Slovenian Savings and Loans – All Kinds of Loans Made Available

Mortgage, home equity, and automobile loans are some of the products that Slovenian Savings and Loans provides. Because Slovenian Savings and Loans’ approvals are handled locally and by local people, they are able to make speedy decisions regarding all of the applications they receive for loans.

In addition, this loan company provides complimentary pre-qualifications and lower interest rates on loans in the event that payments are electronically drawn from a checking or savings account held at SS&L.

In this post we have been able to bring to you all the necessary information you need about how Slovenian savings and loans operate, the type of loans available for you in the platform and possible ways to get the loans.

Personal Loans

A personal loan from Slovenian Savings & Loan can help you combine your debt in a way that is both expedient and uncomplicated. In addition to providing you with low interest rates and a consistent monthly payment, we will also work with you to develop a financial plan that is both practical and within your means. Due to the fact that we are a local company, we provide competitive prices and a streamlined application procedure.

Reduce the amount that you have to pay on your credit card each month, get that room in your house decorated the way you’ve been dreaming about, or get the kids ready for school. We will assist you in determining the most effective strategy to achieve your desired monetary outcomes. No matter what kind of loan you might be looking for—whether it be for home improvements or to consolidate your debt—our top objective is to help you regain control of your financial situation.

Slovenian Savings

Guidelines by Slovenian Savings and Loans to help you overcome debts

The advice that is provided below is organized to assist you in paying off your debt in a timely and cost-effective manner.

  • Establish a financial plan, and then adhere to it. All of your present costs should be accounted for in the budget you create. Make sure you get a copy of your personal budget by asking for it.
  • Planner in order to obtain further information on how to create a budget.
  • Avoid Taking Out Any Additional Loans in Order to Pay Off Your Debts and Bills.
  • Cut Expenses. Determine this figure by conducting an in-depth review of your financial plan to identify potential areas for cost cutting (e.g., eating out; buying snacks, coffees and lunch at work; entertainment such as going to movies and concerts, etc.). The majority of individuals are taken aback when they hear how much money they spend each month on eating out. After you have calculated how much you intend to save by cutting back, you should put this “found” money toward reducing the principal amounts owed on your obligations.
  • Improve the effectiveness of your regular payments. Put the greatest possible amount toward paying off the obligations with the highest interest rates. Make sure the minimum payment is made on all of your other obligations.
  • Request that the Interest Rates Be Reduced. If you phone your creditors and ask for a reduction in your interest rates, some of them, particularly credit card firms, will comply. Utilize any offers for alternative credit cards that you receive in the mail that have interest rates that are lower than your present rates as leverage while you are renegotiating your rates with your current creditors.
  • Establish your priorities and goals. Find out what aspects are most significant. When you are getting ready to make a purchase, you should ask yourself whether or not this purchase is in keeping with the priorities you have set and whether or not it will help you get closer to your objective or delay it.
  • Have a look at this online resource. This website offers a free download of the file “Debt.”
  • Reduction Calculator that gives you the ability to determine the amounts that you should be paying towards each of your debts and estimates the amount of money that you will save by paying your debts in the order that is recommended by the reduction calculator. In addition to this, the program will inform you of the dates on which each of your debts will be cleared.


Slovenian Savings & Loan The Great Rate Certificate of Deposit will allow you to earn the most possible interest while providing you with security and a return that is guaranteed.

Slovenian Savings and Loans provide a range of periods and prices, from one month all the way up to ten years. CD characteristics include the following:

  • A low initial balance of $500 is required with no fees.
  • Enhanced interest rates on certificates of deposit for amounts beyond $100,000.00
    There are three different possibilities of interest.
  • Get a check for your interest every month.
  • Transfer to a different Savings and Loan account The interest can be compounded.

CDS, Special CDS and IRAS

There is a minimum deposit requirement of $500.00 to start a CD account, and there is a minimum deposit requirement of $250.00 to open an IRA account.

Possible use of an early withdrawal penalty

A deposit of at least $100,000 is necessary to qualify for the Jumbo CD rate.

Slovenian Savings and Loans

The Loan Services Available

Slovenian Savings and Loans offer variety of loan services ranging from personal loans, auto loans, mortgages, home loans and a much more.

Below are some of the loan services available for you in Slovenian Savings and Loans:

Residential Mortgage Loans
  • Purchase
  • Refinance
  • Construction
Program for People Purchasing Their First Home
  • Mobile Home
  • Vacant Land
  • Loans to Customers
Home Equity
  • Line of Credit Based on the Value of the Home
  • Commercial-Equity
  • Mortgage Loans for Businesses (Commercial)
Automobile Loans
  • New
  • Used
Funding for Motorcycles
  • Personal Loans

Contact Slovenian Savings and Loans

The Slovenian Savings and Loan was created in 1915 as a neighborhood and community bank in Slovenia. With branches in Conemaugh, Moxham, Richland, Windber, and West Hills, Slovenian Savings & Loan has been catering to the requirements of the Johnstown region for more than a century, and they have sites all throughout the area.

Get in touch with them today to find out why more and more of your neighbors are choosing Slovenian Savings & Loan as their financial institution of choice.

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