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Top 10 Most Technological Advance Countries In The World 2019.

Technology is the drive behind our modern society, and Africa is not left behind in this technological drive as the mother continent has caught the bug also. All over the world, technology is fast evolving with the Americas at the forefront, Europe and Asia are right at the center while Africa comparatively lags and is heavily dependent on the acquisition of already invented technology from the more technologically advanced continents. Even though Africa is not yet up there, the continent has been making steady progress in this regard over the years. In this article, we take a look at the African countries at the forefront of the continent’s technology charge. In coming up with this list of the top ten most technologically advanced countries in Africa, all 54 African countries were examined and matched based on several factors such as productivity and the variability of technological products, energy, defence, the intensity of Research and Development, chemical, computer hardware and software, Internet, and mobile phone software & services and several others.


So, below is the list of the ten most technologically advanced countries in Africa

  • #1. South Africa
South Africa

South Africa Best Technologically Advance Country In Africa.

Topping our list of the 10 most technologically advanced countries in Africa is the most southern nation in Africa, South Africa. South Africa, is head and shoulder above most other African countries in terms of technology. The country tops all other African countries in the most recent Global Innovation Index (GII). It ranks 53rd out of 143 countries compared globally. South Africa provides adequate support for its human potentials which is why the country is experiencing a lot of development in its It sector. Also, the country is home to some of the best universities in Africa which is another factor contributing to the tech advancements being witnessed in the country. Some of the numerous Innovations and inventions to come out of South Africa so far are; Linux Ubuntu that was developed by Mark Shuttleworth, Multichoice (DSTV), PayPal which was co-founded by a South African, CAT scan, and also SASOL technology that converts coal into oil just to mention a few. The technological strength of South Africa is certainly not in doubt.

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  • #2. Egypt
Egypt Ones Of the Technological Country In Africa.

Egypt Ones Of the Technological Country In Africa.

The Nile country is the second most technologically advanced country in Africa. It is said that Egypt is the birth country of modern civilization and as such, the country has for long been seen as a center of inventions and Innovations. From blessing the world with Egyptian Pyramid to the use of the calendar and written language, this North African Country has not relented in spearheading science and technology in Africa. Incidentally, some of the best universities on the African continent are in Egypt, and they support technological development. The giant strides made by Egypt in tech advances are not without government support, but despite recent you rest in this Arab nation, Egypt remains a force to be reckoned with in term of technology on the African continent.

#3. Nigeria

Nigeria One of the most technological advance countries in Africa.

Nigeria One of the most technologically advanced countries in Africa.

Coming in at number three is the giant of Africa, Nigeria. As Africa’s most populous nation and also the largest economy in Africa, it is expected that the country is at the forefront of technological advancement on the African continent and this is quite true. Nigeria is indeed an African technology giant with lots of potentials. The country is home to the likes of Iroko Partners, a highly successful internet company with well over 6 million unique users from 178 different countries, made in Nigeria INYE-1 and INYE-2 tablet computers, and also Seyi Oyesola’s “hospital in a box” invention and several others. Also, developed in Nigeria is a urine-powered generator that was built by school teenagers; a Moringa plant technology that would enable Nigerians to use Moringa plant for water treatment, which is a move towards increasing the accessibility to potable water in the country. Also, there are lots of achievements in mobile and web apps development across the country although internet penetration in Nigeria is still quite low and stands at roughly 38%. The potentials of the country in technology are not hidden, and Nigeria is renowned for producing the most talented people when given the opportunity.

  • #4. Kenya
Kenya One of the most technological advance country in Africa.

Kenya One of the most technologically advance countries in Africa.

This list cannot be complete without Kenya making an appearance. This East African tech powerhouse is certainly one to be envied. The country is currently seeing a lot of startup companies with revolutionary ideas, especially in the IT sector. If the tempo is sustained, many of these start-ups may grow to become International platforms for further technology growth. Some of the inventions that have come out of Kenya so far include: charging shoe that was developed by Antony Mutua, an alarm-fitted television that was created by a 44-year-old man resident in Nairobi. The alarm of this TV set can be set off with a simple jostle movement and can sound for up to eight hours. Some other inventions out of Kenya are; a solar-powered refrigerator which makes it possible for medications including vaccinations and valuable perishables to reach remote areas of rural cities where there is no hope of finding electricity, a charcoal stove, Moses Gichanga’ drone which can fly for up to two hours at a time, Tamperproof voting Machine, Solar-Powered Refrigerator, Underwater pets housing, SMS car immobitime, and so many others.

  • #5. Ghana

Ghana is one of the top tech nations in Africa. This small West African country ranks 5th on this list. The country has a fast growing and stable economy as well as one of the best environments in Africa to support tech advances. Well over the years, quite a lot of technological innovation has emanated from this small West African country of over 25 million people. Some of these Innovations are; compressed gas to generate electricity which was invented by Mr. Freddie Green. Also, an affordable video conferencing system was also developed by a Ghanaian. Without a doubt, the tech potential of Ghana is there for all to see. Great things are expected of this nation in terms of tech in the foreseeable future.

  • #6. Rwanda

Civil war and genocide may have ravaged this East African powerhouse in the past, but the country seems to have risen from the ashes and is fast becoming one of the most technologically advanced nations in Africa. The country is striving to become a regional hub for African information technology, with many international tech companies setting up branches in the country. The country has one of the fastest internet services in Africa, with the launching of the 4G LTE broadband network in the country which has provided more opportunities to deliver better services across the country. Rwanda is rapidly engaging with all kinds of technology at once and it won’t b long till we can see mind-blowing inventions come out of Rwanda.

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  • #7. Botswana

As one of the most stable and most successful economies in Africa, it is unsurprising that Botswana features on this list. The Innovation Hub of Botswana has back by the government of the country, and it is designed to grow start-ups, global corporations, and also, research and health organizations all under one roof. That technology is fast becoming a measure of international development is no longer a secret which is why Botswana is striving so hard not to be left behind. The country takes its place in 7th position on this list of Africa’s most technologically advanced nations. Angola

Although the science and technology industry in this South African country remains limited, there is an increasing awareness that has led to the country getting on the right track in terms of information and technology development. As of now, there aren’t many groundbreaking inventions coming out of this country (Angola), which is also one of the focal believe that with sustained growth and development, the country would step up to become a tech giant in Africa. The future certainly is bright for Angola in the world of technology.

  • #8. Uganda

Uganda is next. The country places 9th on this list. A study that was carried out by Martin Prosperity Institute of the US revealed that Uganda is one of three African countries that have been ranked among the countries with advanced technological and innovation capabilities in Africa. According to this particular report, Uganda is second only to South Africa and followed by Madagascar. On a global scale, Uganda is among the 82 countries of the world that have advanced technology and innovation capabilities.

  • #9. Zimbabwe

Rounding up this list of top ten most technologically advanced countries in Africa is Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe is a country located in Southern Africa. Unfortunately, this country has experienced turbulence in its annual GDP growth rate. In terms of technology, the country is not experiencing a tech revolution, but still, technology in the country is advanced enough to feature in this list. Much has been done in terms of technology in this country, but then there is so much room for improvement. This country is a prosperous country blessed with a lot of human skills that can be harnessed for greater technological advances.

Conclusion On Top 10 Most Technologically Advanced Countries In Africa

There you have it on this list of top 10 most technologically advanced countries in Africa. You now know those African countries that are leading the African charge in the quest for more technological advances to change our modern society further.

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