How To Hide Application and Folder On Android


We all have one confidential stuff or the other usually on our Smartphone devices that we do not want a third party to have access to, so how do we go about keeping our stuff from intruders? Today, we shall be writing on How To Hide Apps or Folder in Android Devices. Aside from the facts that we would like to keep some files or folders away from people, there are also some apps which we would also like to keep, take, for instance, the banking app that gets you logged in straight up, now what if an intruder already have your password?

In most online fora, here are the commonly most asked questions, and we might be touching some of these questions here to cover the intricacies as regard How To Hide Apps On Android 2020.

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these and many more we will be touching as we move down to write on How To Hide Apps On Android 2020.


There are various reasons why we secure or keep files or any other confidential stuff on our Smartphone device, so why being afraid of keeping things on your device? Well, its understandable that some people in our lives can’t be denied the access to our mobile devices, and probably you wouldn’t want such people to get access to everything about you, here is what to do, you can activate an intelligent security on your device that keeps those confidential files away from people, what do I mean? It’s just as simple as the topic we are going to treat today. So follow us as we give you full intricacies to How To Hide Apps On Android.

Do You Need To Know How To Hide Apps On Android?

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·        Reasons To Hide Apps Or Folders

Aside from the facts of having confidential files on your device, do you know your standard regular app could be used to impersonate you? You don’t know how to let’s take, for instance, your Facebook messenger app, you know too well that once you have logged in for the first time on this app, it saves your sign-in credentials, and it will keep you logged in whenever you have an active internet connection, now what happens fan intruder maneuvers a way to get access to your device or what happens if your device isn’t protected with password? You can be impersonated; aside from that, if the intruder stands to be wicked, your image could be tarnished out there, the intruder ma posts lousy stuff on your wall and your friends will think you did it. Therefore, you should get away to the attained maximum level of protection on your device. Do you also know they could also get via the app you make use of to get access to your bank account? Even without the app, you might have decided to save your login account details on your devices, now what happens when they get to know these details? With this, they could ruin you, but I know you wouldn’t want that to happen, so why not make yourself secured? There are actually a lot of reason why you should hide stuff on your devices, which I presume should be of personal interest to you, you should have your specific reason you want to hide your things, as for me, I hide my gaming app because of my brothers, they would surely drain my battery if they get hold of my device, so what’s yours?

How To Hide Apps On Android 2020
How To Hide Apps On Android 2020.

·        How To Hide Apps On Android Devices

Your device’s level of internal defense determines how safe your files, folders, and apps are, if your device’s security is weak then your data and other stuff are venerable to intruders and can be easily tampered with. Well to prevent this from happening we have gone for you right here great options when it comes to hiding stuff on your device, but through our journey of unveiling method of hiding your files and folders on your device, we would be discussing these in categories.

·        How To Hide Files On Android Devices

Most Android the Android device we have doesn’t literarily come with the ability to hide things which therefore renders users venerable to intruders. In such cases, you might be thinking there nothing left to be done to get more secure, but there is, well, this has to do with employing the services of a third-party app for security, what do I mean? As technology keeps advancing, developers across the world have come up with different apps that can cover up the weaknesses of our mobile devices. Therefore we have to make use of them, however, we presume you might be thinking of the apps that would be the right choice for this service, but we urge you not to worry as we have got in stock for your apps that can get the job done for you, so we are going to start with the basics and treat how to hide files, in general, using the apps.

·        File Hide Expert

Here comes a reliable and capable app to get the job done for you, but as we all know, this app isn’t currently built-in your devices. Therefore, you would have to download this app from Google Play Store, how do you do that? Just run your Google Play Store app alongside an active internet connection, when the app is up and running, in the search bar located at the very top of the app’s interface punch in the name of the app and it would be found, click the app >> click the install button, after this, the app would download automatically and also install on its own.

After a successful download and installation, run the app, at this process you would get a message saying your hidden file list is empty, Tap the folder icon located at the top-right corner of the screen to start securing your files.

This app actually works like a basic file management app, so it is quite easy to get your files hidden as long as you know the location of the file you intend to hide regardless of the type, all you need to do is just follow due process with the app as it proves easy to navigate or use. At the process of securing your files, you are giving them access to select in multiples, after selection, click “hide all” and all your files will be gone from visibility, and this renders them inaccessible to intruders as they would no longer be found in file managers or anywhere they are normally found initially. 

To get back your files, all you need to do is “Open the app again and hit the Restore all button, and you are done.”

But this doesn’t get the job done as anyone could as well make use of the app and get access to files you wouldn’t want them to get access to, so what’s the way out this time around? Well, this great app also gives us access to making use of passwords to secure files and remain hidden and inaccessible to intruders; however, this doesn’t always come as a default setting. Therefore, you have to make the settings yourself.

·        File Hide Expert Password Feature

To get your files secured with a password, follow these easy steps;

Tap the menu button of the app

Click on settings >> the first option you would get in this interface would be to enable a password

Check the box >> here you would be required to enter a password you want to use.

However, making use of the password keeps you safe, but ensure you don’t forget the password you make use of as it would be required each time you run the app, and we are pretty sure, you wouldn’t want to get into a situation whereby you are unable to access or restore the files you have hidden.

Making use of this app is free, so you need not bother yourself about trying to get money for the payment of this app.

·        How to hide photos on Android devices

As much as File Hide Expert works basically for all kinds of files you can think of, it is not the best idea when dealing with photos as it is not regarded as efficient for hiding photos. Practically everyone likes to take pictures of their selves, friends, places, moments, and lots of things, but how do you render photos that contain sensitive information hidden appropriately? Well, for this case, we have another excellent option for you. You would be urged to check out the “KeepSafe” app.

·        KeepSafe

Looking for a free app to offer you a unique hiding experience? This app should provide you with a better experience with hiding photos on your Android devices. This app is developed to create a digital vault on your mobile device where you can keep the stuff you don’t want to be seen by other people on your mobile device. Here you are granted the access to create a PIN you would make use of each time you want to access the app as it tends to keep all the sensitive files you have selected to be invisible in one location. Aside from this, this app also offers you the option to back up your data on the cloud, well, that happens to be optional, but might be useful to use, just in case your device gets missing or broken. 

Keepsafe happens to grow viral across the globe as one of the most widely used privacy apps. However, the current version of this app made available is free, but at the same time equipped with premium features that require the payment of $4.99 per month while the cloud back up service is made free. Getting to use the premium features you have significant and impressive features release such as;

·        Snazzy PIN Theme

·        Fake PIN that allows intruders to think they have gained access to your hidden files

·        A secret door that makes the app look more like a utility app until you long-press the icon

·        A break-in Alert system that gives you a report if someone else has been trying to access your hidden files.

Aside from hiding photos, this app can also hide sensitive data such as identity cards and passwords. Getting to set this app up and running is quite easy, all you need to do is get in downloaded on your device from Google Play Store, get it installed and set up a PIN for the app via the settings menu, very simple, right? Great!.

After that being accomplished, you can hide any photo on the app by opening a folder and clicking on the “Add Picture: icon located at the bottom right, you can as well hide your photos with an easy method without having to go through the app directly, you can do this via your device’s gallery, select the photo you want to hide >> Ht the share button >> select KeepSafe from the options provided and the photo would no longer be found in the gallery.

·        How to Hide Apps On Andriod

Do you have apps you would like to get out of sight for security reasons, or you have in-built apps that you consider useless, and you can’t uninstall? The best way to sort this out is to get such apps off sight. Although, some mobile devices offer you features of hiding apps especially Samsung users, what if your device doesn’t offer you that? You might want to consider deploying the use of a third-party app, and we have one right here for you.

·        Nova Launcher 

This app grants you access to being able to hide your apps; it is equipped with an easily navigated interface. The application is available for download in the play store, install the launcher and follow these easy steps;

·        Open the app

·        Navigate to Nova settings

·        Navigate to App and Widget drawers >> Hide Apps

·        Select apps you would like to hide

The selected apps would no longer be visible in your device’s app drawer, to get these apps visible again, follow the same process, and uncheck the desired app.

·        Tip – How to Hide files or folders without using third-party apps

There is a whole lot easier way you could hide files without the use of third-party apps. However, the files are not completely or particularly hidden, because all you are just doing is nothing but changing the folder’s name in such a way that your device ignores it and renders it invisible. How do you get this done?

·        Open your device’s file manager

·        Create a folder >> while giving the folder a name to ensure it starts with the “.” Sign after this the folder will be unseen.

·        Search the file manager with the name you used in saving the envelope to see the folder

·        Open the folder and move in your files

After all these processes the folder will disappear until you search for the folder again.





Conclusion On How To Hide Apps On Android Devices

Getting to completely keep files and sensitive information away from intruders through these methods could be fruitless at times if you are careless with your device at moments when intruders are bent on breaking into your device for information; therefore the best way to get your files secured is to keep your device away from intruders. So, for now, that is all we have got for you on How To Hide Apps On Android.

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