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Game Of Throne Season 8- Well, that’s it. The game of the Thrones ends after eight years, and I do not blame you if Game 8 of Game of Thrones leaves a slightly bad taste in your mouth. While having his good moments, most of these times are just too rushed, with the characters taking minutes to make decisions that in previous times would have taken days. I hope this is self-evident, but if you have not seen the final episode, you should stop reading now as they are going to become some severe spoilers for Game 8 of the Game of Thrones. Here are the few asked questions from the lovers of Game of Thrones.

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He starts promising in the first episode of Winterfell, which shows the cast of the characters that correspond to the Daenerys coming North and the upcoming preparations for the Winterfell battle. We take much-needed time off to let the characters MILA re and react to the revelations that occurred at the end of season 7, and that’s where the Thrones game shines: when people have the opportunity to play the game of politics, charming and planning their next move behind the scenes. However, while we get a lot of them in the first episode and The Knight of the Seven Kingdoms, the rest of season 8 is a spectacle for the best and the worst.

Game Of Throne New Season
Game Of Throne New Season
  • Very small, very fast

While two episodes devoted to the game that is changing (pun intended battles) I would feel like paying after several episodes of design in earlier times, this finale makes the mistake of sacrificing the accumulation in favor of the pure shock factor. With only six episodes, there was no other way that could be done, but the game of the Thrones deserves better. Watching the Winterfell battles and playing King’s Landing does not feel like the adequate compensation that should have been since all the major players had carefully moved their pawns to their place for weeks of designing, so they lacked the emotional weight that came with their battle bastards or duel between Oberyn Martell and The Mountain.

That being said, the best episode of the series is the great night, where the night king finally arrives for an eight-year showdown in production. Although we do not understand what these swirly symbols were long gone or heard from his lips Why wants to destroy Wuster, the battle does a mighty job to show that all of our fears about him are well-founded. Each character grows up in this fight: Sandor reaffirms his fear of the fire, reminding himself that he is not cured by the fact that the Mountain is being abused as a child, Arya realizes her destiny, Melisandre fulfills her purpose, and despite her regular maneuvers, Sansa and Tyrion realize that they can not control everything. It ought to be the punctuation note in a handful of accumulating episodes yet, yet still, the long night makes the powers of justice a king night … even though it cannot protect him from Arya’s stabby blade.

Game Thrones Season 8 Episode 2 Is “Last Night Together,” Says The Producer

If you have not seen Game of Thrones season 8 episode 2, look away now. In our last scene, we see the creation of the HBO mega-series, David Benioff, executive producer, and writer, explains why this episode before the battle is so important.

“For us, what was interesting about this episode has always been that it’s our last night together, and everyone, I think, will end up in different ways,” says Benioff.

“Some characters want to make love for the first time because they have never done it before. There are other characters who sing and sing songs and then there are characters who just try to find some kind of human consolation together like Sansa and Theon. »

The episode had some wonderful reunions, some unexpected joys – such as Tarth’s knighting Brienne or Tormund’s giant story – and a mad sense of fear for fans who know their favorites will probably go to the great tavern in the sky in the episode of the next week.

“Everybody treats it in different ways, but they all face it,” adds Benioff. “This is why this episode was so important to us because they are all these characters we are watching so much and now all face a common enemy.”

“The Healthiest Episode Never” – How the Internet Reached Game of Throne Season 8, Episode 2

  • The unsatisfactory end of Daenerys

Daenerys’ descent into madness makes sense on the back, but – and yes, I have already mentioned it – devoting a little bit more time to her failed intelligence, especially after the death of Rhaegal and Missandei, would allow her to be massacred King’s Landing to make sense. Ethics on edge, literally said that she would take her own with fire and blood, so there was enough precaution when it comes to killing her with Dragon. However, as with all of the 8th season, it is not enough. There are only a few things as satisfying as I realized that the answer was right in front of your eyes, like Olena using Sansa’s neck to murder Joffrey or Littlefinger who is Ned’s husband and I can only feel a little scam that Daenery madness does not get the same treatment.

Game Of Throne Season 8

Emily Clarke’s depiction of Mad Queen is excellent from scratch to the end, though it’s the subtle expressive evidence that reflects Dany’s transition from shock, grief, mania to the death of Missandei, or the lament that is mad at insanity caused by the sound bells at Kings Landing. Seriously, someone gives this woman an Emmy already.

Game Of Throne Cast
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The most beautiful moments like the one that took place behind us in Season 8 though and the fact that it does not take much time to reflect on Dany Madness means that a possible death felt unapproved in a morbid kind of way. When talking to Jon in the finale, we see a brief look at how he sees the innocents killed as evidence of her weakness (paradoxically) thinking that Cersei used them as bargaining chips. In Daenerys mind, killing them makes her strong. It looks more like Cersei than any of us has claimed, although she has not been able to see her kingdom – or at least deal with the displaced Kings Landing – feel like a mistake.

The ending game of the Thrones did everything it could to connect one of the most significant pop culture phenomena of the 21st century, but with so little time to do it, it will always feel slightly … meh. Almost all decisions make sense (Bran is king could do with a bit of explanation, especially considering the suitability of Sansa to rule) and with some characters come full circle feels right, but he had come across as they rushed. And a little too happy to be honest.

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The Thrones game made us wait for the bittersweet tune to be left in our mouth at the end of each season, giving us finishes that feel right but hard on the stomach, so it’s a surprise that so many characters survive with a smile on their faces. In the end, we all expected more of Game of Thrones. Season 8 does not feel like it won, with very little time devoted to developing characters that combine with greater emphasis on rushing in the significant parts of the plot instead of proving to those who watch how inevitable it was. Oh well. At least the phantom has been thrown at the end, right?

If you can not remember what happened in the final season, here is the Thrones Game 8 replay season!

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Conclusion On Game Thrones Season 8 Review

The Thrones game serves 8 points on the finish line at the expense of the evolution of the subtle characters we have been waiting for, but there are flashes of brilliance that the series is renowned for.

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