Real Estate In US.

Real estate is a trending business in the United States of America. Numerous people are investing hugely in real estate and are earning a substantial profit in return. Given the stability of real estate business, foreign investors have continuously invested and made money and some, as a means of getting a green card, though it depends on how much you spend in real estate. Location matters when investing in real estate and many investors have been enquiring to know which location is favorable and best for them to obtain a real estate. Thus, the article is about the Top 5 cities for Foreign Investment in USA Real Estate 2020.


The last aim of investing in real estate is to earn recurrent money and increase income, that’s why you cannot afford to spend anyhow or anywhere, location is significant where the real estate will attract occupiers. Below are the Top 5 top cities to own an investment property.

  1. Dallas/Fort Worth
  2. New York/Brooklyn
  3. San Francisco
  4. Miami
  5. Los Angeles
  • #1. Dallas/Fort Worth
  • Location: Texas
Dallas/Fort Worth
Dallas/Fort Worth

The city of Dallas is known as the commercial and cultural center of Texas. If you are a foreign investor and you want to invest in real estate, don’t miss out of the opportunity to spend in Dallas. This city is a prospective place to invest in real estate because of population growth which is as a result of the active labor market as well as low cost of living in the area. Due to these factors, there has been a high demand for rental space in this city which of course will yield profit once you invest in a real estate. In addition to the above factors, the supply of new construction is another lucrative reason that you as a foreign investor should invest in Dallas/Fort Worth real estate.

  • #2. New York/Brooklyn
  • Location: New York
New York/Brooklyn
New York/Brooklyn

Second on our list is New York/Brooklyn, the most populous city and one of the major cities in the USA. The town is ranked 2nd in the world as a global real estate market. The city is regarded as an international market for foreign investors, and the real estate market here is big and entirely on the high side. The town is known for as the media, financial and commercial capital of the world. The senior population due to huge multinational companies and organizations as well as people moving from another part of the country to settle in the city as well as migration from other countries has brought about an increasing demand for rental services is a smart choice to own a multi-investment in real estate.

  • #3. San Francisco
  • Location: California

San Francisco is among the leading cities in the U.S.A in terms of cities where foreign investors can invest in real estate. Most foreign investors choose to spend in San Francisco as the ideal city to invest in real estate because of the tax benefits, tax shelter and appreciation of property. More so, the city business activities is booming and also the expansion of organizations such as Facebook, Dropbox Incorporation and Google and other tech companies is advantageous to the real estate business reason been that many people (especially those that work in these companies) are demanding for houses to lease.

  • #4. Miami
  • Location: Florida

Miami is a famous city in Florida, mainly known as the cultural, economic and financial hub of southern Florida. It occupies the fourth spot on our list where foreign investors can invest in real estate in the United States. Miami tourism sector is booming and is the top tourist center in the country, this has attracted many foreign investors to opt and invest in real estate in Miami. The real estate, apartment block, single-family homes, and luxurious residences are atop of the list if you want to invest in real estate in Miami. The city’s beautiful weather, economic stability and most importantly the lower cost of living compared to other cities is one of the reasons why foreign investors choose to invest in real estate here.




  • #5. Los Angeles
  • Location: California

Another city in the United States where foreign investors can invest in real estate in Los Angeles in California. The city is the country’s center for film production and television industry that’s where you will see the huge “Hollywood” iconic sign. Aside from the movie industry, the city is considered to be doing well in the real estate market because of its demographic location and rigid housing market. The fact that it is a densely populated area is advantageous to the real estate market in the city because there is increase demand for houses to stay. Also, its tourist attraction is one of the top destinations in the USA, as a foreign investor you can also put that into consideration.

Why Should You Invest in USA Real Estate?

The USA is a top destination for international real estate market and a brilliant choice for foreign investors interested in owning a real estate outside their home country. Despite some hitches, the U.S commercial real estate is attractive to foreign investors for so many reasons, some of which are:

  • Population Growth: the United States enjoys high tourist visitation and migration yearly which could be for many reasons such as education, business, vacation, etc. A country with over 300 million populations and which most of them seek for homes or workplaces to establish their businesses. More so, the increase in technological and infrastructure advancement also provides investment opportunities.
  • Steadily increased Demand: the increasing demands for rental spaces is another reason you as foreign investors to invest in the U.S real estate market.
  • Investor control: as a foreign investor, you have control over your investment once you invest in a real estate in the country. More so, you can make your choice of the property from the inventory of U.S commercial houses shown to you.
  • Strong Economy: undoubtedly and evidently, the United States Economy is stable, open to the world and the strongest in the world. This is a factor strong enough to attract foreign investors to invest in the U.S commercial real estate.
  • High-Quality Commercial Real Estate: talking of where to acquire quality real estate, you can’t talk down the United States. The real estate market in the U.S is vast and worth trillions of dollars. The commercial real estate in the United States is high-quality properties worth your money.


Real Estate In US
Real Estate In US

Top Countries Investing in the United States of America Real Estate

Due to the high price of real estate in other countries such as London, Dubai, Singapore, China, etc. most foreign investors have shifted attention to the U.S real estate market because of the attractive policies, increase in demands and others. Most of the countries that invest in the U.S real estate markets are from Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. Some of these countries are the United Kingdom, China, Japan, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Canada, Saudi Arabia, etc. This implies that the USA real estate market indeed is soaring high and you don’t need to be scared of investing your money in the country.

Note: it is wise to survey and assess the market first before making a move to invest in a real estate and be sure that your choice of location is in line with your aim of investing in a real estate. As a foreign investor, you can seek advice from a real estate agency so as not to make the wrong choice or invest in a depraved real estate.

Conclusion on Top 5 cities for Foreign Investment in USA Real Estate 2020

Investing in real estate is a profitable business. The US, the real estate market, is indeed pulling millionaires and billionaires from around the world. The commercial real estate is perfect for those that want to make extra profit and also own property outside their home country, more so there are friendly policies that ensure you as a foreign investor to enjoy investing in the country’s real estate. More so, foreign investors are interested in U.S real estate properties because it is conceived to be cheaper than their home country. Market stability is another factor influencing their interest. So, you don’t need to search any further; you can make your choice from any of the cities above and invest in the real estate.

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