The Dos and Don’ts of Writing a Scholarship Thank You Letter

A scholarship thank you letter is an appreciation letter written by a student who have just won a scholarship opportunity. The student writes this kind of letter in which he or she expresses gratitude to the scholarship giver in concise and straightforward words.

In this article we have been able to proffer possible solutions to the blankness most scholarship winners face when in need of what is and is not acceptable in the writing of a scholarship thank you letter.

You will learn in this content the dos and don’ts of writing a scholarship thank you letter so that henceforth you will have no difficulty putting up one of such letters for yourself or another. This article will guide you out of placing things in the wrong place when writing a thank you letter for a scholarship.

Do not fail to make an intentional reference to the addressee of the letter which notified you of your wining of the award

Usually, when a scholarship is offered to anyone, the committee in charge of such scholarship will immediately send you a mail or hardcopy letter to the scholarship winner informing him or her of winning a scholarship.

The scholarship winner in response sends a thank you letter to express gratitude and to show acceptance of the scholarship.

One important thing norm you must not fail to do is to make reference to the addressee who sent you the notification letter. The need for this is that will let them know that you are following closely the sequence in the scholarship application procedures.

In referring to this correspondence, consciously show appreciation for the offer granted to you and possibly make known your preparedness to take the scholarship. Talk about your personal information unfailingly. Especially those ones not included in your application.

Make your scholarship thank you letter a bit conversational

Another thing you should do in writing a scholarship thank you letter is to make it conversational. That is, talk about stuffs that are a bit personal to you, things like events in your life that means much to you. What the just granted scholarship could do for you and how you cannot wait to begin the studies.

Reaffirm your interest in the field of study you have been granted the scholarship

A necessary thing to do in writing a scholarship thank you letter is to once moreĀ  reassure the scholarship provider how much you are interested in the field of study and the contributions you are able and willing to make in the institution.

You should be mindful however note write a voluminous note in the course of writing your letter. Keep your letter as concise as possible.

In volume, a scholarship thank you mail should not exceed a page and should not be less than 2 paragraphs.

Do not write a scholarship thank you letter late

One of the things to avoid when writing this type of letter is procrastination. A scholarship thank you letter should be written as soon as the award notification gets to the winner. Ignoring this for a later time may be interpreted by the scholarship committee as a form of rejection or no longer being interested in the awarded scholarship.

Send in your letter as soon as possible. This will give you an edge above others.

Also, do not make exaggerations in attempt to convince the committee on you qualification for the scholarship. Keep it cool and real.

Do not fail to congratulate yourself in your letter

Another mistake you must never make when writing a scholarship thank you letter is to go on without congratulating yourself for wining the scholarship. In fact, it is recommended that after the introductory part of your letter, a congratulations to yourself should follow.

Do not sound too formal a scholarship thank you letter

A thank you letter for a scholarship is not expected to sound absolutely formal. As said earlier, this letter should be conversational. As conversational as possible.

Mastering these norms of a scholarship thank you letter will go a long way in saving you the worries of what to do and what not to do in this type of letter.

Do notĀ  hesitate to consult this article for further inquiries and understanding.

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