Top 10 Cleanest Cities In USA 2020 – Keeping our surrounding clean is important because it goes a long way to improve our health. Most cities around the world today faces challenges of been clean despite various policies put in place. The United States has over 4000 cities and the governments (both federal and state) ensure that these cities are kept clean and safe health-wise for her inhabitants. For the large population of Americans living in major cities, seeing garbage-strewn pavements, overflowing trashcans and filthy parks seems to be relatively rare. Therefore, this article is about the Top Ten cleanest cities in the USA and all you need to know about it.


Though 100% cleanliness may not firmly, there are outstanding cities whose citizens and government have made it a duty to keep their surroundings clean, without further ado, below is the highlight of the Cleanest Cities in the United States.

  1. Minneapolis-St. Paul
  2. Dallas-Fort Worth
  3. Denver
  4. Orlando
  5. Miami-Fort Lauderdale
  6. Phoenix
  7. Washington DC
  8. Tampa-St. Petersburg, Florida
  9. Atlanta
  10. Seattle

Picking these cities and ranking them is no easy job, but these are the top ten cleanest cities we picked base on the rankings of its residents.

where is the Cleanest Cities in USA 2020?

  • #1. Minneapolis-St. Paul
  • Location: Minnesota
Minneapolis-St. Paul
Minneapolis-St. Paul

The first on our list of Cleanest Cities in the U.S is Minneapolis-St. Paul. Minneapolis is the principal city in Minnesota that forms what is known as the “Twin City” with the neighbouring state capital of St. Paul. The city is rated “very clean” or “somewhat” by over 90% of the city’s residents. The Twin Cities are havens of summer fun—specifically along the metro areas where you enjoy extensive biking and walking trails. Despite the cold climate, parks and fitness areas abound, and low levels of air pollution and secondhand smoke keep these public spaces clean and enjoyable for all.

  • #2. Dallas-Fort Worth
  • Location: Dallas
Dallas/Fort Worth
Dallas/Fort Worth

Next to Minneapolis in terms of cleanliness among the Cleanest Cities in the U.S is Dallas-Fort Worth. The city has been trying several measures to ensure the city stays clean and free from germs and filth. One of the measures introduced is the Clean Slate program which is funded by the city and overseen by the Presbyterian Night Shelter pays homeless people to help clean up the city’s streets, thereby contributing to a more beautiful city in more ways than one. That’s why Dallas-fort Worth is considered a place where cleanliness and social justice go hand in hand.

  • #3. Denver
  • Location: Colorado


Denver is the capital city of Colorado popular for its amazing skiing resorts in the nearby Rocky Mountains. Denver used to be a city with poor air quality due to ozone pollution. Thanks to the city’s membership in the Department of Energy-sponsored Clean Cities Coalition which has helped immensely in providing a solution to the problem. The program was designed to fund and implements hybrid and electric technology, fuel efficiency, and community engagement. More so, the city has an effective street sweeping program as well as free trash pickup (including large items) day which is held once in a month. Unused Furniture and appliances are towed away for free.

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  • #4. Miami-Fort Lauderdale
  • Location: Florida


Fort Lauderdale is located southeastern coast of Florida and not far from Miami; it’s the county seat of Broward County. The city is famous for its expansive canal system earning it the name “Venice of America.” The city undoubtedly benefits from government caps on emissions purifying ocean winds. Also, the city’s residents are health-conscious thereby help in keeping the city clean making the city rank high in “livability.” Also, the city of Miami as a whole is strongly rated on the American Lung Association’s list of clean cities.

  • #5. Orlando
  • Location: Florida

The city of Orlando in central Florida is the fourth Cleanest City in the U.S. the city is popular for housing numerous theme parks Chiefly the Walt Disney World and Universal studio. The city is considered clean because it has its Downtown Clean Team. This body should see the obligation to improving the urban experience by picking up dirt and removing graffiti from public walls. Volunteers also play their part contributing to the city’s cleanliness by making it a poster child for clean streets and clean air.

  • #6. Phoenix
  • Location: Arizona

Phoenix, the capital city of Arizona, occupies the sixth spot on our list of Clean Cities in the U.S. the city is famous for its sun and warm temperature around the year and its multicity metropolitan area is known as “Valley of the Sun” been one of the popular sites in the city. The city gives a beautiful view of the desert which is without pollution. The city government stresses and emphasize the need for community outreach and participation in green initiatives, and works with “Blight Busters,” volunteers who mobilize to help keep neighbourhoods vibrant. Also, the city’s spa resort, Jack Nicklaus designed golf courses, desert botanical garden among others is what makes Phoenix a place to visit.





  • #7. Washington, D.C.

Washington DC is one of the most famous cities in the world being the capital city of the United States and houses the famous “White House” building where the federal government operates from. The city is named after George Washington, the first President of the United States and Founding Father. Washington DC boasts of many green innovations, including rooftop gardens that purify air and filter water. These urban green spaces are just part of the “green infrastructure” initiative beginning to take root in more cities across America. So, you are sure to breathe in a soothing and fresh air while you visit and stay in the city. Ensure to visit the Kennedy Center and the iconic museums located in the city.

  • #8. Tampa-St. Petersburg, Florida
  • Location: Florida

If for nothing, Tampa –St. Petersburg is known to have clear water. The Tampa Bay is among the cleanest in the country. The city promotes a habit of cleanliness among its residents particularly of urban stewardship, with both employees and volunteers put in their best in keeping the city clean and beautiful. Also, there is a clean energy research facility in the University of South Florida which also helps to promote the cleanliness of the accessible. Tampa-St. Petersburg is located in Florida and popular for its Tampa Bay which attracts thousands of visitors and tourists, especially in the summer period. So if you want a clean water bath with fresh air, Tampa Bay is a place for you to visit.

  • #9. Atlanta
  • Location: Georgia

Gradually getting to the end as we move to Atlanta, the ninth Cleanest City in the U.S. Atlanta is the capital city of Georgia; the city is known for its role in the 1960s Civil War and Civil Rights Movement. The city is strongly determined to achieve 100% clean energy by the year 2035. This is seen to be achievable with the effort of a host of combined young professionals and innovators needed to bring these efforts to reality. However, the competitive jobs in solar technology are scaling high in the area. The Martin Luther King Jnr historical site is one of the memorial places including a host of other beautiful parks and its consider the world of Coca-Cola been the home of their international headquarters.

  • #10. Seattle
  • Location: Washington

Last on our list of Cleanest City in the U.S is Seattle, the largest city in Washington State. The city contains thousands of acres of parkland, and it is surrounded by water, mountains and evergreen forests. Seattle encourages community participation in green initiatives. Also, the city has many lush green spaces; it’s the perfect place to celebrate Earth Day—every day. The city is considered to be home to the largest technology industry with Microsoft and Amazon having its headquarters located in this city.





Conclusion on 10 Ten Cleanest Cities in USA 2020 – All You Need To Know

These are the Top Ten Cleanest Cities in the USA in 2020. A clean city gives birth to a healthy population and the both the government and residents in these cities contribute their best to ensure the cities remain so. Aside from being the cleanest cities in the country, they house some monumental structures, resorts, theme parks, and other illustrious and industrious buildings. If you are a meticulous person and pondering on the cleanest city to visit or reside in the United States, you can look up this list and make your choice.

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