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We take a look at the Highest Paying Jobs In New York City 2020 In This Article.


  • #1. Nurse Anesthetist (Crna)
  • Average Salary: $147,500
  • Degrees Needed: Bachelor’s Degree, Master Of Science In Nursing, Pass The Nbcrna And Nclex Exams

The top Paying Job In New York City 2020 is Nurse Anesthetist. When the word anesthesia is mentioned, people fear the unknown. Nurse Anesthetists must offer comfort to worried patients, providing them with anesthesia information before as well as after procedures. Such information includes the type of anesthetic path that may work best for them. These nurses bring a calm presence into the room that a lot of patients, as well as their families, need. Nurse Anesthetists work closely with both general and local anesthetics. They enjoy some power in their position, making decisions and also consulting anesthesiologists about medications as well as dosages for their patients. Registered nurses do not get the type of authority Nurse Anesthetists to get. Although they do not administer the anesthesia, Nurse Anesthetists follow the patient’s vitals and wellbeing before, during and also after the surgery. Your working hours can vary depending on where you work or the patients that come in. You may occasionally work 24-hour shifts or 12-hour shifts and be on call.








  • #2. Trial Lawyer Or Attorney
  • Average Salary: $125,000 (Before Moving Up To Higher Positions In Law)
  • Degrees Needed: Bachelor’s Degree And Law Degree. You Also Have To Pass The New York State Bar Exam

As a lawyer, you research cases heavily and then represent your clients in court.  A career in Law is quite interesting as you can easily meld your career into whatever you want to make of it. No matter your passion, you can always follow it in law. The salary as a lawyer is quite good, but the real takeaway in this job includes the connections you make with tons of different people, like families in need as well as various businesses. As a lawyer in NYC, you can find a lot of job offerings for trial lawyers. You can find spots at Nationwide, AIG or the United States Department of Justice.

  • #3. Solution Architect
  • Average Salary: $123,700
  • Degrees Needed: Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s In A Related Field (Optional)

The third Paying Job In New York City is Solutions Architect. A solution architect works in the information technology industry and makes the wider choices when in terms of how an operation supports the product/business. For example, solution architects make sure that both the software and hardware work well together perfectly in sync for the system for customers. Also, they get to look at what is already in place and make suggestions regarding new solutions that will make the programs even run better. Solution architects also decide what uses of technological platforms should be used as well as how things should be implemented so it can fuse with other systems already in place. Following this career path will surely give you some memorable moments of improving technology as well as finding you a solution to rid you of money problems. There are tons of solutions architect jobs available in NYC. You can work as a Cloud solution architect for Microsoft or as an AWS solution architect at Amazon.

  • #4. Pharmacist
  • Average Salary: $119,500
  • Degrees Needed: Bachelor’s Degree, Doctorate Of Pharmacy (Pharm)

Pharmacists must ensure that all patients and customers receive their prescription drugs, from simple antibiotics to more complex ones. Most pharmacists also offer to advise to individuals and health practitioners about what drugs to take, how many to be taken in dosages as well as any possible side effects. Behind the scenes, pharmacists also fill prescriptions as well as weigh various drugs and pills for future patients. As a pharmacist, you can work in hospitals directly with patients, or pharmacies like CVS or Walgreens. You can also work in a privately-owned store.

  • #5. Software Engineer
  • Average Salary: $107,000
  • Degrees Needed: Bachelor’s Degree Is Required While A Master’s Degree In A Related Field Is Optional

5th on this list of Paying Jobs In New York City 2020 is Software engineering. A software engineer utilizes topics of computer science, math analysis as well as engineering to create a perfect software system. You don’t have to be a nerd like The Big Bang cast to understand this type of math. Also, most software engineers design, develop as well as test the computers with various applications or code, such as HTML or CSS. Software engineers have coding and algorithm skills running through their minds all day. For a Software engineer in NYC, there are lots of career opportunities. You can work with famous companies such as Snapchat, PayPal, Google or Memorial Sloan-Kettering, or with smaller, niche businesses such as CyberCoders or Interplay Ventures.

  • #6. User Experience (Ux) Designer
  • Average Salary: $95,000
  • Degrees Needed: Bachelor’s Degree

A user experience designer works to ensure that a user of a product enjoys the experience of using the product. For example, when you get frustrated with your phone or laptop, it is the job of user experience (UX) designer to look into how to improve the product to make it better for your experience. If the product works smoothly, they build on it to enhance their abilities. For example, a few years back, a lot of Apple users wanted Apple to include more emojis for people of color. UX designers picked up this demand and got Apple to provide that for its customers. So essentially, UX designers ensure users of a product have the best experience possible when using the product.

  • #7. Human Resources Manager
  • Average Salary: $87,000
  • Degrees Needed: Bachelor’s Degree Is Required While A Master’s Degree In A Related Field Is Optional

Nearly every industry requires the services of human resources managers. It is an accessible career path. As an HR manager, you will lead the interviewing and hiring process of your firm and get to meet tons of new candidates. Also, they carry out simple, administrative tasks, and ensure the company provides equal opportunity for current as well as potential staff members.

  • #8. Physical Therapy – Orthopedic
  • Average Salary: $81,000 (Entry-Level)
  • Degrees Needed: Bachelor’s Degree And Three-Year Dpt Program

It is the job of an orthopedic physical therapist to help patients recover from surgery, injuries or illness. As a physical therapist, you can meet some of the most inspiring people, from children who have disorders that make walking a struggle, to resilient stroke patients that are working to regain muscle memory. You not only help their bodies recuperate but also their minds. A lot of patients share uncertain sentiments of fully healing. You can bring back independence to their lives as an orthopedic physical therapist. In NYC, physical therapists can find career opportunities at institutions such as Manhattan Physical Therapy and Pain Center and in New York Presbyterian’s PT clinic. Also, they can find career opportunities in schools as well as in nursing homes.

  • #9. Art Director
  • Average Salary: $80,000
  • Degrees Needed: Bachelor’s Degree

An art director must ensure visual designs and images in media such as magazines, product design, movie and T.V. productions or newspapers look pretty good and eye-catching. In NYC, art directors work in advertising or PR departments, such as Edelman, journalistic publishing industries, like TIME Inc., or film or design firms.

  • #10. Financial Analyst
  • Average Salary: $77,000 (Entry-Level)
  • Degrees Needed: Bachelor’s Degree Is Requires While A Master’s Degree In A Related Field Is An Added Advantage Though It Is Optional

Rounding up this list in 10th place is the job of Financial analyst. A financial analyst goes through the cycle stocks, bonds as well as other investments, and lead their clients in the right direction for the market. Also, financial analysts put their knowledge of economic trends to use and provide useful insight into companies. Be ready to swim in money every day in your career, working for companies such as New York and Company, Guggenheim Partners or Etsy.

Conclusion On Top 10 Paying Jobs In New York City 2020[Ongoing Recruitment]

Now that you know the top Paying Jobs In New York City 2020, you can work your way towards achieving a career in any of these fields. There are required courses and examinations that you must take to be qualified to practice in these fields, but the reward lies in the juicy pay that you will earn after putting in the hard work. That’s all on this topic.

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