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UCF Scholarships College students can apply for various public and private scholarships. Scholarships are typically not reimbursed and are given out for a variety of reasons, such as academic excellence, financial need, involvement in the community and on campus, and leadership experience.

Applications for UCF Scholarships are only accessible online via the A2O: Access to Opportunities site. Only scholarships that you are eligible for will be displayed to you. The following factors are considered to determine eligibility: GPA, class standing, academic program, and campus activity. If a specific scholarship is not listed, it means that you do not meet one or more of the fundamental qualifying standards.

UCF Provost Scholarship

Although it may seem like a brand-new scholarship, Pegasus Gold is actually the level above this one. It will truly cover the full sum of your tuition plus a little bit extra, as opposed to roughly covering half.

This scholarship exists to “recognize outstanding academic accomplishment,” just like the Pegasus Scholarships do. If you apply to UCF in the summer or fall, you will be accepted without needing to submit a new application.

We know through hearsay that only 1% to 2% of UCF students receive this scholarship. Congratulations if you are one of those winners; you have just been awarded a full scholarship to the most well-known university in the country.

UCF Scholarships Florida Academic Scholars

The Florida Academic Scholars will be given an award that covers 100% of their tuition and other associated costs. Activities and services costs, health fees, athletic fees, financial aid fees, capital improvement fees, transportation and campus access fees, technology fees, and tuition differential fees are all applicable.

Each credit hour of the Florida Academic Scholars Award costs $212.28.

The cost of the Academic Top Scholars Prize per credit hour is $44.

UCF’s Scholarship The most competitive and generous Bright Futures grant is Florida Academic Scholars. Recipients of Florida Academic Scholars (FAS) may receive support for up to 120 semester hours toward the completion of a first baccalaureate degree for a period of five years following high school graduation.

The Academic Top Scholars Award will also be given to the Florida Academic Scholar in each county with the highest academic standing.

UCF Benacquisto Scholarship

Another excellent government initiative for college students in Florida is this one. Although it’s not entirely clear how out-of-state students can apply, it is obvious that they can also be awarded the scholarship.

The requirement that students “physically reside in Florida on or near the institution’s campus when enrolled” is the only challenging component. This probably only applies to students who attend and reside on campus for two semesters each year.

So what exactly qualifies? It’s both easy and challenging. National Merit Finalists are the only candidates eligible for the Benacquisto Scholarship. Renewal simply needs a 3.0 GPA, so it’s not too challenging.

The difficult aspect of receiving this UCF Scholarship is initially being selected as a National Merit Finalist.

UCF Scholarships Tips


  • Prepare your essay with your target audience in mind.
  • Use keywords to narrow down your audience.
  • Standing out
  • Identify yourself.
  • Proofread.

Thank You Letter

Thank you letters from recipients inspire UCF Scholarship sponsors to keep supporting worthy students like you. You must write a concise statement outlining how their assistance will help you achieve your academic and personal objectives.

Here are some other ideas for your letter of appreciation:

  • Ensure that your letter is readable. If it’s difficult to read your handwriting, type the letter instead.
  • Make careful you address the scholarship’s giver and not the committee that selected the recipient.
  • Letters need to be proofread, and you should have another person to do the same.
  • Although a card from the store can be lovely, make sure to add your own words on it.
  • You should tell the donor(s) a little something about yourself and how their kindness has influenced your life and schooling. You should also mention any potential future objectives.

Other General UCF Scholarships

The University of Central Florida’s A2O system for submitting scholarship applications “offers a comprehensive list of UCF scholarships available to students from various colleges, departments, and organizations.” You can apply to all of the more than 100 scholarships in this database with only one single application.

Many persons and organizations are providing UCF scholarships for first-generation students as a result of Florida’s First Generation Matching Program. In fact, we discovered more than 20 distinct scholarships that make use of Florida’s Girst Generation Matching Grant Program in the A2O database.

You can check the prerequisites and funding levels for these programs if you are a first-generation student, as well as submit a single, straightforward application.

It’s worth the time to determine whether you fit the standards because there are options to use these scholarships to pay for a significant portion of your tuition. One illustration of a first generation scholarship with a well-known sponsor is the Coca-Cola First Generation College Scholarship at UCF.

UCF Scholarship Bright Future Timeline

  • Estimated Bright Futures awards from UCF start to be given out in February for the forthcoming academic year that starts in August.
  • These projections for February through the end of May are based on data that UCF has on file, such as SAT/ACT scores and high school GPA.
  • UCF will download the Master Eligibility List (MEL) from the Office of Student Financial Aid by the end of May.
  • Students who obtained the Bright Futures First Award Letter from OSFA are included in Financial Assistance (OSFA).
  • Students for whom we predicted an award but whose Office of Student Financial Aid (OSFA) final determination has not yet been made will be informed by UCF.
  • Students who are added to the list should anticipate an award to be made within roughly a week of OSFA’s final assessment because UCF receives weekly updates from OSFA.

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