NGO Jobs In Africa


The only job that pays well is Ngo Jobs In Africa. While this was so is because Ngo bodies are sponsored by government and international bodies in the world. Some Ngo is meant to give relief to those areas that are experiencing unrest and some are as a result of underdevelopment and many another thing.

In today review we will be writing fully on the list of NGO works in the shore of Africa and all you need to know about the jobs and how you can apply to work with one.


Statics shows a huge number of the candidate applying for Ngo Jobs In Africa today keep increasing in numbers as a result of better emolument that is been shared to the Ngo workers as of today. However, there are some of this job that is volunteer work which attracts very little benefits or no benefit at all.

There are about 100 plus Ngo works in Africa in various countries of this continent especially in an area that is under the siege of terrorism and many other rising issues.

NGO Jobs In Africa

List Of Ngo Jobs In Africa


Full-Time Somalia

International Development Law Organization

  • Economic Development Program Manager – CAR

Mercy Corps

Full-Time Central African Republic

  • Head of Programme, Cameroon


Full-Time Cameroon

Norwegian Refugee Council

  • UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs OCHA

Full-Time Nigeria

  • Procurement Assistant – Durban, South Africa

CA Global Africa Recruitment

  • Human Resources Officer – Durban, South Africa

CA Global Africa Recruitment


Full-Time Somalia


  • Regional Market Systems Development (MSD) Advisor AFRICA – various locations

Full-Time Kenya

Mercy Corps

  • Grants Assistants

Chemonics International South Africa

  • Chief of Party, Continuum of Care, Technical Assistance

Full-Time Zambia


  • Deputy Chief of Party, Continuum of Care, Technical Assistance


Full-Time Zambia

  • International Consultancy – Roving Nutritionist,

WCARO, Dakar Senegal

  • Finance Officer – Durban, South Africa

CA Global Africa Recruitment

  • Finance Officer / Pooled Fund Manager

UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA)

Full Time,  Nigeria

  • Manager Policy, Research, and Partnerships – Nairobi, Kenya

CA Global Africa Recruitment

  • Head of New Business – Nairobi, Kenya

CA Global Africa Recruitment

  • National Information Management Officer

UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA)

Full Time,  Nigeria

  • Humanitarian Affairs Officer (Gender-Protection)

UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs – (OCHA)

The contract,  Democratic Republic of Congo

  • Head of the Monitoring and Reporting Unit

UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA)

Contract,  Sudan

  • Associate Humanitarian Affairs Officer / Special Assistant

UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA)

Full Time,  South Sudan

  • Assistant à la Gestion de l’Information

UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA)

The contract,  Democratic Republic of Congo

  • Assistant Local à la Sécurité

UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA)

Full Time,  Democratic Republic of Congo

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  • NGO jobs in Africa: Job Description

Ngo is an acronym for None governmental Organization which are not always profit focused or oriented. They may be financed by government or international bodies to bring about relive to people facing one or two challenges which are not a result of their errors but they are a natural phenomenon.

NGOs are known for charity and humanitarian service to people of a particular country. The presence of Ngo works has increased the standard of living of some Africa citizen who has no help from government or they are underfunded. They may include various clubs and societies in secondary schools, they could also be a big enterprise that distributes relive materials to people.

They help carry out awareness program to conscientize people of a particular area that are affected by an invading disease on how best to handle such situation and stay away from been affected by these diseases.

Also, they are not limited to humanitarian and charity work alone, they also encourage political participation, they help defend the human right and kick against any form of abuse or government act that is trampling on human right. They also help to boost social participation. They help in development of a community, help attract investors to a particular area, human capacity building, improving on welfare of citizens, health care and many more are the focus of various NGOs, but it is important to note that different NGOs have a particular thing they stand to represent, some are directed towards child education, some are towards girls education, some are towards Adult empowerment, some are towards societal development, some are towards social development and others like that.

  • Mode Of NGO Application

If you are planning to apply for any NGO work or recently you have been intimated on Ngo Jobs In Africa and you want to apply, to apply is not something that is very difficult or technical, before application you must the following gadgets or have access to one

  • A computer/ Laptop, or Smartphone
  • Internet connectivity
  • Functional email
  • Functional mobile phone number.

After all this, all you need to have on the ground is your well designed and written CV that carries some of the experiences you have had with any organization or if you have worked previously with any NGO, it will boost your tendency of ben absorbed by the organization.

Then proceed to the NGO website address to upload some of your documents and fill the registration form online, but it is always advisable to make use of your laptop for better rendering of the website details and easy surfing.

  • NGO jobs in Africa: General Requirements

Just the way you apply for every other job, Ngo Jobs In Africa also make use of some of the applicant’s credentials couple with some official letter that may be required from the applicant, the following are some the requirement that is used or require from candidates that wish to apply for any Ngo Jobs In Africa.

  • You must have a certification from the higher institution of learning either a degree or equivalent an above, it depends on the position you may be applying for in the job description you will see the certification that is entitled to apply for the job.
  • Excellent use of words and grammar, you need to be fluent in English Language or the language requirement that is given under the job description.
  • Other professional qualification that may boost your chances of getting the job
  • Professional CV
  • You must be literate in computer
  • Have the minimum of the years of experience that may be stated in the job description

Conclusion On Ngo Jobs In Africa

One can not dispute the fact that NGO jobs these days have comparatively become competitive, it is the best get the job and the most experience stands the chances of getting employed. All you need do to have enough experience for all these jobs is to start with a voluntary service, follow the caseworkers to field, handle some professional files they make use and from there, you gather experiences that could offer you the job you have applied for and during interview you can perform excellently well, there you have al you need to know about Ngo Jobs In Africa, you view, suggestion, recommendation, and feedback are all welcome.

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