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In this Article lets talk about lumberjack scholarship, It’s a monetary reward like any other scholarship, but it’s unique in that it pays for all of your education costs. Not only does a full-ride scholarship pay for tuition, but it also covers accommodation, meals, books, lab fees, and occasionally even living expenses. Depending on the expenses at your institution, it may be worth anywhere from $20,000 to more than $50,000 in cash. In some situations, it might also include taking part in unique leadership programs, internships, and peer mentoring at your college, in addition to money.

A full-tuition scholarship is a comparable-sounding prize. This will, as the name implies, cover your tuition but not your other costs. Not bad, but the complete experience is the real prize.

The student is responsible for paying any additional tuition fees that arise from working more hours than were originally granted. For instance, students who transfer to NAU with dual enrollment credits may surpass the 145 credit cap earlier and are responsible for the additional tuition fees.

lumberjack scholarship

lumberjack scholarship, General Requirements

Required of all scholarships, unless specifically stated in the details of each grant aspect.

  • Citizenship: Students must be eligible for the Arizona Proposition 300 Public Program.
  • A student may only use this option for their first baccalaureate degree.
  • Enrollment: At the time of disbursement, you must be enrolled full-time.
  • These prizes solely cover tuition; they do not cover fees or any additional costs.
  • Campus: You must go to the campus on Flagstaff Mountain.
  • For the upcoming academic year, the admission offer must be accepted and the enrollment deposit must be paid by May 1. Transcripts from high school must be submitted in accordance with the award letter’s instructions if you receive one.

lumberjack scholarship Awards, Covers 100% of NAU Flagstaff Mountain Campus tuition

Amount: 100% of NAU Flagstaff Mountain Campus tuition is covered (fall and spring terms only); fees and other costs are not included. The student is responsible for paying any additional tuition fees that arise from working more hours than were originally granted.

3.75-4.0 unweighted core high school GPA for selection

Only Arizona residents are eligible.

Maintain a 2.0 cumulative grade for renewal. NAUT GPA

Multiple scholarships: This scholarship can be combined with others to cover the cost of tuition as long as the total is not greater.

lumberjack scholarship, Eligibility requirements

  • Upon enrollment, students are automatically eligible for these awards.
  • No additional application is necessary.
  • To find out which tuition scholarships you might be eligible for, use our Net Price Calculator; findings are simply estimates.

lumberjack scholarship, Reinstatement

If you are unable to complete the requirements for renewal due to extenuating circumstances, you must submit Scholarship Reinstatement Request by the priority date for the relevant semester. 
The reinstatement of the award is not assured by the submission of this request.

lumberjack scholarship, Renewal Standards

  • Only applicable to the fall and spring semesters, renewable for eight semesters.
  • maintain a GPA of at least 2.0 (as noted on award letter).
  • Each year at the conclusion of the spring, this criterion is assessed. Students are no longer eligible for their prize if this condition is not met. above is the reinstatement option.
  • Continue taking full-time (12 credits or more) courses.

How uncommon are lumberjack awards?

They are genuinely rather unusual. Do you want to know how many students receive one? There is a range of 1% to 1.5%. 1

The Lumberjack scholarships, however, must go to someone, so why not you? And if you don’t apply, you can’t get one! Having a fallback financial plan for college is also a good idea. Always complete the FAFSA® to ensure your eligibility for federal financial aid and to maximize your scholarship applications. A combination of smaller awards may cover the entire cost of tuition or more.The future? You might be among the 1% who receives the free college tuition!

 International Education and Student Exchange

The majority of study abroad and exchange programs are eligible for NAU tuition scholarships, however these cannot be used for faculty-led or provider-led programs. If you’re thinking about going overseas to school or taking part in an exchange program, get in touch with us.

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