evolution” in Boston, Massachusetts, he also had collaborators named Lui Calibre, Wildcat, and Mini Ladd.

After all these achievements in a short period of time, other gaming commentators were proud of his work and dedication to the work, and they hereby nicknamed him “Central Figure”.

The logo for his gaming network was released on the 26th of November of the same year 2015 which was known as the VanossGaming Brand. This logo is made up of a white Owl placed in a dark background, and it made its appearance in his character model “Auto Online and Grand Theft”

Speaking of VanosGaming Awards, he has won three awards which include the following;

  • The Game Awards 2014: Trending Gamer
  • The Shorty Awards 2016: Tech and innovation Gaming
  • The Kaelem Awards 2017: Best web star Gaming
  • VanossGaming Net Worth

Speaking of VanossGaming Net worth, he has been reviewed to have an estimated net worth of $7.8 Million. This money was in no doubt earned from his gaming business of which millions of people have subscribing and hereby being a source of income to him.

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