Uber & Rideshare Accident Attorneys

There are numerous uber & rideshare accident attorneys. Uber is arguably the most well-known ridesharing company worldwide. Millions of users adore it for its accessibility and convenience. However, as a destabilizing force in the transport industry, it has come under close scrutiny from both its users and competitors. Some injured Uber passengers are angry that they cannot claim legal recompense for the harm they suffered during their journeys. It’s crucial to contact knowledgeable Uber accident lawyers for this reason.

Comparing Uber and ridesharing lawsuits to more established auto accident lawsuits, they are relatively new. Personal injury attorneys have so had to become knowledgeable about the complex legal issues surrounding ridesharing services like Uber.

Three insurance companies are frequently involved in ridesharing accidents: the ridesharing corporation’s insurer, the rideshare driver’s own insurance, and the insurance companies of any additional drivers. Without a lawyer who specializes in ridesharing, it would be challenging to file a lawsuit against Uber due to the several insurance companies involved.

Uber Accident Attorneys

Zinda Law Group

You might be able to get assistance from the skilled lawyers at Zinda Law Group with your personal injury claim. After an Uber accident, these personal injury attorneys may be able to guide you through Uber’s convoluted insurance plan and get you on the right route to pursuing damages for your injuries. The Zinda Law Group takes pleasure in setting the pace for legal innovation. Despite the fact that Uber-related cases are still in their infancy, this firm have taken the necessary efforts to familiarize themselves with the relevant legal framework and teach their attorneys how to handle such claims.

A Zinda Law Group Uber accident attorney can assist you by preventing insurance providers from abdicating their duties. An insurance representative for Uber may argue that they are not liable for an independent contractor’s acts because the company hires drivers as independent contractors rather than as employees. The could fight for you to make sure everyone accountable is held accountable.

Edgar Snyder & Associates

Without maintaining their own personal auto insurance policy, Uber drivers are not subject to any additional insurance obligations. Beyond that, Uber has additional liability insurance as well as uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage that takes effect in the event of an accident. These extra insurance policies will protect you if you were hurt in an Uber accident. You can decide to file a lawsuit to recover losses associated with Uber.

The best law firm for this is Edgar Snyder & Associates, and hiring an experienced attorney is essential. Uber accident rates are probably going to go up as ride-sharing becomes more and more popular. You can get in touch with this company if you were hurt by an Uber car or if you were hurt in another way while travelling in an Uber.

Causes Of Uber Accidents

1. Driving While Texting

One of the main causes of car accidents is texting and driving. It’s likely that some Uber drivers won’t behave professionally since they’re not all seasoned or professional drivers, or because they’re just starting out. As a result, people might text while driving.

2. Dialed-In Driving

There are other distractions besides texting that could result in an accident. Uber drivers are expected to behave professionally, although they are not held to the same standards as a professional driving service’s staff members. After all, by not doing thorough background checks on its drivers, Uber saves money. As a result, your drivers might not be very competent. Some people can be on the phone, listening to music, or not paying attention to their blind areas. Actually, it’s estimated that severalĀ auto accidents are brought on by distracted driving.

3. Exceeding Speed Limit

Another frequent factor in Uber accidents is speeding. When you exceed the speed limit, you run the risk of not being able to stop in time to prevent hitting another car.


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