Prince Mazubuko Net worth and biography, though he may not be popularly known, he has definitely got the eyes of some people watching and hereby wants to know his story and how much their celebrity is worth.

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All the above questions are the questions sorting for answers, surely the answers to this question would be disclosed right here in this article.

  • Prince NRB Mazibuko Biography

Prince NRB Mazibuko was born on the 30th day of June of the year 1992 in South Africa, Nseleni Township in the northern coast of KwaZulu-Natai. Prince Mazibuko was known to have been raised by his grandmother and never had a smooth and easy life from the scratch as he switched from one school to the other, but the last notable high school he went to was the Tholokhule high school and in no time was graduated. Shortly after his graduation, he lost his grandmother at the grade 10 level and he had no other choice than to move in with his unemployed uncle. While he was in high school, he barely survived and this got him selling sweets and snacks to enable him to feed him at least.

Prince MazibukoPrince Mazibuko

Prince Mazibuko


Still on prince NRB Mazibuko biography, like every other successful being in the world today, there are some favors from loved ones all around which Prince Mazibuko had, he received favor from the sight of his teachers who are very much aware of his condition at that point in time and help pleaded with the principal of the school Prince Mazibuko attended to allow him study in the school for free as he couldn’t afford the school fee of R280.

After this secondary education, he was unable to further his education to the tertiary level, but as we all know, lack of education can’t stop the success DNA of a man. Prince NRB Mazibuko’s Quote once states that “people may think it was easy for me to get to where I am today, I was raised by my grandmother who later passed away when I was doing my grade 10, and from these instances I had no other choice than to sell sweets and snacks in order not to go to bed with an empty stomach”.

  • Prince NRB Mazibuko Success story

Despite the fact he has a poor family background, he is still rich in some forms, which includes friends, determination, and intelligence. These three forms of riches for Prince Mazibuko contributed immensely to his physical success in life as one of his friends who is partly rich taught him how to trade on the stock market. He had no money to start up the trade and had no other choice than to pour out all his life savings gotten from the petty things he sold which include snacks and sweets, but isn’t that too risky? Find out how this goes right in this article. Following an interview with Prince Mazibuko, he stated thus, “Guess what? From our first trade on the stock market, we made cool cash which was close to R5000 in just an hour of trade, when it comes to computers, am so gifted, so my friends left me to do the work for them and from there I never looked back”. Are you eager to know what they are in for? Well, Prince Mazibuko and his friends were involved in Forex trade and they made it look like child’s play, they made making millions very easy for them which was noted as they usually do at the age of 23 in South Africa as that age group stands like a magic number of making it, but below this age number was the case of prince Mazibuko as he made it big via forex trading below the age of 23. An interesting aspect of their lives as a forex trader was defying odds to achieve things which seemed impossible to human, which is exactly what forex trader such as Prince Mazibuko did, although Prince Mazibuko and his friends knew they were playing with stuff hotter than a dragon fire but they still continued and history will forever thank these guys as they have empowered youths all over the world to bear in mind that nothing is impossible with the right determination and commitment, strength, amount of calculated risk, interest and so on.


  • Why forex trade?

The above question is what you get if you were in the shoes of prince Mazibuko, on first thought, this question is a legit one, but if forex trading is legit in your country, then there is no point making it illegal in your mind.

Politics is a dirty game they say, but they haven’t tasted forex trading as it stands to be more dangerous than politics. Forex is a decentralized platform made for foreign exchange and where different countries currencies are traded. The foreign exchange is determined by the market as it involves buying and selling as well as currencies exchange at a deal price or current price. Lots of activities take place on the platform, but where the issue of risk comes in is when a huge sum of the money is traded in forex as there is no supervisory entity to regulate actions taken on the platform.

  • Prince Mazibuko Achievements

After realizing a whole lot of money from forex trading, he started a company in the year 2011 named Dumasha investment which made him the youngest successful businessman at the age of 19, later on, the opened another company which he termed the born rich group which is located in the Umhlanga Rocks in Durban upmarket suburb, KwaZulu-Natal which is focused on different sectors which include supply chain industry, logistics, events, and sounds and lots more. He was driven this far following his poor background, therefore he believes in helping the needy financially from the proceeds of Prince Mazibuko Born Rich Group and he has notably sent other youth to further in tertiary education while he yet does the same for himself.


  • Prince NRB Mazibuko Net worth

Prince Mazibuko Net worth couldn’t be figured out following the numerous businesses he is involved in at different sectors, though he is considered the youngest millionaire in South Africa as a whole.

Conclusion on Prince Mazibuko Biography and Net Worth

Life, as we all know, is not a bed of roses; this young millionaire didn’t start rich but with what he notably has would end up rich. Getting rich also has its own set of a problem as Prince Mazibuko has been accused of fraud of which has not to be proven yet and his where about is yet to be discovered.

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