Queen Elizabeth II Biography 2020
Queen Elizabeth II Biography 2020

If you are reading this article it simply means you are interested to learn about Queen Elizabeth II Networth and Biography 2020. Queen Elizabeth II is a popular figure and known throughout the world being the current queen of the United Kingdom and the other Commonwealth realms. Queen Elizabeth II is revered as the longest and oldest reigning monarch in the history of Britain. She has spent 68 years on the throne.  So, tag along as we unveil all that you need to know about the oldest Britain reigning Queen including Queen Elizabeth II Net Worth, accomplishments and many more.


Before we dig deeper and bring to limelight all the information that will interest you about the reigning Queen of England in this article centered on Queen Elizabeth II Networth and Biography 2020, take a quick look at the highlight of her biography below.

  • Full Name: Elizabeth Alexandra Mary
  • Birthdate: 21st of April, 1926
  • Birth Place: Mayfair, London, United Kingdom
  • Nationality: British
  • Marital Status: to Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh (m. 1947)
  • Children: 4 (3 boys, 1 girl)
  • Occupation: Queen of the United Kingdom including other Commonwealth realms.
  • Net Worth: $500 million

Taking us further in our discussion in this article on Queen Elizabeth II Networth and Biography 2020 is a brief discussion on longest-serving monarch in British history. Queen Elizabeth II was born on the 21st of April, 1926, in Mayfair, London, to Prince Albert (father), Duke of York (later known as King George VI), and Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon (mother). As the customs was, she was baptized on the 29th of May in the Private Chapel of Buckingham Palace by the Anglican Archbishop of York, Cosmo Gordon Lang. She was nicknamed Lilibet been the first name she called herself. and she grew up enjoying all the royal privilege available to her. In-fact she was never under pressure of taking the throne and never believed someday she will be crowned Queen of Britain. Elizabeth education was at home as tutors were hired to teach her at home. She learned different courses including French, mathematics and history, dancing, singing and art lessons.

  • Queen Elizabeth II Net Worth


Queen Elizabeth II Biography And Networth 2020
Queen Elizabeth II Biography And Networth 2020

This article won’t be complete without mentioning Queen Elizabeth II Net Worth. Been a monarch, it is expected that she will be swimming in huge wealth and fortune. If that is your assumption, then it is not far from the truth. The 94-year-old lives a life of affluence as she has all she needs at her disposal. She earns a living from mainly from an annual income from the properties held by the Crown Estate that is worth $18 billion and the Duchy of Lancaster, a real estate trust that is can be traced back to 1265 amongst other means of income. As of the time this article is compiled, Queen Elizabeth II net worth is estimated to be $500 million.

  • Queen Elizabeth II Relationship

If you are like me, then you might probably have wondered how the relationship of Queen Elizabeth II was. Well, it is not as dramatic as what we see in present times amongst celebrities. The queen does not have an elaborate relationship life and she got married as soon as possible. The queen married Prince Philip Mountbatten (son of Prince Andrew of Greece) who happens to be her distant cousin on the 20th of November,1947.  The wedding held at London’s Westminster Abbey.

  • Queen Elizabeth II Children

I know you will also be interested to know how many children Queen Elizabeth II has been a popular figure and influential personality in the world. Queen Elizabeth II was married to Prince Phillip, the Duke of Edinburgh. Together they have four children. Prince Charles (son) was born in 1948, just a year after their wedding. Princess Ann (only daughter) was born in 1950. The birth of Prince Andrew (son) was in 1960 and Prince Edward (Son) in 1964. In total, Queen Elizabeth II has four children, three boys and one girl. All of her children are well to do and they hold key position in Britain.

She took a huge step by officially making Prince Charles her Successor granting him the him the title of Prince of Wales.

  • Queen Elizabeth II Accomplishments

Queen Elizabeth II has enjoyed quite a lengthy reign and she has been involved in a lot of reforms which she is celebrated for. Holding the record of being Britain’s longest-reigning monarch and being the longest-serving female head of state in the world, as well as the oldest living monarch in the world, and the oldest and longest-serving current head of state in the world are some of Queen Elizabeth II Accomplishments. she took over the throne succeeding her father, King George VI in 1953, and has spent over 65 years on the throne. Also, she is a notable philanthropist being a patron of 510 charities in the United Kingdom, and numerous others worldwide.

More so, she was instrumental in the Crown Act 2013. The act was passed so that Princesses can have equal right to the throne just as princes.  Still furthering our discussion on Queen Elizabeth II Accomplishments, she is the first British Monarch to address the United States Congress in 1991. This historic moment marks a significant moment for both countries.  Also, Queen Elizabeth II helped modernized the Britain Monarchy by dropping some formalities. Also, she gave the public access to certain sites and treasures.

  • Queen Elizabeth II Significant Events

Having discussed extensively about Queen Elizabeth II biography and net worth, we also think it important to include some of the notable events experienced by the Queen. Aside from Queen Elizabeth II Accomplishments, she has also enjoyed some notable and significant events. Among the unforgettable events of Queen Elizabeth II was her coronation in 1953. She celebrated her Silver jubilee in 1977, her Golden Jubilee in 2002, and Diamond Jubilee in 2012. She celebrated her Sapphire Jubilee in 2017 becoming the first British monarch to spend such a long time on the throne.

  • Queen Elizabeth Age

Queen Elizabeth II was born on the 21st of April, 1926 in London, United Kingdom. As of the time this article is compiled, she is 94 years old. The queen is healthy though she is old. We sure hope she celebrates her centenarian age soon.

  • Queen Elizabeth II Titles

There is a saying that ‘uneasy lies the head that wears the crown” but the Queen has managed to perform excellently since she ascended the throne. Queen Elizabeth II has enjoyed many titles and honors and also received awards around the world. Below are some of her titles:

  • Her Royal Highness Princess Elizabeth of York (April 21, 1926 – December 11, 1936)
  • Her Royal Highness the Princess Elizabeth (December 11, 1936 – November 20, 1947)
  • Her Royal Highness the Princess Elizabeth, Duchess of Edinburgh (November 20, 1947 – February 6, 1952)
  • Her Majesty the Queen (Since 6 February 1952)

Queen Elizabeth II Leisure Activities

What is work without play? the queen is also not exempted from leisure activities. The queen in 1952 moved out of Buckingham Palace to Clarence House in St James’s Palace. She also bought the Castle of Mey located in the extreme north-east of Scotland, in 1953. There she spent time each year around August and October.

Also, Queen Elizabeth II is a lover of horseracing and she also enjoys fishing. She always creates time for these two leisure activities.

  • Queen Elizabeth II Health

As of the time this article is compiled, Queen Elizabeth II is in good health even in the midst of COVID-19 outbreak. The queen has been taking and adhering to precautionary measures to stay healthy and keep fit.

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Conclusion on Queen Elizabeth II Biography 2020- Family Tree, Coronation & Reign

That is the much we can offer you about the Queen in this article. I believe you have learnt something new from our discussion on Queen Elizabeth II Networth and Biography 2020 especially Queen Elizabeth II Net Worth. The Queen is fast approaching her centenarian age and has seen a lot of events. She is much celebrated across the world and praised for her excellent and quality leadership. Queen Elizabeth II is truly and inspiration for many individuals. I hope you will find this article helpful to you, we will like to know your thoughts by giving us a feedback.

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