How to Write a Scholarship Essay that Stands Out

A Unique Scholarship Essay

How to write a scholarship essay that stands out

How to Write a Scholarship Essay: Scholarship is one scheme in the field of education which every single person makes effort to get opportunity in. Getting a scholarship to study any course would have been the easiest thing for any student if all there is to it is, fill in a form and submit to the scholarship committee.

But no, away from filling in a scholarship form online or offline there are other rigorous requirements which are essential in getting a scholarship. Scholarship essay is almost the most important of them all and a huge determinant to whether an applicant would be offered the scholarship or not.

For any scholarship declared open for application, over 5,000 applicants send in application to be offered the scholarship whereas in most cases, only about 1,000 persons are needed.

The scholarship essay alongside recommendation letters becomes a means of identifying candidates who are more qualified than others.

It is therefore necessary that you know how to write a scholarship essay that stands out since the uniqueness of your essay is capable of giving you an edge above other applicants.

As a matter of fact, scholarship essay is the most essential part of scholarship application processes. An applicant must learn how to do it most appropriately.

We have in this article dedicatedly listed highly effective tips on how to write a scholarship essay that stands out. Essays written in the guidelines we have listed here without doubt has very high chance of winning the owner the scholarship it was written for.

Scholarship essay

Make an all inclusive outline – How to Write a Scholarship Essay

The first and important thing to do in writing a scholarship essay that would stand out is to make a careful outline. An outline that contains all the points you will need to make in your essay is a compulsory guide to having a good essay.

Our recommendation is that you should have the skeleton of your essay in your outline while your writing proper becomes the flesh.

The need for an outline is that sometimes, a writer who had correctly arranged in his or head all the points needed in an essay end up skipping or even forgetting some of the points in the course of the writing. With an outline beside you to remind you these points, you will be able to fix in all the necessary points in their appropriate positions.

So, before beginning your essay writing in full, map out an outline containing all the points you have to  make in the essay so that you do not forget any.

Your outline should contain each point to be made and in what paragraph it is to be made. Do a mental picture of your entire essay in the outline. This is why we said it should be an all inclusive outline not just a rough sketch.

Use a captivating and sustaining introduction

It is a common knowledge that first impression matters a lot in all spheres of life. It is not different in writing a scholarship essay. Having in mind that the scholarship committee will have before them bulks of essays to read through and will not have anytime to spend in reading any junk, you must as much as you can ensure that the first sentence in the first paragraph of your introduction is a powerful one. One which is not only captivating but also with the prowess of sustaining any reader.

A good scholarship essay should have in its introduction an expression with the ability to make the reader want to read to the end of the essay. You do not need to be told that if your essay lacks captivation the reader may not be patient enough to read to the end. If the interesting element of your essay is in the later part of your essay, your reader may loose the his or her patience before getting there. This is why the captivation must be placed at the foremost of the introduction of your essay.

An instance: “At 20, I visited London for the first time, this very journey never left my existence the way it met it. It would be responsible how I perceived life from that moment till date…”

If the sentence above has a place in the introduction of any scholarship essay and as one of the scholarship committee members you are the one reading through it, would you not want to read further to know how a trip to London changed the entire life of an individual?

A scholarship essay that stands out is one with such rudiments that makes is peculiar from other essays it has to be compared to. A fine introduction has a huge contribution to make to this end.

Make visible compelling expressions – How to Write a Scholarship Essay

A mistake you must never make when writing a scholarship essay is to keep telling stories and stories. To have a more interesting and unique essay, you should do more in making expressions capable of creating images in the head of the reader.

Literary experts would suggest that you adopt the use of imageries in writing this type of essay. This means that you should be able to adopt a diction with the prowess of showing the descriptions you make.

Scholarship committees are more interested in having real examples of the expressions you make in your essay than having a continuation of stories with no clue to make a reader believe what is being read.

So, to write a scholarship essay that will stand out, you should have the ability to create images with your words and make reference to traceable real life events. Do not fail to add dates in which any event you are talking about took place. Dates contribute a lot in your essay.

How to write a scholarship essay that stands out

Self-edit and consult a superior person to edit also

In writing, even the best of professors are liable to make some mistakes. This is why you must proofread your scholarship essay over and over again.

As much as mistakes are liable to occur in writing, it is not an excuse and of course never expected in any formal writing.

After proofreading and making necessary corrections by yourself extend the essay to another person who may have more knowledge of writing norms to look into it the more.

To have your essay stand out, you should be able to keep it completely clean of any kind of mistake be it typographical or grammatical or whichever. Your scholarship essay should be totally whole and clean form errors.

Other tips on how to write a scholarship essay that stands out

  • Consider Your Audience
  • Choose a Topic That You’re Interested In and Passionate About
  • Be Concise
  • Avoid the Thesaurus
  • Enlist Help
  • Be Persistent
  • Show Emotions
  • Keep the Tone Inspirational & Positive
  • Stay Away from Dreary & Boring Conclusions
  • Take Advantages of Resources

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