How to Fix It iPhone Stuck in Headphone Mode

iPhone Stuck In Headphone Mode – Have you experienced your iPhone displaying headphone icon despite there is not headphone inserted or connected? If yes, then, your iPhone is Stuck in Headphone Mode Dealing with iPhone Stuck on headphone mode could be annoying. There are many causes attributed to this issue; in the same vein, there is a diverse possible quick fix to address the problem. Thus this article is centered on IPhone Stuck In Headphone Mode and How To Fix It


One could wonder that despite iPhone restrict recent models from using the headphone jack to Bluetooth connection or lightening port, and it still suffers the same headphone mode issue as the previous versions which have a headphone jack. The careless dropping of your iPhone on a hard surface or iPhone stuck in headphone mode water damage are some of the reasons why your iPhone is stuck on Headphone mode. Others could be dirt, junks or incompatible headphones, and so on. It is important that you first understand the cause to apply the appropriate to get your phone back to full functionality.

Don’t worry; there are several solutions outlined below to help you fix your iPhone and get it out of headphone mode. Peruse through and select the solution applicable to you.

  • Remove your iPhone’s case.

Once you observe that your iPhone is Stuck on Headphone Mode, the first thing to do is to remove your iPhone’s case and check to be sure that it is not causing a partial contact between the headphone and the headphone jack. Possibly, it could be that your iPhone’s case could be blocking the pathway to the audio jack, which causes your iPhone to remain stuck in headphones mode.

  • Restart your iPhone

In case the above step did not correct the error and you are certain that headphones aren’t plugged into your iPhone yet it is still stuck in headphone mode. The next action is to turn off and restart your iPhone to make sure that it is not a software issue.

  • Clean headphone and lighting port:

Due to our rough handling of iPhone, there are high chances that the headphone, as well as lighting ports, are full of dirt and debris. So the first thing to do id clean them up. You can even use a cotton bud to clean the ports and free them of any dirt or debris.

  • Airplane mode:

Not all iPhone has a headphone jack and also experience the issue of iPhone Stuck in Headphone Mode. This trick works for inserted headphones and wirelessly connected headphones. By turning on Airplane mode, your iPhone goes offline; just that, it is not turned off. To turn on Airplane mode, follow the step below

Step 1: Open Settings App

Step 2: Navigate to Airplane mode and Tap on the Airplane mode icon to turn it on.

Step 3; wait for a minimum of 5 minutes and then tap it again to turn it off.

IPhone Stuck In Headphone Mode

Or you can:

Step 1:  Swipe up from the bottom of your Home screen to access Control Center

Step 2:  tap on Airplane Mode. Wait for about 5 minutes before tapping again to turn it off to see if your speakers are working again.

  • Close all Apps:

You can also perform this simple trick by shutting off all the running application on your iPhone in order to solve the issue. Vet if there is an app running in the background without your knowledge.

  • Re-insert Headphone

Again if the solutions offered above still did not work, try removing and re-inserting the headphone again. It doesn’t hurt to be double sure! The reason why this also a possible solution is because your iOS sometimes can forget that your headphones were disconnected. When performing this action, it is important to bear in mind that you ought to be able to hear sound clearly on your headphones. You can remove the headphone once you are satisfied and you certified that the headphone is producing sound

  • Use another Headphone

Headphones have their unique configuration, which may be that it is not compatible with your iPhone or on the other hand, it is possible that the headphone is faulty. Don’t make use of the headphone you used before your iPhone is Stuck on headphone Mode, but insert or connect(Bluetooth) another headphone (a good headphone), if it emits sound, you can stop the audio and disconnect it.

  • Clean Junks / Debris

Leaving no stone unturned in attempting to restore your phone back to full functionality. The headphone mode experienced on your iPhone may be due to dirt, debris, or junk. It is needful also to try and clean your headphone jack to be sure it is not the reason causing your iPhone to be in Headphone mode.

There are different methods you can apply to clean your headphone jack or lightning port.

My Iphone Is Stuck In Headphone Mode

  1. Use Cotton Buds

Make use of cotton bud to clean inside of the headphone so as to remove dirt that might be stuck inside. Grab one and use it to gently clean inside your headphone jack since they’re soft, you don’t have to worry about it being harmful.

  1. The BIC Pen Trick

Step 1: Get a BIC pen and remove the cap

Step 2: remove the tip with a plier from the plastic housing

Step 3: Use the opposite end of the plastic cartridge (the one with the ink) to rub inside of the headphone jack so as to remove any junk/debris/dirt that is inside your iPhone headphone jack.

Step 4: turn the phone upside down (the headphone jack facing down) and shake so that all junk/debris/dirt can fall out.

  • Compressed Air

Try blowing air inside the headphone jack so as to remove dirt. The air is to be blown directly inside your iPhone’s headphone jack even if you don’t see anything stuck inside. Compressed air can weaken and loosen debris just enough to shake it out or blow it out completely too.

  • Change iPhone setting

IPhone has a hidden specific setting that deals with the route where audio is heard. You need to change this setting to be able to get your iPhone out of Headphone Mode.

Step 1: Open “Settings app” on your iPhone and click on “General.”

Step 2: Click on Accessibility and scroll down to click on “Interaction “

Step 3: Scroll down and click on “Call Audio Routing.”

Step 4: Select automatic if it is not selected by default.

You can test this by all making a call or a Facetime audio call and then see if your speaker is working.

  • Restoring your iPhone

You can also try restoring your iPhone if all other options prove abortive. Restoring your iPhone makes your iPhone brand new again.

Step 1:  Launch iTunes app on your computer and connect your iPhone to your computer.

Step 2:  when your iPhone is recognized, and it appears in your iTunes. Click on Summary tab, and then click the Restore button.

Step 3:  Select Restore.

Step 4:  Once the restore process is over, your iPhone will restart. Then, you should set the phone following onscreen instruction in the iOS Setup Assistant.

It is important that you back up your data before performing this task. This will help you not lose your data and recover them.

  • Put iPhone into DFU Mode

If the solutions didn’t work, put your iPhone in DFU mode. Your device speakers can start working, and your iPhone will get out of headphone mode too. Follow below steps to put iPhone in DFU mode to fix “iPhone thinks headphones are in” issue.

Step 1: Connect your iPhone using a USB cable to the computer.

Step 2: Now, open iTunes

Step 3: Press & hold the Home button with the Sleep/Wake button. The buttons should be held for 10 seconds.

Step 4: release the sleep/wake button only when the screen goes black. Release the Home button when you see an iTunes message confirming that your device is detected in recovery mode.

Note: If you see a completely black screen, your iPhone has successfully entered DFU mode.

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Conclusion on IPhone Stuck In Headphone Mode, How To Fix It [Step By Step Guide]

We’ve shown you different methods to resuscitate your iPhone and get it working. Don’t let a minor issue stop you from using your iPhone but you can read through this article and select the action that will fix your iPhone.

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