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No one will dispute the very fact that football is one of the interesting sporting events in the whole world, and we have facts and figures that back this our statement, Orlando Pirates FC is one of the football Club that has achieved many outstanding feet in the whole of South Africa Football clubs. You can see the headquarters of this football club rightly situated in Johannesburg the capital of South Africa.

Orland Pirates F.C

Before we move on to write on everything you need to know about Orlando Pirates Football Club In South Africa, here are the common questions that guest and many football lovers are always inquisitive to know;

·        Who really owns Orlando Pirates

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·        Who Is The Highest Paid Player At Orlando Pirates

All of these questions will be answered shortly, all you have got to do is follow us carefully as we bring to you all the necessary information you have anticipated to know about Orlando Pirates F.C and their relative achievements so far in the football world.


We can say emphatically that this football club is one of the oldest football clubs in South Africa, it was established in the year 1937 which was formerly situated in Soweto and it was from this location you must have know where the name arose from. Do you know that Orlando Pirates was formally a dancing group? The name pirates simply mean to nod to the popularly The Sea Hawk which was a movie around the year 1940.

In the entire history of  Premier Soccer League in South Africa, Orlando Pirates has held the record of being the first out of other football clubs to have won 3 major trophies in just a single seasons and they are back to back achievements, that sound astonishing right?

Also, another News Of Orlando Pirates Football Club you need to know is, this club has also won the CAF champions league for the year 1995 and this achievement has made them one of the only two teams to have won the CAF champions league. Furthermore, the Orlando Pirates also hold up the record of being the only South African team to have made it to the top 8 brackets ever since the premier league began.


·        A Brief History Of The Orlando Pirates

The Orlando Pirates football club is noted as one of the oldest clubs in South Africa, following the impressive performance of Orlando Pirates Football Club, they have been sources of inspiration to a huge number of young footballers who have the aim of playing soccer at the highest level. Call them Rising stars or let’s call them aspiring football players have always aspired to play for the Orlando pirates who are also known as the “Buccaneers”.

Moving down to the History Of The Orlando Pirates, their history is discussed in three different segments which are; the early years, the Soweto Derby, and the years since 1971.

Starting with the early years, there are series of people known and credited for establishing or founding this football club, of which among them (founder of the club) were the fruits (children) of migrant workers who had fought their way to Gauteng Gold mines from different rural areas, this is due to the fact that they are in search of work. On regular occasions, the Orlando boys would come together to form a gathering, though small, in some of the open spaces found around to play football. At first, the original given to the club was “The Orlando Boys Club”. Following development, the first president of the club named “Bethuel Mokgsinyane” purchased the first ever complete football kit to be made use of by the team with his own money, this took place in the year 1940 and later on in the year 1944, the club grew in strength and moved on to participate in the Division 2 league and won the title in the Johannesburg Bantu Association Saturday league. Following this victory, the club got promoted to division 1. The current name of the team being “The Orlando Pirates” was given to the team based on the suggestion of an important member of the club “Andrew Bassie”.


The year 1971 history: The Orlando Pirates in the great strength of determination won the National Professional soccer league in different years which include the year 1971, 1973, 1975, and 1976, and later on, in the year 1994, they became victorious of the National League title. The Orlando Pirates football club has a total of four premier league title wins which they won in the year 2001, 2003, 2011, and 2012. In the domestic league campaign of the year 2010/2011, the Orlando Pirates football club made their way to the first position, a victory which was well celebrated by the club’s fan base which is known as the “Happy people”, and this came through following the year wherein the Orlando Pirates won the 2010/2011 premier league, The Nedbank Cup, the MTN 8 Cup, and the Telkom Knockout, this year was named “The Happy year”, aside the mentioned victories, they also acquired a lot of victories in domestic football.

In the year 1995, an event that contributed to the popularity of the Orlando Pirates football club in the African continent as well as world football happened, which was the victory they had in the then African Champions Cup which is now been referred to as the Champions League. This great team forged ahead to emerging victories also in the African super cup a year later and this acquired them a lot of audiences. The Orlando Pirates tends to be the only southern hemisphere club to have won the African Champions League title, and this earned them recognition from the former president of South Africa “Nelson Mandela”. The great Orlando pirate team were formerly made up of the chairman of Kaizer Chiefs, “Kaizer Motaung” alongside his counterparts who were from Jomo Cosmos, “Jomo Sono” who were formerly players of the Orlando Pirates and later left the club to form theirs.


This club was noted to have acquired in the Ellis Park stadium a 51% share as well as from the Interza Lesego and Ellis Park stadium limited, and this has made the stadium the first ever black majority owned stadium.

The Soweto derby history: speaking of tough derbies, this derby tends to be one of the toughest derbies in football leagues, and occurs between the Orlando Pirates football club and the Kaizer Chiefs which are known as rivals. The game of football between these two rivals is always noted to attract lots of fans as both of these teams are considered football giants of South Africa.

Orlando Pirates Players With The Highest Net Worth

Orlando Pirates Players

Playing an attractive football game comes along with rewards, of which there is no doubt about that, but for a great football club such as the Orlando Pirates having a great number of talented players in its squad, there tends to also be a profound reward for the players. Listed below are some of the Highest Nets Worth Players Of Orlando Pirates Football Cub Are;


·        Thabo Matlaba:

Thabo Matlaba is popularly known as Thabo “Festival” Matlaba in South Africa, he plays for the Orlando Pirates as a defender in the squad. He was born on the 13th day of December of the year 1987 which makes him a 30-year-old player, he is widely known for his striking long range shots which he plays with either of his feet. Despite the fact that he prefers using his right foot as he is a natural right-footer player, Thabo plays the left back wing. This great player is a player with a net worth of R11.2 million.

·        Musa Nyatama:

Musa Nyatama is an Orlando Pirate Mid-fielder who hails from South Africa, he was born on the 15th of August of the year 1987, he is also aged 30. He is worth R9 million.

·        Abbubaker Mobara:

Abubakar Mobara was born on the 18th of February of the year 1994; he plays a defending role as well as the Mid-Field role. His net worth is R9 million

·        Happy Jele:

Happy Jele is an Orlando Pirate defender and he was born on the 1st of January of the year 1987, which makes him also a 30-year-old player. He is worth R8.2 million.

·        Mpho Makola:

Mpho Makola plays the Mid-field role for the Orlando Pirates, this great player was born on the 4th of May of the year 1986 in Alexandra, Gauteng. Mpho Makola is worth R7.5 million.


·        Issa Sarr:

Issa Sarr hails from Senegal and he plays as a midfielder for the Orlando Pirates football club, he was born on the 9th of October of the year 1986. Issa Sarr’s net worth is R7.5 million.

·        Thamsanqa Sangweni:

This great enthusiastic player was born on the 26th of May, 1989; he is the younger brother of a former Orlando pirate’s player “Siyabonga Sangweni”. Thamsanqa Sangweni’s net worth is R6 million.

·        Mark Van Heerden:

Mark Van Heerden plays the left back position for the great Orlando Pirates Team and he is worth R4.5 million. He was born on the 16th of March, 1988.

·        Ayanda Gcaba:

Ayanda Gcaba is also one of the great players of the Orlando Pirates team and he is worth R4.5 million.

·        Some Club Records Held By The Orlando Pirates

·        The club holds a record for the player with the most appearances; this player is named “William Okpara”.

·        The club holds a record for the player with the most goals and he is known as Benedict Vilakazi

·        The Most decorated and capped player in Orlando Pirate’s history is Teko Modise.

·        The club is known for having the players with the most appearances in one season, which are named Oupa Manyisa and Senzo Meyiwa.

·        The club to own the player with the most goals in a season, the player goes by the name “Dennis Lota”

·        Some Honors Accrued By The Club

·        The Orlando Pirates won the Premier Soccer League for the year 2000/2001, 2002/2003, 2010/2011, and 2011/2012. This makes them a four-time winner of the premier soccer league.

·        The Orlando Pirates is a one time winner of the National Soccer League, this title was won in the year 1994.

·        They are a four-time winner of the National Premier Soccer League for the year 1971, 1973, 1975, and 1976.

·        Eight (8) time winner of the Nedbank Cup, which was for the year 1973, 1974, 1975, 1980, 1988, 1996, 2011, and 2014.

·        One time winner of the Telkom Knockout, this was won in the year 2011.

·        The Orlando Pirates football club is a 9-time winner of the MTN 8, which was for the year 1972, 1973, 1978, 1983, 1993, 1996, 2000, 2010, and 2011.

·        They won the Castle Challenge in the year 1992.

Winner of the Sales House Cup in the year 1972, 1975, 1977, and 1983. International Competitions

·        CAF Champions League: the Orlando Pirates club emerged as a runner up for this league in the year 2013 but had already won this league once in the year 1995.

·        CAF Super Cup: The CAF Cup was won by this team in the year 1996.

·        CAF Confederation Cup: in the year 2015, they emerged as a runner up for this title.


·        Reserve And Friendly

·        Carling Black Label Cup: they are a four-time winner of the Carling Black Label Cup for the year 2011, 2012, 2014, and 2015.

·        PSL Reserve League: The Orlando Pirates are a one time winner of this title and this was in the year 2007.

·        Vodacom Challenge: the Orlando Pirates are 2 times winner of this title, which was for the year 1999 and 2005.

Conclusion On Orlando Pirates Football Club, Transfer News, Owner Of Orlando Pirates, Coach Of Orland Pirates And All You Need To Know About Orlando F.C

The Orlando Pirates tends to be one of the biggest football clubs in South Africa and Africa in all, and they are hereby termed as football giants in South Africa. The sole founders of this club had earned the club a great name today due to the fact that they started well and they have thus far been a source of inspiration for young stars, more also, they are one of the sole contributors to the greatness of the South African football league.

We have always appreciated your feedbacks, your contributions, your observation and other information your deem fit we should be intimate with so as to give you the best service you could ever deserve.


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