Top 9 Scholarships for Doctorate Education

Scholarships for Doctorate

It is a piece of good news to recollect that there are a number of scholarship programs out there, many of which can as well be processed electronically. But the unfortunate aspect of this news is the nonavailability of scholarships for doctorate education – probably because many don’t run the degree. Oftentimes, in a number of twenty scholarships on the internet, you will barely find two or more meant for Ph.D. programs.


Because of this, our site has come up with this piece to help you figure out the available scholarships for doctorate education around you. 


Scholarship for Doctorate Education

Scholarships for Doctorate

The 9 scholarships for doctorate education you can consider going for are: 


  1. AERA Minority Dissertation Fellowship 


The AERA (American Educational Research Association) established in 1991 for students who belong to racial or ethnic groups such as African American, Asian American, American Indian, etc, is a program you can enroll in if you need financial assistance as a Ph.D. student. 


The scholarship program must be carried out under the sponsorship of any given accredited United States university faculty. 


Applicants seeking this grant must provide two recommendation letters, one of which should at least be written by a professor who is familiar with your work, or your dissertation advisor. Just ensure it is written by a high-rank academician. 


This scholarship grants $1000 to $10,000, which is for a year. It is also nonrenewable, so utilize it wisely. 

Apply for the AERA doctoral scholarship program now.


2. STEM Teachers for America’s Future Scholarships 


As the name suggests, this is a scholarship for students interested in taking a Ph.D. program in STEM courses. You must make it known to the scholarship providers that your dream is to become a teacher taking STEM subjects in the long run. 


This offer is only available for students who are citizens of the United States. Applicants must have also attended college on-campus in an accredited institution in the country. 

To stand a chance of gaining this scholarship offer, you should have maintained a minimum of 3.5 GPA. 

Providers of the grant offer $2,500 to $5,000 yearly. 

If you’re interested in this program, start your application here


3. NAEd Spencer Dissertation Fellowship 


Are you a researcher studying the theory, history, analysis, and probably practice of education? Then you can also be offered a scholarship grant to take your Ph.D. program for free by the National Academy of Education. 


The requirements for qualified candidates are not much. Applicants need to submit a research proposal, alongside two reference letters. It is also essential you complete all pre-dissertation requirements. 


NAEd Spencer is one scholarship program you don’t want to miss out on. The organization offers $27,500 grant to outstanding scholars. Start your application here


4. Richard M. Weaver Fellowship Program 


Another option we would recommend you look into going for is seeking a scholarship with Richard Weever. The program is hosted by the ISI, Intercollegiate Studies Institute. It has been designed to support U.S. citizens running doctoral programs. 


Qualified scholars will get about a $5,000 to $15,000 award. The record has had it that the organization provides about 15 grants to students yearly. 


If you are going for this, note that you’d be required to submit an autobiography of five pages, and three reference letters, alongside a ten pages sample of your write-up. 


You are not eligible to apply for this program unless you are currently a member of the Intercollegiate Studies Institute. Learn more about this program


5. McKnight Doctoral Fellowship Program 


You are not alone as a Hispanic or black student in the United States. Provided you are a resident of Florida and a citizen of the United States, you can stand a chance to win this $17,000 grant. You must also hold a regionally accredited bachelor’s degree. This restriction is placed because the program is managed by the Florida Educational Fund. It is available to students who claim they aspire to become college professors.  


This program specializes in offering grants to students who major in business, agriculture, science, or maths education. Learn more about this program


6. Larry E. Frase Scholarship Fund 


Have you obtained a teaching license in the education field? Then this can just be the best choice for you. Larry E. Frase Scholarship team is ready to sponsor your education at the doctorate level. One of the things you should ensure is that you’ve maintained a minimum of 3.5 GPA over the previous years of your study. 


The program offers $2,500 as a grant to qualified scholars yearly. Click here if you would like to apply for this program. 


7. Esther Katz Rosen Fund Grant 


The Esther Katz Rosen Fund Grant is another good option for you if you would like to further your education as a master’s degree holder. The program is managed by the American Psychological Association. 


To stand out in the screening processes, we would advise you as an applicant to ensure you major in school psychology, child psychology, or education (researching education for gifted and talented kids). It does not mean you automatically won’t be offered a grant if you don’t major in the field earlier mentioned. 


Your research proposals should include a budget, abstract, methodology, and IRB proposals. 


The organization offers $50,000 to approved scholars, annually. Click here to learn more about this program. 


8. Finis E. Engleman Scholarship Program 


Finis E. Engleman is another organization that offers scholarships for doctorate education yearly. Unlike several other scholarship programs, Finis supports a few Ph.D. students with $2500, annually. The scholarship often goes to about ten candidates yearly. This makes the scholarship very competitive. You, therefore have to prove you are outstanding among other applicants, to land this offer. 


You would be required to submit three essay responses, official transcripts, as well as two letters of endorsement. 

The chair of the institution you are currently enrolled in must also recommend you for the scholarship because only one recommendation will be accepted from each university or college. 


To get this scholarship, you should indicate that you want to become a school superintendent. Start here if you would like to apply for this program


9. Carmelita K. Williams Graduate Scholarship 


This scholarship program has been established in honor of the past IRA president. 


To be eligible for this $2,500 grant program, you must have been a member of the Virginia State Reading Association for a minimum of 12 months. Applicants will also be required to have worked with grade 12 students, anywhere reading is an instructional focus. It is also mandatory that applicants are enrolling in a master’s or Ph.D. program in reading education. Apply for the program here




Hope our list of the top 9 scholarships for doctorate education was helpful. 

To stand a good chance of getting any of these scholarships, you should not fail to submit the required documents and complete the registration processes before the deadline. 

Keeping to this and following procedural instructions (as they appear to you) will be helpful. 


Written by AGE

AGE, short for Aderemi Gbolahan Emmanuel, a Nigerian philosopher, blogger, and freelance writer who is delighted in education.

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