Calgary one of the Top 10 Cleanest Cities in the World 2020


Cleanest Cities In The World– A clean city is healthy for the inhabitants and visitors also; it is one of the criteria that attract visitors and tourist to visit a particular city. Cleanliness is one of the moral qualities that every municipality should possess, and it is crucial and essential for a town to be clean and free from pollutants. It is observed that most cities around the world are facing challenges of uncleanliness due to pollutions, dirty and dusty environments which leads is dangerous and hazardous to the people. Recently there is a high and increasing demand for a clean and sanitary environment to live. Therefore, this article is about the Top Ten Cleanest Cities in the World and all you need to know about the cities. Before that, here are the commonly most asked questions online;

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A clean city is not just the responsibility of the government only but that of citizens too.  All the towns listed in this article have been exceptional in keeping a clean city by taking extraordinary measures and also strict regulations to facilitate a clean environment. Below is the list of the Top Ten Cleanest Cities in the World.

  • Helsinki, Finland
  • Calgary, Canada
  • Luxembourg
  • Adelaide, Australia
  • Freiburg, Germany
  • Wellington, New Zealand
  • Kobe, Japan
  • Singapore
  • Paris, France
  • Oslo, Norway


  • #1. Calgary
  • Country: Canada

The number on our list is the city of Calgary. It is the biggest in Canada having a population of about 1 million people. The city is established between the confluence of two rivers which gives the environment fresh and natural with fresh air; also, it has the best waste management system s. the inhabitants of Calgary are imparted on 5 basic healthy principles to follow and maintain so as to keep a clean and hygienic environment. Sewage system quality, Waste removal and recycling, water drinkability and availability, Air Pollution and Traffic congestion are the 5 basic principles. All these principles have been considered and put to practice which has given the city a remarkable atmosphere, beautiful environment, eco-friendly energy system. The telecommunication, energy and financial services are the main economic activities of the city.

  • #2. Helsinki
  • Country: Finland

Helsinki is the capital of Finland, a Nordic country in northern Europe. The city is located beside the sea and it has beautiful islands, it is also the biggest and busiest city in the country occupying the second spot on the list of Cleanest Cities in the world. The city is a top tourist where there are hilly landscapes, greenish mountains, beaches, and museums. Helsinki is a safe, secure and beautiful city with advanced technology and a true replica of nature, design, and architecture. The country’s complex electricity supply is demands low energy to produce electricity making it an Eco-friendly city; also, the city roads are carpeted and also has environment automobile supplement that helps reduce air pollution.

  • #3. Luxembourg City
  • Country: Luxembourg
Luxembourg City
Luxembourg City

Luxembourg City is the capital of Luxembourg, one of the smallest countries in Europe sitting third on our list and houses various castles and forests including greenish landscapes in the city which beautifies the city and also makes it air fresh; also, the city taxes vehicles based on the amount of carbon dioxide emitted so as to ensure a clean atmosphere little wonder the city is referred to as the “Green Heart of Europe”. The city is among the least polluted city in the world. The waste management system employed in this city makes it extraordinarily clean which in turn leads to a healthy atmosphere and clean environment for the residents.




  • #4. Adelaide
  • City: Australia

The city Adelaide located in the southern region of Australia outshines other cities in the countries to be on this list. It is one city that doesn’t joke with cleanliness and can be seen in environ of the city. With the help of the well-organized system, 85% of the waste has been successfully recycled which is the reason why the city is free from dirt flying around. The city’s architectural structure is outstanding with beautiful green areas and parks for leisure.

  • #5. Freiburg
  • Country: Germany

The city of Freiburg in Germany is another clean city on our list. The city houses various natural parks, gardens, attractive roads, and other green landscapes. The city is aiming to make the country eco-friendly with eco-housing and car-free streets; gearing towards a car-free society and opting for alternative electric vehicles and train as the major means of transportation as well as shifting attention to generate and supply electricity in the city through solar and wind energy. Freiburg is marked as one of the prominent tourist sites in Germany where tourist can relax and enjoy the clean atmosphere and environment.

  • #6. Kobe
  • Country: Japan

Kobe city located in Japan is a renowned city known for its vast tourist attractions as well as its technological advancement. The city has an excellent sewage management system, effective waste management, free flow of traffic and automobiles that are environmentally friendly because of the usage of green fuel. The city has been applauded for keeping its environment clean and the atmosphere clear. The government and the citizens continue to exploit measures to ensure the city is kept clean.

  • #7. Wellington
  • Country: New Zealand

The city of Wellington in New Zealand is regarded as one of the cleanest city in the world because of its clear atmosphere, high garbage disposal satisfaction, high-quality water including its beautiful garden, green roads, refreshing and clean environments, museums, gardens and parks which are visited by thousands of tourists yearly. The city is one of the highly populated city in New Zealand with most of its population travel using the bus. The city’s temperature is high nonetheless the blowing wind can decrease the heat sufficiently.

  • #8. Singapore
  • Country: Singapore

The city of Singapore is considered to be one of the busiest, finest, cleanest and advanced cities in Asia. Singapore is a well-organized city that is safe and comfortable to live in. The city is located in the Southeastern part of Asia enjoying the quality and high profile lifestyle with its clean and healthy atmosphere, the government set rules and regulations that are strictly followed by the citizens so as to ensure the city maintains its profile as a clean city. Some of the laws include non-removal of plants or trees without government knowledge, also littering the environment with liquid or hard substance is against the law. If you stay in this city, you will enjoy the quality atmosphere, water quality, and comfortable tour around the city, clean and tidy environment.

  • #9. Paris
  • Country: France

The city of Paris is one of the most popular cities in Europe. The city is the capital of France known to be a place for shopping and fashion as well as one of the clean cities in the world. Paris has well-organized traffic, proper garbage disposal, clean and tidy environment, clean carpeted roads that are washed daily.  Also, the city is known to house beautiful parks and relaxation centers. The city also has big green basins used for glass recycling.

  • #10. Oslo
  • Country: Norway

The capital city of Norway, Oslo, and the most densely populated city in Norway is the last on our list of the Top Ten Cleanest Cities in the World. The city is said to be one of the expensive cities in the world, it has different relaxation areas such as sea sites, lakes, gardens, parks and beautiful landscapes that are green and fresh, all these and more contribute to the city’s clean and clear atmosphere.  More so, it has very high drinking water quality including a clean and tidy environment. The government strives to provide pollution emotion control, adequate waste management, and proper garbage disposal.

Conclusion on Top 10 Cleanest Cities in the World – Things You Need to Know about the Cities

Those are the Top Ten Cleanest Cities in the World, and they have fresh and clear atmospheres with clean environments that are healthy and hygienic to live in. Cities are generally known to be highly polluted and noisy with traffic hold-ups, but these cities are exceptional and outstanding in tackling every unhealthy and unhygienic issue. These cities also attract thousands of tourists yearly who are advised to comply with the rules and regulation set by the government in keeping the city clean the town.

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