Top 10 Busiest Airports in USA 2021 [updated Review]

The United States of America is home to some of the biggest and Busiest Airports in the World. Been one of the most visited nations in the world has fostered the country’s airport to be busy round the clock throughout the year. The reason has been that Airplanes has been the primary means of traveling far distances within the shortest possible period, and as such, billions of people patronize airlines for their routine traveling. Therefore, this article is centered on Busiest Airports in the US in 2020.


Visiting the airport in this era is mandatory because it aid to cover long-distance journey within few minutes and hours, more so, you tend to catch up with meetings or momentous occasion in good time and also return to your base same day. The airports that are listed in this article serve as the leading centers for big air carriers and serves as the direct international and domestic flight routes.

  1. Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport
  2. O’Hare Airport
  3. Los Angeles International Airport
  4. Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport
  5. John F. Kennedy International (JFK) Airport
  6. Denver International Airport
  7. San Francisco International Airport
  8. McCarran International Airport
  9. Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport
  10. George Bush Intercontinental Airport

There is a highlight of the Busiest Airports in the US which practically pulls large passengers. Below is a brief discussion about the airports.

  • #1. Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport
  • Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport on the list of Top 10 Busiest Airports in the US 2019

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport on the list of Top 10 Busiest Airports in the US 2020

First on our list of Busiest Airports in the US is the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (Atlanta) after displacing O’Hare Airport who was on top last year. The Airport attends to approximately 100 million passengers in a year, isn’t that a huge figure for one airport! The airport serves as both local and international airport, including big cargo airplanes. The airport is located near many large American cities, making it easier for passengers for locating the airport and also a central layover for connecting flights.

  • Location: Chicago, Illinois


O’Hare Airport is located in Chicago, one of the busiest and most popular cities in the US. It used to be number one up until the early 90s when it was displaced by Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport to occupy the first position pushing O’Hare airport down to the second Busiest Airports in the US. O’Hare serves as a major connecting airport, or those traveling to and fro Chicago and also serves as the United Airlines hub. The airport attends to approximately 90 million passengers in a year traveling to and fro 217 destinations in Europe, North America, South America, Africa, and Asia.

  • #3. Los Angeles International Airport
  • Location: Los Angeles, California
los angeles international airport

Los Angeles international airport

Los Angeles is home to the famous Hollywood, number one movie industry in the world alongside other notable organizations and landmarks. LAX serves primarily as the international airport in Los Angeles, California. Been a highly visited destination in the US, this has propelled the Los Angeles International airport to be among the Busiest Airports in the US. Also, those traveling to Southern California, Hawaii, and the western Coast all come to LAX to board a plane. The airport is often referred to as LAX, and it attends to an approximate 85 million passengers in a year traveling to and fro a nonstop 101 domestic destinations within the country as well as 85 countries in Asia, Oceania, Europe, North America, Latin America, Middle East, and Africa.

  • #4. Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport
  • Location: Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas
Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport

Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport

Surprisingly, another airport from Texas has made a list. The Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport is not just among the busiest but the biggest and largest airports in the US. The airport has its postal code and post office, thanks to the size of the airport. DFW airport serves as a connection hub for many international flights in Texas. More so, the airport is known to be of good reputation in customer/service delivery. The airport attends to approximately 7o million passengers in a year.

  • #5. John F. Kennedy International (JFK) Airport
  • Location: New York City
John F. Kennedy International (JFK) Airport

John F. Kennedy International (JFK) Airport

JFK airport serves as the main airport in New York City, one of the most popular and busy cities in the US. JFK airport is ever packed full with passengers from around the world who are just arriving or departing to their respective destinations. The airport is known to handle majorly international flights for passengers within and outside the city. With American Airlines, Delta Airlines, and JetBlue have a large number of connections through JFK, it also adds to the airport’s high patronage. JFK airport also accommodates restaurants as well as fun activities near each terminal because of its huge size. The airport attends to approximately 40 million passengers yearly.

  • #6. Denver International Airport
  • Location: Denver, Colorado
Denver International Airport

Denver International Airport

Diving out a bit from the busiest airports in the US, Denver International Airport (DEN) occupies a large area mass of 33, 500 making it the largest airport by land in the US. This huge land mass gives room for this airport to accommodate many regional carriers, especially frontier airlines and southwest airlines that all connect to DEN. More so, the airport is located in such a way that passengers traveling from various western states such as Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, Idaho, Montana, and New Mexico are likely to take flight from DEN airport.

  • #7. San Francisco International Airport
  • Location: San Francisco, California
San Francisco International Airport

San Francisco International Airport

San Francisco International Airport popularly referred to by its airport code SFO, is considered to be the second-largest Airport in California as well as one of the busiest in the country. SFO is known to be crowded because many residents in the area use it to travel when coming for vacation or traveling out and also serve as a base for connections to Europe and Asia. Aside from been busy, SFO has earned itself a self-worthy reputation and won awards because of its green and beautiful environment with efforts to reduce waste, water use, and greenhouse gases. SFO attends to over 40 million passengers yearly.

  • #8. McCarran International Airport
  • Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
McCarran International Airport

McCarran International Airport

It is no surprise that one of Las Vegas airport is listed in this article. If for nothing, the over 1,300 slot machine available in McCarran International Airport is enough to make pull a large number of people. Located in the city of gambling, which Las Vegas is known for as well as other notable organizations and landmass in the city, it attracts a lot of passengers to the airport. Passengers do not need to live the airport to gamble but can do so right from the terminals where they are placed while waiting to board their flight. LAS is a base for low-cost carriers such as the United, American, Delta, and Southwest.

  • #9. Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport
  • Location: Phoenix, Arizona
Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport

Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport

Serving Phoenix and the greater Southwest area, Phoenix Sky Harbor has 120 gates in three terminals. PHX is an exceptionally friendly airport thanks to its stellar customer service.

  • #10. George Bush Intercontinental Airport
  • Location: Houston, Texas
George Bush Intercontinental Airport on the list of Top 10 Biggest Airport in the US 2019

George Bush Intercontinental Airport on the list of Top 10 Biggest Airport in the US 2020

Representing the third airport to be the on this list out of Texas is the George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH). IAH is a bustling airport in the Houston area of Texas, attending to over 30 million passengers yearly. Out of all the airlines such as Alaska, American, and Delta that patronizes IAH, United Airlines is the largest. More reason why this airport made a list is attributed to the busy routes between IAH and Central and South America. Don’t hesitate to visit the restaurants in the airports considered to be of a good reputation for serving a sumptuous meal.

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Conclusion on Top 10 Busiest Airports in the US 2020 [Updated Review]

There you have the Busiest Airports in the US that are most patronized in the country both locally and internally. Visiting the airport for one function or the other is excellently ignoring the traveling processes such as checking bags, security checks, long waiting times and delays that come from airports which can be tedious, it is refreshing to transport via air because there is variation in the services rendered in various airports in the United States. Nonetheless, one of the significant factors for busy airports is its size, which most of these airports has.

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