How to Write a Scholarship Thank You Letter

Scholarship Thank You Letter

Thank you letter

Often students get carried away by the joy winning a scholarship that they tend to ignore or forget an important part of any scholarship application. A scholarship thank you letter is an appreciation letter written by a student whom have been offered a scholarship. It is written in appreciation for the opportunity of the scholarship.

Apart from ignoring or forgetting to write a scholarship thank you letter, the few who see the need to write it are usually confused and do not know how to write a scholarship thank you letter.

This article has all the answers to your questions on what is expected in a scholarship thank you letter. Read to end to learn how to write a commendable scholarship thank you letter.

Here are the step to step guide on how to write a scholarship thank you letter. Note that a good thank you letter should be made of at least 4 parts; the address, complement, body and closure. The later 3 part should be wrapped in at least 3 paragraphs. However, a scholarship thank you letter is just like any formal letter in structure.

How to write a scholarship thank you letter

Appropriate Address

Like any official letter, a scholarship thank you letter must have at least the address of the receiver. It is an important thing to do when writing a letter of this nature, giving emphasis to the scholarship donor. The address of a scholarship thank you letter should be that of the donor not the committee.

Your address should compulsory mention the name of the donor and have the day’s date in full. The need of mentioning the donor’s name is to make the letter personal. One of the targets of a scholarship thank you letter is to appeal to the emotions of the scholarship. So, the address must be made as personal as possible.

Use a catchy complement

What follows just after your address in a thank you letter is a paragraph in which is contained a specific complement to the reader and a straight expression of the purpose of the letter. we recommend that this complement should be as catchy as possible. Remember it is a thank you letter. The expression of thanks should begin from this complement part of the letter.

However, this complement should never become informal. As much as it should be made catchy, there must be a consciousness that this is still an official letter and at such should remain formal.

A good instance the kind expression expected in this paragraph is:

“I’m writing to thank you for making the [Name of Scholarship] possible and to express my sincere gratitude. I am incredibly grateful for your support and was overjoyed to learn that I had been chosen for this award.”

You must not to specifically mention the name of the scholarship you are thanking the donor for.

Say a little about yourself in the body of the letter

Immediately after your complement paragraph, a brief introduction of yourself is expected. Do not be so carried away in the assumption that the reader should already know you. Use the second paragraph of your scholarship thank you letter to introduce yourself but keep it as concise as you can.

Give attention to how the scholarship granted to you will will be useful. Talk about your intentions, the contributions you have in mind to make with the scholarship and how you can contribute to your community through the award.

A good way to make the scholarship donor feel good and encourage is to avail them chance to get to know how well their efforts through the award they give contributes positively to the society.

Try as much as you can to achieve this in the paragraph after your complement section.


“I’m a sophomore majoring in education, and after I graduate from Plymouth State, I want to work as an elementary school teacher. The financial support you gave will greatly aid me in covering my school costs and will enable me to devote more of my time to studying.”

Conclude with straightforward expressions

Your scholarship thank you letter should not just end in a half-hazard manner. Your last paragraph should be for a formal conclusion. Summarize your letter by once again thanking the donor and reemphasizing your commitment to the goal of the scholarship.

Remind the donor in the midst of thanks that will consistently remain inline and focused to the award goals.


“I’m a sophomore majoring in teaching, and I want to become an elementary school teacher after I graduate from Plymouth State. The financial help you provided will significantly help me pay for my school expenses and will allow me to spend more time studying.”

Do not fail to properly sign your letter with your name written under your signature.

Make your letter concise

As informative as a scholarship thank you letter should be, it must remain concise. There is no need for so many words. A good writer should be able to say many things in few words.

Do not forget that like it is in recommendation letters from applicants, you may not be the only onw granted the award and at such there could be so many other letter to be read. Keep your letter brief, attractive and unnecessarily bulky. A page or even less is enough for a scholarship thank you letter.

Proofread and edit your letter properly

After writing your scholarship thank you letter, do not be in a hast to send the letter. Take our time to read through it repeatedly. Check out for any sort or mistake that may have occurred. It will not be a fine thing to send an error-filled letter to a donor who just granted you a study scholarship.

Preview the letter carefully and possible allow a second person to preview and make some edits. You must ensure that you have eradicated any visible error from your letter before sending it.

Some scholarship donors go as far as returning letters containing errors to their writers for a rewrite and this is a bad trait for a prospective student to be identified with.

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