Hantavirus Causes, Symptoms, Prevention And Cure

Early time of today, a patient was confirmed to be affected with a HantaVirus Diseases which is also known as the Orthohantavirus disease. It is a hard time for the world at large while we faced the case of Covid-19, we are poses to stand the treat of the outbreaking of Hantavirus. So, here in this update, we will do justice to what Hantavirus is, Symptoms of Hantavirus, Diagnosis of Hantavirus, and of causes Prevention and treatment of these deadly Diseases but before that, let us take a view of what Hantavirus is all about. But it is worth noting that this disease broke out of China, you may be searching if Hantavirus is from China, the answer is yes, because the first case in this year was recorded from China.

Hantavirus Causes, Symptoms, Prevention, And Cure

What is HantaVirus?

Yes, that is the first question that will come to the mind of any sane individual if you are told someone is attacked or infected with Hantavirus, you may not have patient infected with this but you might have heard or read about the breaking out of this diseases. What Hantavirus simply means is a negative-sense RNA which is enveloped not only that but has a single strand. The name comes from the virus family name which is Hantaviridae which is of the order Bunyavirales.

How Do People Get infected With Hantavirus?

This is a good question to ask, this is important so as to know because it gives you the clue to abstain and stay out of getting infected with this virus. It is observed that we humans become infected from Hantavirus when we come in contact with rodents’ saliva, urine or feces. Not only this, when you have liquid exchange such as sweat, using the same spoon, towels or getting close contacts with our mouths, eyes, noses or ear with a contagious human, but you also stand a very high chance to be infected.

Also, this virus can be contracted from rarely clean rooms where rodents might have dropped their feces, urine, or saliva.

Signs of Hantavirus

You may be shocked to know that, this deadly virus does not show up easily at the early stage, the incubation period of Hantavirus is usually between the first and eight weeks of infection. Here are the early signs of Hantavirus.

Early Symptoms Of Hantavirus

Here are the signs you may observe from a patient that is infected with Hantavirus

  • Muscle aches in following areas (back, hips, shoulders, thighs)
  • Fatigue

Sometimes you may also observe dizziness, abdominal problems which may include diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, chills and abdominal pain in the infected patient. Though all of these are not limited, there are other signs you may observe.

Late Symptoms Of Hantavirus

The late symptoms of this deadly virus may appear after like 4 or 10 days of infection and the HPS symptoms will appear. And the signs include

  • Shortness of Breath which may look like that of Corona Virus
  • Coughing
  • The patient may feel a band was tight around their chest and like a pillow was put around the patient face.
  • The lungs will be fil with Fluid

Hantavirus Disease Fatal?

We need not to deceive ourselves, the diseases is deadly, about 38% of death has been recorded in the first breakout.

  • Hantavirus Diagnosis

The diseases are usually revealed when the patient blood sample is taken and it will be tested with the virus test kit in the laboratory similar to the Corona Virus test.

  • Hantavirus Treatment

Now here is another great question to ask about Hanta Virus, the exact treatments for this dreadful disease known as Hantavirus at moment are limited. Nevertheless, the prognosis is known to improve with the virus being recognized at its early stage, adequate breathing support, and immediate hospitalization.

  • Hantavirus Supportive therapy

Hantavirus requires immediate treatment in an intensive care center especially people with severe cases of the virus. While at the intensive care unit, mechanical ventilation and intubation may be required to aid the breathing of the patient and to also help the patient manage the fluids that have been deposited in their lungs known as pulmonary edema. You might as well be wondering what intubation in this case means, well, intubation involves the placement of breathing tube through the mouth or nose of the patient into the windpipe of the patient known as trachea to help in keeping the airways of the patient open and actively functioning.

  • Blood oxygenation of the Hantavirus

It is known that when a person is infected with Hantavirus and the case becomes severe in terms of pulmonary distress, a method known as extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) is required to keep the patient breathing and to ensure that there is a sufficient supply of oxygen for the affected patient. You might be wondering what this method involves, here is the deal, this method involves the process of continually pumping the patient’s blood via the aid of a machine that helps remove carbon dioxide and replaces it with oxygen, and then the oxygenated blood is then returned back into the body system.

Prevention of Hantavirus

Although, this virus just broke out today, therefore, there has not been much information about how to prevent this virus, but all we can advise, following reports of how people are being infected with the virus, here is what you should do henceforth to prevent yourself from being infected with the Hantavirus disease;

  • Avoid coming in contact with the saliva, feces, or urine of rodents and if possible, avoid them entirely.
  • Ensure your rooms are very clean and would not give chances for rodents to develop a playground in the room.
  • Ensure your foods are covered properly against the reach of rodents.
  • Avoid having close contacts with infected patients as the way this virus spreads may be similar to that of the coronavirus.

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Conclusion On Hantavirus Causes, Symptoms, Prevention And Cure

There you have all you need to know about this dreadful virus that just broke out earlier today in China. This virus is known to be majorly from rodents which is why you all have to keep yourself and environment clean from rodents to avoid getting infected with the Hantavirus. Keep yourself safe, we wish you good health.

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