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ExxonMobil on the list of Oil Companies In Us

In recent times, Oil Companies In the US are on the list of Largest Oil Companies By Production because various oil and Gas Companies in America are contributing to this growth index. It will surprise you to know that the 3 Top Oil Companies have their headquarters in the United States OF America. The world’s Top Oil Companies that we stated earlier are Exxon, ConocoPhillips, And the Chevron. You may be asked again, are oil and gas companies in the USA contribute to the reduction of unemployment in the country? The answer is yes, the oil and gas industry in the US is responsible for over 9.8 million jobs in the US. Here are the commonly asked questions;

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Overview of US Oil And Gas Industry

In the united states of America, the petroleum section is categorized into three operational sectors, which are the Upstream, midstream, and downstream areas. The top 10 oil and gas industries that are found in this list involved in all the three sectors while others may specialize in any of the section, but before we give you information on each of the main, mid and downstream, we will quickly take a look at the top 10 Oil Companies In Us, but before then, here are the commonly most asked question;


  • #1. Exxon Mobil Corporation
ExxonMobil on the list of Oil Companies In Us

ExxonMobil on the list of Oil Companies In Us

First on our list is Exxon and Mobil oil and gas, which sprung as a result of merging in the year 1999, and his names officially became Exxon Mobil Corporation. The cooperation has her headquarters in Irving, Texas. This oil found herself on our list of Oil Companies In Us because it is one of America’s largest non-state run oil companies; not only that, after PetroChina, ExxonMobil is the second-largest energy company in the world. The cooperation operates in the following states, Canada, the United States, Norway, Belgium, and other countries of the world. Exxon works majorly all the 3 categories we divide oil and gas industries to and they produce and export following products which include, asphalt, adhesives, kerosene, lubricants, gasoline and many other products that are derivatives of crude oils, they are all being sold under the Brand name of Mobil, Exxon, and Esso. Starting from the days of the founder John D. Rockefeller, Exxon has continued to be the Largest American Oil Company, and in the recent estimation, the company has a market value of about $341.61 Billion.

  • #2. Chevron Corporation
Chevron Corporation

Chevron Corporation

The headquarter of Chevron Corporation is found in San Ramon; this company is one of the multinational American oil company which comes into existence after oil was noticed in California in 1879. Over the years, there have been several merging that has occurred to the company with the likes of Gulf oil to become Chevron finally. The company operates all the significant categories of oil and gas industries, which include the likes of oil-based chemical manufacturing, gas exploration, and geothermal energy production.

The company has her central refineries in Mississippi, Virginia, California, in the United States Of America. Also, the company has in Ireland, Singapore, Thailand, and South Korea. Chevron concerted all her efforts in Region, which is known as the World’s oil and gas regions such as the Gulf of Mexico, West Africa, Offshore Western Australia, and Shale. Chevron sells and market products under the Brand of Texaco, Chevron, and Caltex brands. Chevron is position on the 3rd spots on the list of Top Three American Oil and Gas Companies. The company has a market value of $197.03Billion.

  • #3. ConocoPhillips Co.
ConocoPhillips Co

ConocoPhillips Co

It was the merging of Phillips Petroleum Cooperation and Conoco Inc. in 2002 that brought about ConocoPhillips Co. the company is also one of the Multinational Energy cooperation in the united states with head office in Houston, Texas. ConocoPhillips happened to be the largest independent exploration and production company in the world (E&P), this was as a result of her vast reserves and production of natural gas and natural liquids, which includes the likes of Butane, Propane, and Ethane.

The company operates in different countries and states in the united states, which include Asia Pacific, Middle East, Canada, Europe, North Africa, and Alaska. The company sells various products under the brand name, which includes asphalt, crude oil, Natural gas, solvents, plastics, automobile and aviation fuels, liquefied petroleum gas, and NGLs. The company rose to the 3rd position on the ranking of Top oil and gas companies in the US from the time it was started as Continental Oil and Transportation company in Utah in the year 1875, and the company market value is about $53.28 Billion.

  • #4. Occidental Petroleum Company
Occidental Petroleum Company

Occidental Petroleum Company

Occidental Petroleum Corporation is one of the Oil and Gas companies in the United States Of America who focuses on all the three sectors of the petroleum industries. Her headquarter is in Houston, Texas. Occidental Petroleum Corporation operates in Latin America and the Middle East. Occidental Petroleum Corporation is also one of the largest producers of chemicals under one of her subsidiaries OxyChem in the united states of America. The company was established in the year 1920 and over time has grown to be one of the largest employers of labor in the United States of America with over 33,000 employees and on the list of the Top 10 largest America oil companies, the company currently worth an estimated amount of $44.81 billion.

  • #5. Valero Industries
Valero Industries

Valero Industries

This company fell on the list of Top 10 Us based oil and gas companies. Valero Industries was renamed after the mission San Antonio de Valero which old name was Alamo. The company has its head office in San Antonio, Texas. Later in the year 1980, the company was incorporated and was known as the Valero Energy Corporation. Which was the one that succeeds Lavaca Gathering company, which was formally a subsidiary of Coastal States Gas Corporation? Initially, the company deals with transportation of natural, which the company later diversified into oil refining.

In recent updates, it was learned that Valero Industries refines not less than 3.1 million barrels of oil in a day, which automatically made the company the most significant independent refiner in the world. Also, it is taking the lead position in terms of ethanol production with over 11 plants of Ethanol in the Midcontinent region. The current market value of Valero Industries is around $28.25 Billion.

Other Top 10 Oil Companies In Us

So, here are the list of other companies on the list of the top 10 us-based oil and gas companies.

  • #6. Phillips 66
  • #7. Halliburton
  • #8. Anadarko Petroleum
  • #9. Marathon Petroleum

Upstream Petroleum Industry: Exploration and Production

This section of the petroleum industry is known as the E&P section which its activities include searching for crude oil, extracting and developing crude oil, or natural gas. Before oil could be explored, the exploration commenced from the aerial surveys and the ground surface observations by experts, especially geophysicists and geologists. After the consideration, other features are looked out to confirm the presence of oil and exploration and drilling will commence in such an area for full-time production. There are several Oil Companies In Us that limit their output to this stage, such as the Abraxas Petroleum Corporation.

Midstream: Pipelines, Process, Storage, Transportation

This is another section in the oil and gas business. This section includes pipelines and companies that focus on the processing of crude oil, transportation of crude oil derivatives to downstream industries. This can be seen as the middle man between the *P and the final consumer who makes use of the final products.

Take, for example, Burrow Global has over nine annexes in Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana and majored in the Midstream. It helps to transport crude oil and products, also storage of crudes in specialized facilities. Other Oil Companies In Us that significant in this sector include the likes of Western Gas Resources, Dimension Energy Services, and Kinder Morgan. Oil Companies In Us.

Downstream: Refineries and Distributors

This is the final section of the Petroleum industries; they include the natural gas distribution companies, petroleum products distributors, retail outlets, petrochemical plants, and oil refineries. This means, in united states of America, over 17 million barrel of petroleum are milled daily, these barrels require the service of several scientists and engineers to safely refined the crude oil to get the following products; pharmaceuticals, heating oil, plastics, asphalt, liquefied petroleum gas, jet fuel, synthetic rubber, waxes, natural gas, pesticides, ethane, agricultural chemicals, propane, butane, lubricants.

One crucial company that deals majorly in this section is the OxyChem company which is one of the subsidiaries of the US-based Oil and Gas Company Occidental Petroleum, and this company deals with production of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) resins and chlorine and caustic soda, which are essential constituent of the plastics, Pharmaceutical industries, and water-treatment chemicals. OxyChem fell on the list of Top 3 manufacturers of these products in the US. Other products this company also produces are the Caustic Soda, Caustic Potash, and Caustic Soda.

Other companies that are in this section include Exxon, Texaco, Esso, Amoco, Exxon Mobil, Castrol, and many more.

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Conclusion On Top 10 Best Oil Companies In Us

We have an offer you all you have got to know about the Oil Companies In Us,  if there are any questions or observation you need to get across to us, you may drop it via the comment section or using our direct email address provided at the footer of this page, so till you see updates from us again.

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