Slimcase, as he is called on stage, is a Nigerian recording artist and songwriter, he goes by the real name Oluwafemi Oladapo Oke-Eko. He was notably born in Ikorodu Lagos on the 22nd of August of the year 1982; this awesome artist also grew up in Ikorodu Lagos. Making his way into music, he kick-started his music career in the year 2013 and he is still notably in the game till date, there are definitely a whole lot to be discussed about this artist, but for today we are going to bring to you the Biography and History of Slimcase as lots of prolific questions has been asked of this star relating to his biography and history, questions which include

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·        Slimcase profile

·        Slimcase record label

·        Who signs Slimcase

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·        Name: Oluwafemi Oldapo Oke

·        Nickname: Slimcase

·        Date Of Birth: 22 August 1982

·        State Of Birth: Ikorodu, Lagos State

Oluwafemi Oladapo Oke-Eko known by the stage name Slimcase and speaking of Slimcase age, he was born on the 22nd of August of the year 1982 which makes him 36 years old, diving down to Slimcase state of origin, he was born in a notable place called Ikorodu in Lagos, Nigeria which also makes him a Lagos state citizen. This famous artist grew up in the streets of Lagos when it comes to Slimcase Biography; he rose from a humble family to becoming a musical icon as we all know him to be today. Meanwhile, things had not been great for him, but he had kept his head up high and keep up the struggles, and without doubt, he has emerged to be famous in the Nigerian music industry. Following Slimcase History as stated in an interview with Saturday beats, he stated that he was once a factory worker, and he continued this job for partly 10 years earning #15, 000 monthly, this Oshozondi singer also claimed to have worked with Dangote and other companies producing dry gin before he rose to fame. Following his rising fame, he has resorted to charging #1 Million per show of which has made him one of the most sought after artists in the country. He notably kick-started his music career three years after he resumed work as a factory worker, he started up as a rapper, but the genre of music he has chosen wasn’t paying off in financial aspect neither was his career booming, later on he had no choice than to switch genres or sound and he welcomed warmly the ghetto tune, this switch in genres of music proved to be masterstroke which has earned him his current place in the Nigerian music industry.



This young star was amazed at how he made it to the top in a short while. Following his reports, he notably said that he had been in the music industry for 7 years as a rapper and recording radio-friendly songs. He became widely known when the Shaku Shaku trend was initiated before he released his hit song titled “Oshozondi”, meanwhile, the guys on the streets of Lagos has been dancing the Shaku Shaku dance before the release of Oshozondi but there seems to be no beat that would blend in with the dance, which is why he searched for a rhythmic beat and found out the Oshozondi song would blend in with the dance steps, as this beat was 100% Shaku Shaku beat and is purely meant for the streets.


Moreover, the trend of this new song alongside the dance steps came to limelight at a perfect time for him and he took the advantage of the two of which has made him famous today, meanwhile, he is now widely known as the originator of the Shaku Shaku dance and the dance steps and now being danced to his song. After the hit release of Oshozondi, he followed it up with another hit song titled “Legbegbe”, this song also got him more fame and attractions nationwide. Finally, after his hard work before rising to fame, he has paid off, it became clear to everyone that he was the king of that moment and artist started trooping in to jump on a track with him. Still following his reports in the interview he granted Saturday Beats, he also confessed that he had never for once imagined that the likes of Tiwa Savage and D’banj would ever feature with him on the same track, he initially felt it was a prank when the two superstars invited him over to feature with them, but as he would have it, it became a reality. He has also gone far to the extent of featuring with the termed Golden boy of Nigerian music “Wizkid”. When it comes to Slimcase Record label or who signed Slimcase, the answers to these questions are yet to be revealed by the famous Slimcase. Speaking of Slimcase Profile, he added that he is not a threat to the likes of Olamide, Lil Kesh and small Doctor and that he is just their colleague in the game as side talks have been made over him being a threat to these people, he also claimed that he had only come in with a new sound from the street to the Nigerian music industry’s main scene.  He is known not to easily decipher if he is singing or just talking in his songs, and this has made him unique and acceptable in the streets. Slimcase also stated that he is grateful to God for where he had gotten to today in the music industry and also appreciated God for the fact that his colleague in the same genre of the song is making it in their own lane. He also added on the rumor about the Shaku Shaku dance step contributing to Immorality was nothing of such and he laid emphasis on the rumor stating that the songs do not and are not meant to promote immoralities at all; the Shaku Shaku song following up his statement is a street song gotten from the innermost part of the ghetto and as such, the song only portraits what happen in the innermost ghetto parts as there has to be someone singing about the happenings of the ghetto. 

Conclusion On Biography And History Of Slimcase

The storyline of this famous star known as Slimcase indicates the facts that hard work always pays, everyone has to struggle and hustle to make it in life. Slimcase rose up from with a humble beginning of which has earned him fame, he has also strived his way up the ladder of the music industry, although it has not been easy as he stated he endured till he made it to the peak. He now ranks high in the Nigerian music industry following his hit songs.

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