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A medical degree is highly valued, and yearly, thousands of students apply to study in medical schools all over the world. A large number of them apply to medical schools in the UK because UK medical schools rank among the best in the world. They are valued for the quality of education, their internationally recognized academic staff, research-focused as well as market-oriented study programs. Their study curriculums are highly innovative which offers bright prospects to students. An MBBS obtained in the UK will equip you with a strong and comprehensive understanding of the theory and practice of medicine, while upper medical degrees will help you to become a highly-regarded medical practitioner and medical scientist in the future. There are lots of study areas within medicine today, due to the modern development of medicine and the establishment of specialized fields for particular medical topics.

These numerous study programs are available in the UK today as Medical Schools In The UK have kept their tempo with these changes. We have compiled the list of the best UK medical schools to help you pursue your dream.


  • #1. University of Oxford
Oxford University
Oxford University

The top medical school on this list of best medical schools in the UK in Oxford. It is also the oldest university to feature on this list. At the University of Oxford, you will have the opportunity to get one of the best MBBS in the UK. The programs are designed in such a way that you gain a well-rounded understanding of the theory and practice of medicine. You also get to participate continuously in real-life practical sessions that will teach you how to apply your knowledge and skills in medical environments effectively. You will also gain wide expertise in a bunch of interdisciplinary medical subjects that will make you stand out in the labor market.

  • #2. University of Cambridge
Cambridge University
Cambridge University

The next medical school to feature on this list is that of the famous University of Cambridge. This university has a global reputation for its medical courses. Currently, the university offers a standard MBBS course at the undergraduate level and another as a Graduate course. They also offer pre-clinical courses in medicine for those who lack proper medical education required to attend a medical course. The study modules of these medical courses are structured in such a way that they meet a wide range of professional skills and knowledge that being a doctor or a medical researcher requires. The mission of the school is not to only prepare future medicine practitioners but also highly regarded professionals and medical scientists who will make use of their expertise in tackling global medical challenges. Read Also: TOP 10 BEST UNIVERSITIES IN GHANA

  • #3. Glasgow University

The medical school of Glasgow University rounds up the top three on this list of best medical schools in the UK. The school has an innovative and forward-thinking curriculum that is delivered through a range of teaching styles which include small-group teaching, problem-based learning, lectures, Vocational and Clinical Studies, labs, and e-learning. Students gain valuable experience in a clinical environment from year 1. The MBChB program of the school follows a “spiral curriculum” where subject material is revisited at different stages of the curriculum but with increasing depth and clinical focus. You will undertake two periods of elective study, and you have the option to select from over 20 intercalated degree options, allowing flexibility to study areas of personal interest in more depth.

  • #4. University Of Swansea

Another leading UK university is the University of Swansea. The university offers some excellent medical courses from a diverse list of medical disciplines. The mission of the school is to prepare future doctors and world-class medical scientists. This it hopes to achieve through an award-winning curriculum which combines theory and practice. The school aims to equip you with a wide range of interdisciplinary skills to enable you to seek jobs in various medical settings after obtaining your degree.

  • #5. Imperial College London

This is arguably the best university in London and features on this list of best medical universities in the UK. The Imperial College London consistently ranks among the world’s best universities, and one of the courses where this college excels is medicine. The school’s delightful medicine courses introduce you to a comprehensive approach of the major theoretical and practical aspects of medicine. The cutting-edge knowledge, as well as the value of the experience in real medical facilities you will gain, will turn into higher employability and various career pathways. The faculty of medicine of the college offers the following MBBS degree programs:

  • MBBS/BSc in Medicine (for undergraduates)

MBBS in Medicine (for science graduates only) as well as several other numerous medicine study programs.

  • #6. University of Dundee

Studying medicine at the University of Dundee offers you the opportunity to explore in a reputable university and in a vibrant environment that aims to motivate and guide your way towards becoming a highly regarded medical professional. The school offers lots of options in terms of medical courses that you can choose from. These degree courses are structured in such a way that you are guaranteed you will have all the required theoretical knowledge and practical skills needed for you to perform well in your future profession. These medical courses are structured in such a way that a greater emphasis is laid on practice. From the start of your studies, you will participate in various practical sessions where you will get to know patients’ medical needs and the ways you can deliver your education. The following medical degree courses are available for study at Dundee:

  • #7. Medical Science MBChB
  • Intercalated degree BMSc
  • Cancer Biology MRes
  • Clinical Audit and Research for Healthcare Professionals PGCert
  • Diabetes Care, Education & Management
  • Human Clinical Embryology and Assisted Conception
  • Ph.D. degrees in a large number of medical fields


  • #8. Queen Mary University, London

The university is one of the best medical universities in the UK. The reputation of the school far exceeds national borders as students from all over the world apply to the school yearly. The school has some of the best MBBS degrees in the UK, covering a wide range of major theoretical concepts and practical approaches. Your undergraduate foundation if you study in this school will enable you to possess strong intellectual credits for you to continue your education into much deeper medical topics. All programs, both undergraduate and graduate of the university medical school place a greater emphasis on the practice session.

In contrast to most medical schools, you will participate in training sessions from your very first term at this university. The school also maintains solid links with many medical institutions where you will have the opportunity to spend some time having direct contact with patients and learn about their needs and the ways you can intervene. This builds you up and helps you increase your flexibility as well as management skills to help you handle your future job effectively as a doctor before getting your medical degree.


  • #9. University College London

The Medical School of UCL is reputed as one of the best medical schools in the UK. In line with the school’s mission to produce excellent medical practitioners and scientists, it has several agreements with many medical institutions. This affords you the opportunity of participating in training sessions and gaining relevant experience, making the school’s undergraduate programs, in particular, some of the best MBBS available in the UK. Graduates of the school are well sought after in the job market, and the alumni community has many successful medical professionals. The available medical courses at this university are:

  • Medical Science MBBS
  • Medical Science MBPhD
  • Health Professions Education PG Cert/Dip/MSc
  • Health Humanities MPhil/PhD


  • #10. University of Edinburgh

The Edinburgh Medical Schools is another British medical school that is highly reputed for offering a high-quality education. The school has a wide variety of medical courses that cover a full spectrum of expertise fields in medicine, and are valued as some of the best MBBS in the UK. The medical courses of the school are designed to give you an in-depth understanding of the core concepts as well as practical techniques in the world of medicine. During your time in this prestigious school, you will be located in an encouraging, vibrant and innovative environment.

  • #11. Newcastle University

The Newcastle University School of Medical Education has one of the most highly regarded medical degrees in the UK. The school has been teaching medicine since 1834, and in actual sense, the Medical school of 1834 effectively morphed into Newcastle University. As of today, a career in medicine epitomizes the university’s aim to deliver excellence. The school boast of the uniqueness in its ability to equip students with the knowledge and skills required to achieve this. Due to the high quality of the medical programs in this school, it rounds up our list of best medical universities in the UK in 10th place.

Conclusion On Top 10 Best Medical Universities In The Uk

We have looked at the best medical universities in the UK. The schools on this list have some of the best medical programs in the world and graduates of these institutions are highly sought after in the job market. Kick start your medical career with a degree from any of these schools today.

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