Best Family Vans 2020
Best Family Vans 2020

Best Family Vans 2020- Initially, minibusses were bought only for the transport of passengers. But now many people choose them for family use, that is, for joint trips with all members of a large family. Let us give kudos to those that start using minibus before it became rampant among families today. You do not need to the car a cab or taxi to convey your family for a field trip.

Today, there are many different minibusses. Ranked the best to help you choose a transport. Here are the few related questions asked in regards to Best Vans For The Family;

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Many motorists have a question, is it possible to drive a minibus with category B? Yes, if the minibus belongs to category B cars – the maximum permissible mass of which does not exceed 3,500 kilograms and the number of seats, in addition to the driver’s seat, does not exceed 8. If the carrying capacity is higher and the number of seats is greater, you will have to open category D. anyway that is a bye question, now let us move to the ranking of the Top 5 Best Family Vans 2020.

  • #1. Hyundai H-1
Hyundai H-1 one of the Best Family Vans 2020
Hyundai H-1 one of the Best Family Vans 2020

To open this rating of Best Family Vans comes Hyundai H-1 – which in short is roomy, convenient, and comfortable. This machine is recognized as the best in Australia. Inside the cabin, you can change the seating options. The model is available since 2007. More recently, a foreign car was refreshed – they completely changed the design of the front of the body, modernized the interior, and added a new premium modification in the minibus 11 or 12 seats. You can buy a car with a 2.5-liter diesel engine with a capacity of 140 liters with or a 159-horsepower 2.4-liter gas engine. The first motor is combined with a 6-speed “mechanics,” the second is paired with a 5-band “automatic.” The drive is offered rear or full. The bus is very comfortable – there are many pockets, compartments, luggage space in the cabin. The most important thing is to get together as a family and go to the cottage or to the sea, chuckles.

The minibus is equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable ride. The car has an air conditioning system. Its manufacturers changed a little and made more powerful; now, there are air ducts on the ceiling on both sides. To connect a music player or other devices, there are USB / AUX connectors. Doors can be closed and opened at a distance using a special remote control on the key. The blower knobs rotate, so rear-seat passengers can optimally configure the fan.

Safety: For anyone who buys a bus for the family, safety is important. This car is equipped with an airbag system. In a collision, these elements help keep people in a safe position and reduce the risk of injury from debris.

Also, here are large and durable 16-inch disc brakes. They are both on the front and rear wheels. Thanks to them, the minibus slows down even when fully loaded.

Pros: Great car for a large family. Spacious lounge and roomy trunk. Acceptable fuel consumption, excellent handling, a fairly small turning radius for such dimensions. Good visibility in the mirrors; high landing driver;

Cons: Stiff rear suspension, the inability to transform the seats of the middle and rear rows into a continuous sofa.

Price: from $26,586.

  • #2. Citroen Space Tourer

The roomy minibus Space Tourer has a passenger compartment with three rows of seats and sliding side doors.

Under the hood, the car has a 2.0-liter 150-hp turbodiesel. A basic family minibus can be purchased with an 8-seater saloon. It is equipped with halogen headlights, fog lights, electrically adjustable and heated rearview mirrors, a temperature sensor, front automatic power windows (driver and passenger).

The equipment also includes dual-zone climate control, three-stage heated front seats, cruise control.

The XL version with an extended body is more expensive. It is more positioned as a corporate transport, and a car can only be bought with an automatic transmission. Its equipment is complemented by folding mirrors, alloy wheels, xenon headlights, leather trim, electrically adjustable front seats, keyless entry system, electric sliding doors, navigation system with a touch screen.

Safety. Safety in these cars is paramount. Even the simplest equipment includes ABS – an anti-lock braking system with a brake force distribution function, a dynamic stabilization system, and traction control, an assistant when starting on a lift. There are frontal airbags for the driver and front passengers, front side airbags, the function of automatically locking doors when driving, fog lights with cornering lights. In more expensive trim levels, there are side curtain airbags, a rearview camera, rain and light sensors, parking sensors, a blind zone indicator, adaptive cruise control, and Active Safety Brake.

Pros: Roomy, maneuverable, high carrying capacity, low fuel consumption, interior transformation. A long wheelbase on a good road adds comfort. The abundance of modern electronic systems;

Cons: high cost, the presence of only one motor, on a bad road is harsh; all the joints are felt. At speed, you can clearly hear the rumble from the wheels and the blows of small pebbles and sand on the body.

Price: from $26,878.6.

  • #3. Volkswagen Transporter Kombi H2

Next on the rating of Best Family Vans is The new generation of Volkswagen Transporter, which was released in 2015. The car received new front and rear headlights, front fog lights, an updated radiator grille, front and rear bumpers, and LED taillights.

New wings were installed on the car with rectangular repeaters of direction indicators, and the rear window was enlarged. Inside, improved seats that can be adjusted in 12 directions updated the front panel.

A six-speed manual gearbox and a seven-speed robotic transmission are installed on the Volkswagen Transporter minibus. Modifications are available with front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive.

The car has two rows of seats; the third row is available as an option. The seats of the second-row fold backs and the left seat has a quick reclining mechanism. Inside, there are special rails that allow you to independently adjust the distance between the rows of seats. In addition, leather upholstery, a navigation system with a monitor, and a hands-free system are also available in the cabin.

Safety. Volkswagen Transporter is equipped with new driver assistance systems. This includes an automatic braking system in urban areas, an adaptive suspension control system (DCC), an assistant to control the distance from the car in front, and adaptive cruise control. There are several airbags. To control the dead zones, you can install the Side Assist system, and the Rest Assist controls the driver’s fatigue.

Pros: excellent ergonomics of the car, ease of operation and good visibility, economical and hardy engine, high traffic;

Cons: there are many options that are currently in demand. Virtually no sound insulation, stiffer suspension.

Price: from $26,436.2.

  • #4. Fiat Scudo

Coming to Best Camper Vans is Fiat Scudo, which is known in the market as a car with very low maintenance. Fuel consumption per 100 kilometers is only 7.2 liters; service intervals are 20,000 kilometers. The car has two options for the wheelbase – short and long, as well as two options for the height of the roof – standard and high.

The carrying capacity of the machine is 1125 kg.

Safety. The car has airbags to protect the driver and passengers, adjustable 3-point seat belts for all seats. All airbags are controlled by a single electronic control unit to determine which safety systems should be deployed and in what quantity, depending on the intensity and direction of impact.

For ease of parking in cramped conditions and with difficult viewing, the car has parking sensors. They warn the driver with an audible signal that there is an obstacle behind the car. The car has an excellent braking system with a vacuum booster and disc brakes on all wheels. There is also an anti-lock brake system with EBD and HBA functions. It is standard for all modifications.

Pros: economic and reliable engine, roomy interior, good headlight. Galvanized body, bottom. Very good, both family and commercial cars. Roomy, comfortable;

Cons: the interior is poorly heated, poor dynamics on atmospheric diesel.

Price: from $24,990.

  • #5. Ford Tourneo Custom

The Ford Tourneo Custom is a minibus based on the Transit Custom commercial van. In Russia, it is available with a 2.2 liter Duratorq diesel engine and 125 hp.

The standard equipment includes a rear lift door, two side sliding doors on the right and left sides, fog lights, a steering column adjustable for reach and height, a programmable pre-heater, air conditioning, an audio system with a multimedia system with control buttons on the steering wheel, a passenger compartment fluid heater. Also, there is a heated windshield and side mirrors, heated front seats.

Options Titanium offers body-colored front and rear bumpers, door handles and moldings, a side mirror housing and a radiator grille, dark tinted rear windows, a climate control module in the passenger compartment, side sunblind, 16-inch alloy wheels.

The fuel tank of the car is 60 liters. The car is very economical; diesel fuel consumption is 8.1 l / 100 km in the urban cycle and 6.1 l / 100 km in the countryside. Safety: the basic equipment includes front airbags and side airbags for the driver and passenger, mounts for Isofix child seats, an anti-lock braking system, and an exchange rate stability system. In addition, front and rear parking sensors, cruise control with speed limit function, a tire pressure monitoring system, and ERA-GLONASS emergency call system are offered.

The Titanium package adds light and rain sensors, perimeter alarms, and other features.

Pros: comfortable, reliable, economical, high-spirited, roomy;

Cons: lack of automatic gearbox, weak body – it starts to rust quickly, high cost of spare parts

Price: $27,286.

How to choose a minibus for a family or better Best Cargo Vans 2020

There is a large selection of minibusses on the market, and before buying, you should first decide which minibus to choose for the family and where exactly you plan to get there.

If you need such a car for trips to the country, it is better to choose a more economical and budget option. If you plan to get out into the countryside, choose models with greater cross-country ability, maintainability, and hardy. If the car often travels around the city, take a closer look at more compact and maneuverable options.

The safety of family trips should not be saved in principle. Your minibus should be equipped with everything you need:

Airbags Are sure to check them, whether they are in place, whether they are working.

Door lock. Children will surely be constantly traveling in the cabin; make sure that your children cannot open the door and jump out on their own while driving or shortstops.

They are fixing car seats and seat belts. Injuries can occur even under heavy braking, so install a reliable system for fixing child seats on the seats of your minibus, and make sure that adult passengers are fastened with seat belts.

As for the suspension, it should be energy-intensive and soft enough so that your passengers do not bounce on every bump.

Consider fuel consumption, because this indicator is understandably higher for a minibus than for any other passenger car.

Caring for a minibus, whatever one may say, is more expensive than car maintenance. And this applies not only to spare parts or technical inspection but also to the elementary washing of the body and interior, be sure to consider this point.

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Conclusion On Best Cargo Vans 2020

So far so good, we have done justice to the Best Family Vans for the year 2020, there may be the need for further review; however, we will do as we spot discrepancies, but you may do well to contact the admin if there are valuable suggestions to make this content-rich, so bye for now.

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