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The continent of Africa is a land of beautiful landscape and wealth, cultural and ecological diversity that is home to over 1 billion inhabitants making it the second most populous continent. More so, the continent has vast mineral and human resources and is currently growing and emerging into a global market. We will focus our writing on Top 10 Best Countries in Africa to live and Work in; these countries will challenge your perspective and view about Africa when you visit and determine to work and live there.

Many persons who ask and also surf the net in search of the best African Countries to Live and work in inspires this informative piece of writing.


On the list of all the countries that make up the continent, there are outstanding countries that will thrill you and turn your short visit to become a place where you live and work in. We will be giving you below the ranking the Top 10 Best Countries in Africa to live and Work in.

  1. Egypt
  2. South Africa
  3. Kenya
  4. Tanzania
  5. Ghana
  6. Senegal
  7. Morocco
  8. Rwanda
  9. Tunisia
  10. Namibia
  • #1. Egypt – Cairo
  • North Africa

Egypt Ones Of the Technological Country In Africa.

First on our list is Egypt, the most advanced country in Northern Africa as well as one of the Best Countries in Africa to Live and Work. It is one of the most populous nations in Africa with over 97 million inhabitants and covers the land area of 1.01 million square kilometers. This ancient country is regarded as a home away from home especially the capital city of Cairo. The primary country resource is the river Nile where the country is built on which is used for multi purposes function in the country. It has an ancient history and is the home of modern civilization. This country always records thousands of tourist visits on a yearly bases because of the historical antecedent of the state and because it connects the continent of Africa and Asia.

  • #2. South Africa – (Cape Town – Parliamentary Capital), (Pretoria – Administrative Capital), (Bloemfontein – Judicial Capital) 
  • South Africa
South Africa

South Africa Best Technologically Advance Country In Africa.

South Africa is located in the Southern area of Africa, and it’s one of the most colorful and beautiful countries in Africa. You can’t regret visiting this country because of the entertainment as well as the commercial activates in this country that will convince you to live and work in South Africa. It has beautiful landscapes, waterfalls, beaches, hotels, wildlife and more that will blow you away. This country is known to be on the list of most visited countries in Africa, advance and fasts developing countries in Africa and it’s the second most prosperous country in the continent. It is home to 56.72 million people making it one of the highly populated nations covering a land mass of 1.22million square kilometer. If you are putting your consideration to live and work in South Africa, then you should go to Johannesburg and the city of Durban where there are many foreign workers.

  • #3. Kenya – Nairobi
  • East Africa

Third on our list is Kenya, a favorite country in East Africa and a fast developing Africa nation. The state covers the land mass of 582, 644 square kilometer housing a population of 49.7 million people. If you desire to relocate to this country then you may want to wish to stay in Nairobi, the capital city because of affordable house and for internet lovers, the best internet connection; more so, the technological market is fast growing and promising. Also, this country houses many beautiful tourist sites and many national parks scattered in different counties in the state that attracts thousands of people from around the world yearly thereby increasing the nation’s economy.

  • #4. Tanzania – Dodoma
  • East Africa


The United Republic of Tanzania as it is known officially is home to 57.31 million people covering the land mass of 945,087 square kilometers and the capital city Dodoma. Dar es Salaam (the former capital) is where the commercial and economic activities take place. The country though classed as an impoverished nation is making an effort to develop and improve its economy. Its tourism sector is very active as there are thousands of tourist that visit the white sand beaches, the Serengeti National Park, the Coral reefs and mount Kilimanjaro among others. There are various organizations you can work within the country particularly the major cities and the national capital.




  • #5. Ghana – Accra
  • West Africa


The Republic of Ghana is a country in West Africa and dubbed as one of the most beautiful countries in the region. The state is covering a land mass of 238, 535 square kilometer housing a population of 28.83 million. You would want to visit this country as it is one of the fast developing nations in Africa with the promising economy; the poverty rate in this nation is meager as the most citizens are rated as middle-class citizens. You can find enough natural resources in this country which include Gold and crude oil, including beautiful landscapes, rainforests, waterfalls, beaches, and historical monuments. Also, another thing you need to know about this country is the largest markets in the whole of Africa is found in this country, and it is located in Kumasi,

  • #6. Senegal – Dakar
  • West Africa

Sixth on our list is of Best Countries in Africa to live and Work is Senegal, founded in the West Africa region. The country has a population of 15.85 million and covers the land area of 196,839 square kilometers known to have a rich French colonial heritage. The state is known for her hospitality and reception of foreigners who visit the country. You can work in various sectors in this country from healthcare to education and international development, and the state is open to investors who will also invest in the country, the best place to work in Dakar, the country’s capital or St. Louis. If you visit Dakar, you can always enjoy the nightlife that is savored with the native mbalax music.

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  • #7. Morocco – Rabat
  • North Africa

Morocco is located not far from the Mediterranean Sea and is found in the Northern region of Africa. The country is which serves as one of the country’s natural resources. It is also known for its diverse Arabian, Berber, and European culture. Ensure to visit Marrakesh Madina, the popular marketplace where you get to be entertained in the native Djemaa el-Fna square and market place where you can purchase jewelry, ceramics and metal lanterns. You can also do well to visit Casablanca, the largest city in the country and Fez. The state has a population of 35.74 million people covering a landmass of 446, 550 square kilometers.

  • #8. Rwanda – Kigali
  • East Africa

If you choose to work in any Africa country, you may also add this East African country on your list. The state has a population of 12.21 million occupying a landmass of 26, 338 square kilometers. Rwanda is a multicultural nation, and its capital is Kigali, the largest, busiest as well as the central business district of the country. You can choose to work in the healthcare organization or be a teacher even an engineer. The state houses several wildlife reservations and park including a beautiful landscape that will make your visit worth it.

  • #9. Tunisia – Tunis
  • North Africa

Tunisia is a country in Africa that is found on the North part of Africa, and it’s capital city in Tunis. The country spans across the landmass of 163, 610 square kilometers with a population of 11.53 million people. It also shares a border with the Mediterranean Sea and the Sahara desert as well. Notwithstanding the high temperate weather is no barrier to stop this country from appearing on the list as it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Northern Africa. The capital city is regarded as one of the safest and happiest cities in Africa to live and work. You can choose to work as project manager, custom service agent, junior technology consultant among other well-paid jobs in the country

  • #10. Namibia – Windhoek
  • South Africa

Last on our list is Namibia, located in the Southern Africa region. The country’s capital is Windhoek which is the busiest part of the country been the economic, social and political center of the country. The state has a population of 2.534 million covering the landmass of 825, 419 square kilometers. It is a country with beautiful landscape and wildlife reserves.

Conclusion on Top 10 Best Countries in Africa to Live and Work in

Those are the Top Best Countries in Africa to Live and Work in whenever you feel the need to relocate and start a new life elsewhere. These countries are guaranteed to offer you the best of staying time with all the fun and wealth you can get.

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