PowerDirector one of the Best Free Android Apps
PowerDirector one of the Best Free Android Apps

If you are reading this article, it means you are an android user and you are looking for android apps that will make using your phone interesting. We have in this article compiled 14 Best Free Android Apps which you need to download and install on your Android device. Ensure you read through this article from start to finish to know more about Best Free Android Apps 2020.


The android apps listed in this article ranges from video app, weather app, typing app, document app etc. you can look through the highlight of this article below

  1. PowerDirector
  2. IFTTT
  3. Google map and Waze
  4. Adobe Scan
  5. Messages
  6. Swiftkey
  7. Google Drive
  8. Freezer
  9. protonVPN
  10. Authy
  11. Whatsapp
  12. Bluemail
  13. LastPass Password Manager
  14. Podcast Addict

There you have the list of the best free android app you need to have on your android device. To learn more and gather sufficient knowledge about each app, below is a brief description about each app.

  • #1. PowerDirector
PowerDirector one of the Best Free Android Apps
PowerDirector one of the Best Free Android Apps

Coming at the number one spot on our list of 14 Best Free Android Apps is PowerDirector, a video editing app that help you to easily edit your videos on the go like a pro. With PowerDirector, you can edit multiple tracks, add video effects, transitions, voiceovers, make use of built-in chroma key feature to create 4K quality videos. If you love making video, this app is for you.

  • #2. IFTTT
IFTTT One of the Best Free Android Apps
IFTTT One of the Best Free Android Apps

IFTTT is an acronym for If This Then That, an android app that allow you to connect your mobile device with your favorite apps, services, to give you seamless experiences. IFTTT is compatible with over 600 apps including Twitter, Telegram, Google Drive, and the rest. You can use the app to set automated command on your phone that can be carried out base on certain parameters.

  • #3. Google map and Waze

We turn to navigation apps which we consider to be among the Best Free Android Apps Ever as well as one of the Best Free Android Apps 2020. The Google map and Waze app are two navigation app that you need to have on your phone. Google gives you turn-by-turn directions, allow you to view businesses (including reviews), while Waze navigation app allow you to check out the traffic along your route. These two apps work hand in hand to give you a seamless function.

  • #4. Adobe Scan

Have you ever been in need of a scanner and no one is within your reach? That is where Adobe Scan comes in to save you the stress of endless search for scanner when none is within your reach. Downloading Adobe Scan on your android device saves you the stress of owning a hardware scanner. You can easily scan your documents on the go and save them in PDF formats which can be sent anywhere. You can also enhance image quality to your preference.

  • #5. Messages

Next on our list is Google’s official texting messaging (SMS, MMS, RCS) app known as “Messages”. This texting app gives you seamless performance allowing you to message anyone from anywhere by sending individual or group texts, and share your favorite pictures, GIFs, emoji, stickers, videos and audio messages.

  • #6. Swiftkey

Still on our discourse on the 14 Best Free Android Apps, next on our list is Microsoft Swiftkey, a mobile keyboard that gives you seamless performance when typing. What makes this typing app unique is its ability to learn your writing style, and save your typing history so that you can type faster. More so, you can personalize the keyboard layout to your preference, select your language, type and send emoji, and GIFs. It also comes with a swipe feature that learns and adapt to match your unique way of typing including your slang, nicknames and emoji among its numerous features.

  • #7. Google Drive Suite

Taking us further and undoubtedly one of the Best Free Android Apps Ever is the Google Drive. Recent android phones come with this application pre-installed and it often comes in handy. Google Drive Suite comes with multiple application including Google Drive app, Google Docs, Google Slides, Google Sheets, Google Photos, and Google Keep.  with google suite, you can edit your office documents, spreadsheets, and slideshows while the Google Drive app helps in backing up your photos, videos and documents, and other files you want to save in cloud storage.

  • #8. Freezer

We personally recommend Freezer app for you if your phone performance is very slow. It is currently one of the Best Free Android Apps 2020 that you should have on your android device. With freezer app, you can freeze your Apps which you do not use frequently thereby Speeding up your phone instead of deleting the app completely on your phone. Freezer app also stop apps running in background and boost phone performance. In addition, among its numerous features, the app does not collect any data making your privacy safe and secure making it one of the Best Free Android Apps Ever.

  • #9. ProtonVPN

Taking us further in our discussion is one of the rated Best Free Android Apps 2020, ProtonVPN. The VPN app is a must install on your android device because it comes with absolute free option, no bandwidth restrictions, features encryption, a and a strict no logging policy. More so, ProtonVPN comes with a better connection stability, fast speeds, and even more security features. However, the free version of this app is limited but the premium service gives you unlimited and seamless performance.

  • #10. Authy

As we gradually come to the end of our discussion, the next app on our list is Authy, an android app that help you to maintain the security of your online accounts. You can also setup two-factor authentication for every service you use. Also, the app can connect to multiple devices, and offers cloud backups to consistently keep you logged and never get locked out.

  • #11. Whatsapp

Chatting is one of the most performed activity on android phones recently. That is why we also deemed it necessary to list Whatsapp messaging app among the 14 Best Free Android Apps and Best Free Android Apps Ever. Whatsapp is the most downloaded messaging app worldwide with over 160 million users. Whatsapp allow you to send message and chat with friends and family without been billed, also the app is used for business purposes as well. you can share pictures, videos and documents of any format. Aside from sending messages and exchanging audio and video files, you can also make audio and video call with this app.

  • #12. Bluemail

Are you looking for an e-mail mobile app for your android other than Google mail app? That is Bluemail comes in handy. The app comes with loaded features including colour coding for organizing your mails, beautiful app themes, Android Wear support, and widgets. It also allows you to personalize and block notifications among its several features.

  • #13. LastPass Password Manager

LastPass Password manager is not left out among the Best Free Android Apps Ever. The app is a security app that help save and store passwords and usernames in a personal vault; create secure notes and restrict access to them; it protects your secure notes, pictures and audio files; it also generates passwords; ad you can also surf the internet using the in-built browser. Another interesting feature is the autofill of personal information for your online accounts.

  • #14. Podcast Addict

Podcast Addict concludes our discussion and it is rated among the Best Free Android Apps 2020. Podcast lovers will find this app useful because they can use it to search and at the same time manage the large number of podcasts available through the app. More so, you can integrate radio, audiobooks, and other streaming services including YouTube, Twitch, and SoundCloud channels in one place. Another interesting feature is that you can schedule content for download and deletion so that new ones can download on the go.

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Conclusion The 14 Best Free Android Apps

From our discussion above, I believe you have been acquainted with the 14 Best Free Android Apps that will make you addicted to your android phone. Waste no time to download any of the app on the list that will be of use to you. With all that been said, let us know your take on the apps that have been listed here.

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