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Top 10 Best Computer Science Schools In The World- The world of computer science offers a lot of opportunities to those who wish to pursue a career in this field. The QS World University Rankings by Subject for 2020 that was recently released shows us the best schools to earn a computer science degree from.

For this list, we will be limiting ourselves only to the top ten. So which are the Best Computer Science Universities In The World currently? Find out below.


  • #1. University of Oxford
Oxford University
Oxford University

First on this list of best computer science schools in the world is prime British university, Oxford. This school has one of the oldest computer science departments in the UK even though the field of computer science is a relatively modern discipline. The department was formerly known as the Oxford University Computing Laboratory. Since its inception, the department has lectured undergraduates and trained research students at postgraduate level. There are three undergraduate degrees: single honors computer science, maths, and computer science, and computer science and philosophy offered by the department.

  • #2. ETH Zurich
ETH Zurich (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology).
ETH Zurich (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology).

Second on this list is the Swiss university, ETH Zurich. The school has a rich history of developing software and designing computer systems which eventually led to the establishment of a dedicated computer science department in 1981. The department covers several areas of computer science, including computational intelligence, networks, and distributed systems, algorithms and theory, and information security. Also, different programming languages are taught in software engineering courses. The department has strong relationships with other departments within the university community and also with partners in business and industry, such as IBM, Microsoft, Google, SAP, and Disney, with which the university collaborates on research projects. The university has a rich history of excellence, dating as far back as 1855 when it was established, a few years after the formation of the federal state of Switzerland. The school was created as a center for scientific knowledge and innovation and remained a top institution globally for a range of subjects.

  • #3. Stanford University
Stanford University
Stanford University

Established in 1965, the computer science department of Stanford University rounds up the top three on this list. The department offers degrees at different levels, bachelor’s of science, masters of science and a doctor of philosophy. The department also researches in several areas including artificial intelligence, robotics, foundations of computer science, scientific computing and programming systems. The department also lays a strong emphasis on interdisciplinary research across chemistry, genetics, linguistics, construction, medicine and several others. The computer science department is situated in the Gates Computer Science building, which was named after billionaire Bill Gates who donated $6 million to the project.





  • #4. University of Cambridge
Cambridge University
Cambridge University

The University of Cambridge computer science department is next on this list of best computer science schools in the world. It offers undergraduate students the Computer Science Tripos course, a three- or four-year computer science course. Also, you can run an MPhil in computer science in the school, as a general master’s degree, which helps prepare students for a Ph.D. in computer science. There are so many research groups based in the computer science department of this school looking at artificial intelligence, security, graphics and interaction, and computer architecture.

  • #5. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

To cap the top 5 on this list is the department of electrical engineering and computer science of Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The school is known for excellence in this field, and its graduates are doing well in their careers. Several alumni of the school feature on lists of influential entrepreneurs who are making changes all over the world. Students of the school are encouraged to develop start-ups, and research projects have explored problems such as calculating the financial risks of renewable energy and also developing faster parallel computing. Undergraduates are placed on a flexible curriculum that allows them to focus on both abstract theories as well as practical problems in computer science. Students of the department can major in computer science or both computer science and molecular biology. Graduates of the school go on to design video games, work on supercomputers, research robotics and often, they join big companies such as Google and Microsoft.

  • #6. Carnegie Mellon University

Carnegie Mellon University is another top-rated American University to feature on this list. The school archives a perfect score in the academic reputation category. The school is quite famous for many discoveries and Innovations in the computer science field such as the first Wi-Fi network that was created on the university campus in 1993. Also, several of the first artificial intelligence software programs and programming languages were developed in the school as well as Navlab, the first autonomous car program.

  • #7. The Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech)

Georgia Institute of Technology was founded in the year 1885 as a trade school. It is currently among the world’s leading technological and scientific research institutions. The school has been ranked among the top 10 public universities in North America by U.S. News and World Report. Notably, the institute produces more female engineers than any other institution in the United States. Altogether, there are over 21000 students in the school studying one of the many degree programs available through its colleges of Design, Computing, Engineering, Sciences. Also, there is the Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts and the Scheller College of Business. The school boasts state of the art facilities and strong partnerships with business, industry, and government. It comprises over 100 centers for interdisciplinary research. The school has a 3,000 square-foot, student-run space which is open every hour to give room to generate ideas and develop prototypes in a self-sustaining and collaborative environment. All these contribute to the excellence of the computer science programs of the school, earning it a spot on our top 10 best computer science schools in the world.

  • #8. Princeton University

Next school to feature on this highly educative list is Princeton University. Princeton is an Ivy League university and achieves a near-perfect score for citations per faculty member as well as a high score for the H-index. The Department of Computer Science of the school which is within the School of Engineering and Applied Science has educated several notable figures such as the ‘father of computer science’ Alan Turing, the founder and CEO of Amazon Jeff Bezos, as well as Google executive, Eric Schmidt. The school ranks 8th on this list of top 10 best computer science schools in the world.

  • #9. Harvard University
Harvard University
Harvard University Best Law University In The World.

In 9th place is one of the top universities in the world, Harvard University. Harvard may be an ideal choice for you if you are concerned about your chosen university’s reputation among graduate employers, as the school consistently receives a perfect score in the employer reputation indicator. The university’s John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences is involved in ground-breaking research to face some of the pioneer problems in science and engineering.

  • #10. California Institute of Technology (Caltech)

The California Institute of Technology is rated as one of the world-class science and engineering research and education institution located in the US. Admission into this school is highly competitive, and the few lucky ones that get in are tutored by an extraordinary faculty, and the students of the school constantly seek answers to complex questions, discover new knowledge, lead innovation, and also transform the future. The school has six academic divisions with a strong emphasis on science and technology teaching and research. There is a high competition for the limited available space, and as a result, only a few numbers of talented students are admitted into the school each year. The school has a high research output, alongside many high-quality facilities, both on campus and globally. The strong performance of the school on the indicators used to rank the computer science schools featured on this list ensures Caltech rounds up this list in 10th place.



Conclusion Top 10 Best Computer Science Schools In The World

Computer science no doubts through a relatively new field is currently one of the most lucrative areas of human endeavor. There is a strong pull by this field, and as a result, several thousands of students put in for various degree programs available in computer science. To help those in a dilemma of choosing which school to attend for a degree in computer science, we have compiled a list of the best computer science universities in the world. Visiting any of the universities on this list will boost your chances of landing a job quickly after an academic program. So, there you have it on this list of best computer science universities in the world.

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