Headache On Top Of The Head- Causes, Types, Treatment

Headache on Top of the Head
Headache on Top of the Head

Headache on Top of the Head – Experiencing Headache on Top of the Head can be brutal, causing you to feel like removing your head off your neck. Almost every human on earth experience having Headache on Top of the Head. Headache most times is a warning signal that something is wrong in the body and can occur at different parts of the head with their different symptoms. Headache on Top of the Head often feels like having a heavy weight placed on the crown of your head. To know more about this condition, read through this piece of writing.


Almost every adult suffers from a headache once in a while, be it a subtle or chronic throbbing aching headache. Most time, you tend to wonder what the cause of this occasional or frequent headache is. Some of the causes have been outlined below.

Types and Causes of Headache on Top of the Head

Headaches can be divided into different types using different parameters. However, we have decided to point out the type of headaches to go hand in hand with the cause because there are various reasons why we feel a Throbbing Headache on Top of the Head, some of these causes are also the types of headache experienced on top of the head.

  1. Tension headaches

Tension headaches are a common cause of Headache on Top of the Head. It causes a constant aching around the head as if a band is strapped around one’s head. The aching or pain can be mild, moderate, or intense pain felt on your head, including pain felt in your neck and near the back of your head. In fact, it is said that the pain of tension headaches seems like a tight bound round the head. Tension headaches don’t throb and less severe than that of migraine. Nonetheless, it is still uncomfortable even though you can still go about your daily activities.

  1. Occipital Neuralgia

This condition occurs when the nerves that move from the spine to the scalp are damaged, irritated, or compressed, thereby, causing headache around the top of the head.

  1. Migraines

Another cause of headache that occurs on top of the head is a migraine. It causes a moderate to severe pain with a pounding or pulsing feel on the head. The pain often occurs on one side of the head in which the top of the head is among. However, the aching seems to migrate to another part of the head or back of the neck and causes a severe pounding and excruciating pain with symptoms such as nausea, cold hands, auras and light, and sound sensitivity.

  1. Sleep Deprivation Headaches

This is different from tension headache even though they may have similar symptoms. So, if you’ve been enquiring whether headaches can occur as a result of not having sufficient and adequate sleep, the answer is yes! Ever heard that nature can’t be cheated; one of the warning signals that you are not having adequate and sufficient sleep is a throbbing headache on top of the head. When your sleep is constantly interrupted, it leads to sleep deprivation headache, which often leads to dull ache with heaviness or pressure on top of the head with drowsy head.

  1. Chronic Headache

This type of headache is peculiar to tension headaches and also cause pain close to the top of the head. Chronic headache causes severe ache and throb and can be as a result of stress, loud noise, and insufficient sleep, among others.

  1. Cold-Stimulus Headaches

This type of headache also causes you to feel headache at the top of the head. Though it doesn’t last long happens sharply with severe and aches but only last for a few seconds or minutes.

Getting Rid of Headache on the top of the Head

  1. Use a Cold Pack

If you experience a headache on top of the head, you can try placing a cold pack on your forehead. You can either order for a cold pack from a pharmacist, or you can wrap an ice cube in a towel, or just take a cold shower to lessen the pain which in less than 15 minutes disappear.

  1. Reduce Light Brightness

Bright lights from your computer or lightening bulbs that are too bright can cause migraine headaches. If you observe that you react to bright light, try to reduce the brightness, cover your ventilation outlets with blackout curtains to reduce sunlight in the house during the day. You can also wear sunshades when you are outdoors or cover your computer screen with anti-glare screens.

  1. Use a Heating Pad or Hot Compress

Place a heating pad on your neck or the back of your head if you are experiencing a tension headache. A warm cloth pressed to the area that hurts, or a warm shower will also cool off the headache.

  1. Reduce Pressure on the head

Loosen your hair if it is too tightly fixed or reduce carrying any object that puts pressure on your head, causing you to experience a headache on the top of your head.

  1. Drink water

When you are dehydrated, you can feel a headache also, causing impairment in concentration and irritability too. Therefore, by drinking enough water, you’ll be relieved of headache within the 30 minutes to three hours of doing so.

Treatment of Headache

Fortunately, there are simple things to do that can relieve you of the headache experienced on top of the head. If natural remedy did not work out for you, then you can try using mediation which can be purchased from a pharmacist at over the counter or prescribed by a physician.

  1. Over the Counter

You can also get pain killers/reliever prescriptions to helping relieve you of the headache.

  1. Get Sufficient Sleep

Before you get to this part of the article, you have read about sleep deprivation sleep. Then you should probably know that this will be a remedy to such case. In any case, you should take out time to pay up the debt of sleep you owe so as to relieve yourself of headache.

  1. See a Doctor

Despite headache on top of the head may not be a major threat to your health, there are periods you will need the instruction and guide of a physician especially if the headache persists and does not subside within the shortest period. Then waste no time any longer and go to see a doctor. Should you experience any of the symptoms below:

  • Experiencing High fever
  • Suffering from Stiff neck
  • Experiencing Vision problems
  • slurred speech
  • you feel weak or numb
  • When you lose consciousness
  • Headache for 3 days or more that shows little to no improvement
  • You suffer from a headache every day
  • Headaches that cause severe pain, leaving you unable to manage small tasks

Common symptoms of Headache

There are symptoms, and signs felt, which also points you to know that you are suffering from headache at the top of the head, causing you pain and discomfort. Below are some of the most common symptoms of headache on the top of the head to watch out for.

    1. You feel a Sharp pain in temple
    2. You experience a Sharp pain behind your eye
    3. You suffer from Neck tension
    4. You feel Pain on top of the head
    5. There is pressure in the back of the head
    6. You feel Nauseated
    7. You become sensitive to bright lights and loud noises
  1. You experience an inability to carry on daily activities

This is some of the symptoms of headache we could come up with; however, this symptom is peculiar to most headache sufferers, there are still some that experience different symptoms. Some of the unique headache symptoms.

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Conclusion on Headache on Top of the Head- Causes, Types, Treatment

Many people suffer from headache, which negatively impacts them, which calls for a search for a remedy. Headaches on top of the head can be frustrating and annoying, and they can be unbearable at times. There are many triggers and causes of this kind of headache. It is important to identify common causes or triggers, so you can avoid them. You can opt for any of the treatments or how to get rid of headache practices so as to reduce its occurrences. More so, you can see a doctor if you persistently experience painful headaches so you can get the right treatment and address the underlying cause.

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