Michigan one of the States Bordering Canada
Michigan one of the States Bordering Canada

Our discussion in this piece of informative writing is about the States Bordering Canada. The United States of America and Canada are both found in the North American continent and not just that, both countries are neighbors sharing boundary on various sides with several of the United States sharing a border with Canada. The boundary between this country is called the International Boundary and is considered to be the longest border in the world existing between the two countries. we have decided to unfold the boundary between these two American neighboring countries as well as all the important information you need to know about them


A total average of 13 states in the U.S shares boundary with Canada. The states will be revealed to you shortly with a highlight of the states below. The border between the United States of America and Canada from west to east are:

  1. Alaska
  2. Michigan
  3. Maine
  4. Minnesota
  5. Montana
  6. New York
  7. Washington
  8. North Dakota
  9. Ohio
  10. Vermont
  11. New Hampshire
  12. Idaho
  13. Pennsylvania

There you have a glance of the states that shares boundary with Canada.

#1. Alaska    

Length of Border with Canada: 2,475 km         

Bordering Provinces: Yukon, British Columbia

Alaska one of the Tax Free States in USA 2019.
Alaska one of the Tax Free States in USA 2019.

The state of Alaska in the United States shares the longest border with Canada coming atop the list among the 13 States that Borders Canada. The boundary is shared with Yukon and British Columbia. The border came to existence after the United States purchased Alaska from the Russians in 1867 and afterward in the year 1903 established the boundary after signing an agreement with the United Kingdom. However, the Canadians were not happy with this treaty, but the United States, on the other hand, was settled because it favored them. The boundary is characterized by five border crossings, two of which link Alaska to the Yukon while the other three connects Alaska to British Columbia, a strong US Canada Border Crossing Locations.

#2. Michigan

Length of Border with Canada: 1,160 km                     

Bordering Provinces: Ontario

Michigan boundary with the Canadian province of Ontario is 1160km., which is the second-longest boundary between both countries. unlike other states that have been listed earlier, the border between these two regions is a marine and not land border. The marginal demarcation of between these two regions runs along Lake Superior and Lake Huron, separating the lakes’ in such a way that both countries have their share. In terms of linkage, the Blue Water Bridge and St. Clair Tunnel links Port Huron in Michigan to Sarnia in Ontario while the Ambassador Bridge and the Windsor-Detroit Tunnel connect Windsor in Canada and Detroit in USA which is a strong US Canada Border Crossing Locations.

#3. Maine

Length of Border with Canada: 983 km            

Bordering Provinces: Quebec, New Brunswick

The border between Maine in the United States with Quebec and New Brunswick is the third-longest boundary with Canada, and 24 land border-crossing points are linking both countries.

#4. Minnesota         

Length of Border with Canada: 880 km

Bordering Provinces: Manitoba, Ontario

Minnesota is also among the States Bordering Canada and the boundary’s length with Canadian provinces of Manitoba and Ontario is 88km. Manitoba is situated on the northwest corner of Minnesota while Ontario is located on the north and northeast as well as part of the border with Ontario goes through Lake Superior. These two border cross are also the main transportation area for trucks traveling between Canada and Minnesota, which is a strong US Canada Border Crossing Locations.

#5. Montana

Length of Border with Canada: 877 km

Bordering Provinces: British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan

Montana state shares the highest boundary with Canada, and it’s the only state to border more than two Canadian provinces with 14 border crossing. The boundary is about 877 Km. long and its border crossings includes British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan provinces along. However, the busiest of them all that see more traffic and transportation activities are Sweetgrass, Roosville, and Piegan. More so, these three borders serve both Canada and the United States. also, there are four airports located at the international boundary between Canada and Montana.

#6. New York          

Length of Border with Canada: 716 km

Bordering Provinces: Ontario, Quebec

New York City
New York City


The most popular state in the United States is not left out among the 13 States that Border Canada. The border from New York runs to Ontario and Quebec. This was made possible due to the Treaty of Paris established the boundary in 1783. However, the borderline was revised by the Webster–Ashburton Treaty in 1842. The borderline has 4 of the busiest traveled border crossings between both countries including Champlain-Rouses Pt, Buffalo-Niagara Falls, Massena, and Thousand Islands Bridge,  all of which are major traveling routes for trucks.

#7. Washington      

Length of Border with Canada: 687 km

Bordering Provinces: British Columbia

list of Tax Free States in USA." width="300" height="150" /> Washington on the list of Tax Free States in USA.

The national capital of the United States of America is among the States Bordering Canada. There are about 13 drivable border crossings (687 kilometers)  with British Columbia, Canada, out of which four of them are very busy connecting Seattle to Vancouver. This is so because the entire northern region of Washington borders British Columbia. This makes the boundary to be relatively straight drawn along the 49th parallel. However, the border curves around Vancouver Island to avoid prevent the existing residents who were already settled in the area.

#8. North Dakota   

Length of Border with Canada:  499 km

Bordering Provinces: Saskatchewan, Manitoba

The length of the boundary between North Dakota in the United States and Canada is 499 km. and the boundary exists with Saskatchewan and Manitoba to the north. The boundary is partly straight and consists of 18 international border crossings with Portal, Pembina, Neche, and Peace Garden been the four busiest crossings. More so, these borders serve as the major trucking portals between both countries. Also, the International Peace Garden Airport is situated between the national boundary.

#9. Ohio        

Length of Border with Canada: 235 km

Bordering Provinces: Ontario

Another State Bordering Canada is Ohio which is demarcated entirely within Lake Erie, making its boundary marine and not by land. Thus, the only means of movement and transportation between these two regions is achieved solely by boarding a ferry that sails across the lake. An example is the Pelee Island Ferry that operates between Sandusky in Ohio and Essex County in Ontario.

#10. Vermont          

Length of Border with Canada: 145 km

Bordering Provinces: Quebec

Vermont shares boundary with Quebec in Canada and it is 145 km. The boundary was established by the Treaty of Paris, while the Webster–Ashburton Treaty redefined it. There are 15 borders including crossing Highgate Springs–Saint-Amand/Pillsburg and Derby Line–Stanstead, the two of which are significantly utilized by trucks.

#11. New Hampshire        

Length of Border with Canada: 93 km              

Bordering Provinces: Quebec

New Hampshire
New Hampshire

The state of New Hampshire in the U.S also borders at 93 km with Quebec in Canada. In any case, there is just one border crossing situated at the northern end of the U.S. Highway 3 in the town of Pittsburgh.

#12. Idaho   

Length of Border with Canada: 72 km              

Bordering Provinces: British Columbia

Still, on the US State Borders, we move over to the state of Idaho, sharing a 73 Km. the long boundary with British Columbia. The boundary is established north of Idaho’s narrow strip between Washington state and Montana. There are only two land border crossings along the border with British Columbia Canada, Porthill conveys the most passenger vehicles while Eastport transports where truck drivers desire to navigate through.

#13. Pennsylvania 

Length of Border with Canada: 68 km  

Bordering Provinces: Ontario

The United State of Pensylvania completes the list of States Bordering Canada. The border between Pensylvania and Ontario is the shortest borderline between the U.S and Canada. Also, the boundary is not on the mainland but marine, which stretches for 68 km. within Lake Erie and separates the lake in such a way that both countries have their share.

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Conclusion on the List of States Bordering Canada, Information on Each Border

Now you have a clue of states in the United States that share a border with Canada. The border that exists between the United States and Canada in a broad sense goes beyond just land boundary or marine boundary but speaks volume of the goals, victories, frustrations, disappointments, and bargains of the two biggest nations on the North American continent. Tag: List of States Bordering Canada, Information on Each Border