Most Beautiful Places Japan– Forget that picture of the crowd walking the streets. The Best Places To Visit In Japan are much more than that. This is an invitation to an intriguing journey through the modern, traditional, historical, cultural, and unknown.

From the imposing Mount Fuji to its impeccable gardens, from the hectic climate of the megalopolis to the zen of imperial cities. Ready to know this country? Here are the few questions ever asked by readers online;

  • Most Beautiful Places In Japan
  • Most Beautiful Places Japan


What are the Best Places To Visit In Japan?

Okay, you can leave the cherry blossom in mind, the graceful trees that mark the beginning of spring and color the landscape. Hanami (contemplating the flowers) is a ritual for the Japanese, able to make you breathe deeper and be inspired to return to routine.

You don’t have to worry about the language either! Figuring out where to go while there is not a problem (and we tell how it is possible). It’s really hard to choose a destination in the country that offers everything from castles and museums to mountains of skiing, from ancient festivals to modern art. For convenience, we have selected 11 destinations in Japan that are, in fact, a must-see.

  • #1. Tokyo and its diversity
Tokyo One of the Most Beautiful Places In Japan

Tokyo One of the Most Beautiful Places In Japan

First on the list of Top Most Beautiful Places In Japan is Tokyo. The capital’s high tech architecture is the beginning of a journey full of famous places that can be discovered with another look. In Tsukiji, the largest fish market in the world, for example, set aside the disputed tuna auction and calmly enjoy the alleys. They form a curious tangle of Japanese cuisine, filled with sushi (and seafood) restaurants and tea houses.

Tea brewing, in a spirituality-filled ceremony, deserves a break. There is a great deal of delicacy in the handling of herbs, as well as in the paper folding of Origami Art, another divinely preserved custom.

The best sushi restaurant in the world, Sukiyabashi Jiro, goes unnoticed inside a subway station. Eating at the top of the line with the Michelin Guide is only a few: there are only ten seats available, and you need to book in advance.

In the Land of the Rising Sun does not give to forget the Tokyo Skytree Town, with its 634m, built to replace the Tokyo Tower, the 333m. In addition to the observation tower, there you can enjoy an aquarium, planetarium, restaurants, and the shopping center.

Among the temples, Senso-Ji, Tokyo’s oldest, is a call apart because of its stature, as are the colorful Nakamise shopping street and the traditional gardens of the metropolis, which are even more beautiful in cherry blossom. Still can’t decide? So pick a coffee and spend time watching people and their different styles. I must tell you this is on the list of Most Visited Places In Japan.

  • #2. Kyoto, the country’s cultural capital
Kyoto on the list of Most Beautiful Places Japan

Kyoto on the list of Most Beautiful Places Japan

To visit Kyoto is to feel the sleeping power. The city founded in the first century hosted the Empire and was the capital of Japan until the nineteenth century.

Stepping there is a true immersion in Japanese history. Starting with the Nijo Castle, a UNESCO World Heritage Site from where shoguns (the generals of the time) gave their orders, or the Imperial Palace, the Emperor’s former residence.

If you want to live as a monk for a day, head to Koyasan Temple, the center of Shingon Buddhism, where travelers can join the monks in prayers, rituals and even a vegetarian diet, an experience not to be forgotten.

Do not be surprised to see thousands of people in traditional clothes on the streets. You will be witnessing one of the three most colorful festivals in the country: Aoi Matsuri (in May), Gion (July) and Jidai (October). You need to visit the place which happened to be one of the Most Beautiful Places In Japan in your next visit to Japan.

  • #3. Mount Fuji: Beautiful Everywhere
Mount Fuji one of the Best Places To Visit In Japan

Mount Fuji, one of the Best Places, To Visit In Japan

Mountains inspire power and the divine, are abodes of the gods. Now imagine capturing this energy from many angles?

The Mount Fuji is one of the best places to visit in Japan. It is revered by masters of painting and photography; it can be enjoyed in ways beyond the expected. How about without the snow layer? Unlike the classic image, since the summit loses this “charm” in summer, but still with its 3,776 meters high responsible for seducing travelers all year.

In addition to a destination for climbing, the hill is a World Heritage Site and symbol of the influence of nature on Japanese culture. A landscape to be explored in every way!

The highest peak in Japan has seen hundreds of kilometers in every direction. On clear days, you can see it from Tokyo’s skyscrapers (like the Tokyo Skytree).

To live a more original experience and take unusual photographs, the cities of Hakone, Kamakura, Fujikawaguchiko, and Gotemba are good alternatives! From Hakone, a visit to Fifth Station, about halfway from Mount Fuji, leads to a good structure with shops, restaurants, and a temple.

The more adventurous can start climbing the hill (a well-drawn trekking!) From the station. Those who prefer to watch can take the cable car to Mount Komagatake or take a mini-cruise on Lake Ashi. From both, you can have beautiful views of Fuji!

  • #4. Takayama: Thank you for not leaving her out.
Takayama one of the Japan Most Beautiful Places

Takayama one of the Japan Most Beautiful Places

Also on the list of the Top Most Beautiful Places In Japan is Takayama. The feudal city is in Gifu Prefecture and is the portrait of ancient and traditional Japan. Walking through the cobblestone streets, with a tranquil, inland climate framed by wooden architecture, the feeling is back in time!

The traditional mountain village of Shirakawago reinforces this feeling with gassho-style houses. The thatched roof is called gassho-zukuri, meaning “hands together in prayer” because it looks like two hands in prayer. The roofs of the village are thus to facilitate snow removal and are very beautiful to see.

The temples are far more serene than those of larger cities, reviving our inner peace with the purest silence, interrupted only by the singing of birds. It is worth knowing the city and its fluid routine on foot or by bike.

Include the Kami Sannomachi district, which maintains the urban landscape of the Edo period, the golden age of Japanese culture, in which society was divided into four classes (peasants, artisans, merchants, and samurai).

  • #5. Kanazawa: one of the largest gardens, one of the most interesting markets and an inspiring museum!


Kanazawa, the city that inherits the name of the golden swamp, is historically authentic and owner of a gastronomic wealth. This is where Kenrokuen Garden, one of the three largest Japanese gardens.

According to a peasant legend, he named the city after gold flakes bubbled in its well. Today, well water is purified and used for the tea ceremony. Streams, the fountain, the Tea House and the stone bridge is representing flying geese complete the beauty of the place along with nature.

Glued to it is Kanazawa Castle, a landmark in the city, which is considered a kind of gastronomic mecca. The Omicho Market – dubbed “Kanazawa Kitchen” – is one of the most interesting of the country and hardly receives outsiders, suggesting a preciousness on the sidewalk.

The destination also houses interesting museums. One, the Suzuki Museum, bears the name of the world-renowned Buddhist philosopher born there and is designed not only for exhibitions but for visitors to open their minds, be inspired and contemplate their thoughts.

  • #6. Naoshima – An Entire Island of Contemporary Art


Think of a giant yellow pumpkin sculpture with the blue sea in the background. Yayoi Kusama’s work is one of Naoshima’s most famous, and a postcard of the small island in the Seto Sea.

Now think of contemporary (big) architecture with geometric shapes perfectly shaped to the coastal landscape and more open-air works of art, such as our innovative and mining Inhotim. Here happened to be Japan Most Beautiful Places.

Join museums where you can stay, and have 24-hour access to what they exhibit. Imagine also, an art installation mixed with a public bathhouse, where visitors bathe and interact with the place made up of recycled objects from all over the country. Amazing, isn’t it?

In addition to renowned Japanese artists, there is Jean Claude Monet on this “island of art,” which was made as such with the aim of dedicating the place to art, education and to bring to mind the meaning of “living well.” A bucolic place to pause the cosmopolitan rhythm of other Japanese cities.

  • #7. Light Soul Hiroshima
Light Soul Hiroshima

Light Soul Hiroshima

Still inquisitive about Japan Most Beautiful Places? Hiroshima is an opportunity for reflection on humanity. Contrary to what one may think, the visit has no “heavy” climate but brings out the lightness of peace, present in the routine of the city.

She is quiet, modern, and youthful. A fun suggestion to tune into Hiroshima’s tune: watch a local team baseball game and taste the okonomiyaki, a type of fried pancake with varying fillings.

The Atomic Bomb Dome is a gateway for those who want to get closer to history. The Peace Memorial Museum in City Hall is another.

There, you travel through the years through photographs and a collection of goods from people who lived there. Tip: Try to get to Hiroshima from Kyoto by boarding the Hikari or Nozomi bullet train (as one of the TERRAMUNDI itineraries suggests).

  • #8. Miyajima Island: The Flame of Peace
Miyajima Island

Miyajima Island

How about walking in the company of docile animals that you don’t see anywhere and are seen as messengers of peace? Bambis (themselves!) Roam freely in this historic district, full of charming little shops and restaurants.

The island (just 30 minutes from Hiroshima) is famous for its huge torii, the iconic Japanese gate that seems to float in the sea at high tide. For sure, this is one of the Best Places To Visit In Japan.

Most Beautiful Places Japan

You can reach Miyajima by boat, which already makes the trip an attraction in itself. The island houses one of Japan’s most photographed temples, Itsukushima Shrine. It is known as one of the three most beautiful places in the country and considered sacred by the Japanese.

Its original name Itsukushima means “where God resides,” and Buddhist and Shinto temples seem to house the divine with perfection. The view of the region from Mount Misen is a must-see! Legend has it that Kukai spent a hundred days meditating on his top in 806, and lit a flame that still lives on today – and that lit the eternal flame of the Hiroshima Peace Memorial.

With energy, you can climb through the forest to the top of the hill to admire the view; another option is to take the cable car and take a shorter walk.

  • #9. Okinawa, Japan also has a tropical paradise!
Okinawa Japan

Okinawa Japan

It’s a very different Japan from what they show out there. The white sand of those hot to step on, blue seaworthy of the photo on social networks, great diving spots, kite and windsurfing stage, backyard for kayaking and sailing… Okinawa is not just a beach: it is more like one of those little pieces of paradise than for a strip of sand with the sea.

The archipelago is in the south, just under 3 hours’ flight from Tokyo, and – in addition to its natural beauty – is home to the largest aquarium in the country. It consists of about 160 islands. It’s good not to miss the Kerama Islands, where whales usually play between January and April. The historical side is also preserved there. In the capital of the islands, Naha, is Shuri Castle, a World Heritage Site. While Nanbu, the former shelter of the Japanese navy, became a memorial.

  • #10. Hokkaido: Do ​​you want to play in the snow?


Before the last places on the list of Top Most Beautiful Places Japan. This is for you who like adrenaline: of the top 5 ski and snowboard resorts in Japan, two are in Hokkaido!

The coldest region of the country is full of attractions for adventurers. And families also have something special waiting for them: a traditional snow festival, the Sapporo Snow Festival in February. This is Hokkaido’s biggest annual event where you can have fun with snow sculptures, ice skating, dancing, music, and places to eat.

Sapporo is the place of origin for ramen, ramen for us Brazilians, so be sure to try Hokkaido’s specialty: miso ramen.

Among the natural landscapes in the region to enjoy, the Hakodate area ranks among the three best night landscapes in the world, with a star-shaped park. Coming back to the ski, two seasons are highlights.

One has hosted major championships, has varied terrain for each level and excellent snow quality. Another is attractive because, with a single ticket, you enjoy all four tracks. Great infrastructure and dozens of restaurants and bars make anyone (from the adventurous to the quieter) feel “at home.”

  • #11. Osaka and its amazing street food


She is respected for harmonizing millenary traditions with modernity. The Dotonbori neighborhood is for those who like the modern side: full of lights and colors, restaurants, and nightclubs. Vibrant!

The region is attractive for a sunset stroll and has the best takoyakis (octopus-stuffed dumplings). There are several stalls. The darling of the locals? The Acchichi Honpo, which is under one of the bridges across the river.

Osaka is well known for its cuisine. And it is a place to eat “out of the box,” that is, in the street! This is where you eat best. For those who enjoy history, the castle of the city should be part of the script.

Famous for the size and granite stones of the walls, it has a historical museum, panoramic view, and beautiful surroundings. It is no coincidence that the second-largest city in Japan is also one of the most visited.

  • But what about the language?

The good news is that Japan is already preparing for the arrival of tourists who will attend the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. This means that signage in the city is already undergoing changes to help those who do not understand Japanese. Another point in favor? The education and kindness of the Japanese, always willing to lead the way or to help in any way.

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Conclusion On Most Beautiful Places In Japan

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