Law Preview Scholarship Program

You have made the right choice if you visited this site to learn about the Law Preview scholarship program. Considering the general difficulty of state bar exams, and the broadness of legal studies, most law students prefer to take preparatory classes. Fortunately, Law Preview is not only capable of preparing you for the course, but it can also offer you a scholarship.


Do you know there are many things you may not get to discover about the said organization’s scholarship in other places? All of which you can rest assured will be discussed herein. We would guarantee you that our team will treat as many questions as you may have in mind, on this page. Without any further introduction, what is Law Preview? 


What is Law Preview? 

Law Preview Scholarship Program
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There is no ounce of sense of it if we say the core facts about this scholarship program without first letting you know what the organization is. The Law Preview is part of the large BARBRI education group, also known to be the leading legal education provider in the country. It offers a 6 or (sometimes) 5 days program designed to be a law school preparatory class. It aims to guide prospective law students on the things they would be faced with, as they go to study law in college. 


This program is dedicated to enlightening students on the six major law courses – all of which they will most likely offer in school. Each of the preparatory class days is meant for a course. You’ll be helped to gain insight into the shape and nature of the course. This definitely will help you prepare better for days in college, as you won’t be caught unaware by the new system. 

One fascinating thing about this program is that it is handled by highly reputed people in legal studies-related fields. The likes of Marcus Cole from Standford Law School, Yale Law School, and Dan Kahan.


The courses you will be taught in the law preparatory school include: 


  • Civil Procedures 


You will be taught the several procedures every court follows for both civil lawsuits and criminal law cases, severally. As the name suggests, Civil Procedures as a law subject teaches one how a case or lawsuit should be commenced. 

By the end of this course, you would have understood the differences between civil and criminal procedures. 


  • Torts 


This term covers the situation of one being wronged by others, as the court under this, compensates you for harm or loss, by admitting the justice. 

Torts as an aspect of the law you will learn in the program will help you have an idea of what the rights or entitlements of a person wronged are. 


  • Property 


Property in law gives a limit to what a person can access in another person’s (or their own) property, 


In law, the property is a really broad term. But don’t bother your head for anything, you’ll be taught. 


  • Contracts 


In law, contracts often step in when you talk of businesses. Any party involved in a contract can call on judicial justice in case of a failed agreement with other members of the party. 


  • Criminal Law 


This could equally be said to be the direct opposite of torts, as the term refers to the punishments a criminal deserves, under a given state law or constitution. 

Rather than being compensated, whoever has a criminal law case filed against him or her, will most likely not go unpunished. 


  • Legal research and writing 


Legal research and writing are one of the fundamental and perhaps the most important aspects of the law. It usually comes with the practice of law. 


In this course, you will learn more about how to professionally study, analyze, and write as a law practitioner. It can appear tedious but this is one of the most exciting aspects of the course. 


Remember you will learn in detail about everything on this list in the preparatory class. 


About Barbri 


Something you may be confused about was earlier mentioned: BARBRI. You may likely want to ask what it is all about. 


BARBRI or simply Barbri, as a body that holds Law Preview, is an educational organization aimed at offering bar review courses to law students. It was founded and established in Dallas, Texas, USA, in 1967. 


The company has partnered with several law teaching organizations, including Law Preview, to enhance the achievement of its goal. A well-known online education company for accountants, attorneys, and other professionals, Strafford, was earlier (in July 2022) acquired by Barbri. 


In other words, Barbri is the parent company of Law Preview


Apply for Law Preview Scholarship Program 

Law Preview Scholarship Program

Here is a guide you quickly need to go through before thinking of applying, to enjoy this scholarship program. 


The Law Preview Scholarship Program is available for Incoming or Aspiring Law students. Are you one? A step up in your eligibility. 


As you proceed with your application for the scholarship, you will be required to write less than 500 words essay. This should not be something new or big to a law aspiring student. 


Law Preview awards a grant between $1,000 to $10,000 to scholars who got the scholarship program. $10,000 goes to the first position, while the second gets $5,000, and the last 8 winners enjoy $1,000. 


If you are interested in this program, start here


NOTE THAT: The platform offers only 10 candidates scholarships yearly. 


Final Thought


If after going through this piece, you find it to be a befitting program, then do not hesitate to start processing your application as the deadline for every year is often June. 


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