Finland Embassy In Nigeria: Address & Full Contact Details

Finland Embassy In Nigeria
Finland Embassy In Nigeria.

Finland Embassy In Nigeria, an industrial economy nation is among the foreign countries that have their embassy in Nigeria. Finland is known officially as the Republic of Finland and a sovereign state located in Northern Europe. Helsinki is the capital and is the main point of entry for most visitors to Finland. It is a country that holds a strong view on equality, caring for one another and democracy. It is also known to be a highly literate country. The state is often ranked among the cleanest and where you can enjoy quality living. Finland’s embassy in Abuja represents the government of Finland in Nigeria.

It is expedient that all Nigerians seeking to apply for visas to visit Finland are to go over to the Finnish Embassy located in Abuja. This article is about the Finland Embassy In Nigeria: Phone, Email, Address & Full Contact Details.


Nigeria is among the many nations where the Republic of Finland has her embassy. The essence of the embassy is to represent Finland government on Nigeria soil and also legislate the system of government back in their home country as well as represent the interest of their citizens who are living or visiting the country. Below is the complete details of the Finland Embassy in Abuja.

  • Embassy Address: 9, Iro Dan Musa Street PLOT 1547, Asokoro Abuja, Nigeria
  • Postal address: Embassy of Finland M.B 5140, Maputo Street, Wuse Zone 3, Abuja, Nigeria.
  • Exchange Telephone: +234 803 785 1150
  • Telephone No: +234 817 245 4644 (Inquiries only)
  • Office hours: The Embassy is open Monday – Thursday between 8.00am – 04.15pm and Friday 8.00am – 01.15pm
  • Customer service: Customer service is open Monday – Thursday between 8.00am – 11.00am
  • Email: (for a visa, residence permit, and legalization customers)

Finland Consulate in Lagos, Nigeria

  • Address: 4, Akanbi Danmola Street, Ikoyi
  • Postal Address: O.Box 427 Lagos, Nigeria
  • Telephone: (+234) 803 300 5415
  • HEAD OF MISSION: Dr. Kingsley Kolapo Akinroye, (Honorary Consul)




Finland Visa Processing in Nigeria

  1. You can visit the Finnish Immigration Service website and read through the instructions found there.
  2. Legalize anything you need to at this juncture which is according to the Embassy of Finland legalization instructions. You can book an appointment with the Embassy only when the required legalizations are completed.
  3. Once you are through and completed any legalizations, request a residence permit appointment from
  4. Fill the application form which can either be an electronic online application, or a paper application. Once completed, print the filled out applications form (even if you applied electronically) and gather all required attachments.
  5. The application form and all original documents are to be sent to the Embassy two weeks ahead of the appointment date.
  6. Pay the residence permit processing fee. Visit the payment instructions on how to make payment.
  7. You go to the embassy for the residence permit appointment. Take with you a receipt of payment of the processing fee and also two sets of photocopies of all documents submitted in advance.
  8. After the appointment, wait for the Finnish Immigration Service to process your application. You will be informed once a decision has been made.
  9. When a conclusion is reached and a decision made, the Embassy will contact you through e-mail regarding the collection of your visa. Follow the instruction that is given.

To process the visa of Finland, the applicants living in Nigeria are expected to note, that it is not allowed to apply for the permit through the Honorary Consulate of Finland located in Lagos. Therefore, all applicants need to use in person from the Embassy of Finland in Abuja.

Visa applicants can apply for a visa if the length of your stay in Finland is a maximum of three months. You need to apply for a residence permit from a Finnish Immigration through the Embassy of Finland Abuja if you plan to stay more than three months. Also, a Schengen visa can be granted for a maximum of 90 days.

Notably, to apply for a Finnish visa, if you must have to schedule an appointment well in advance as the visa can only be applied earliest three months before the expected date to travel and the visa application is valid for three months from the application date. After the application has been considered, all applicants are interviewed, and their biometrics is captured. The appointment request is to be written in English and submitted through E-mail address at In the case of a family member or friend (i.e., not applicant) booking time for a visa interview, they have to provide a power of attorney to the embassy. There is the rule of a non-refundable fee in the case of an applicant been late 30 minutes from the interview and the time will be canceled.

After that, the visa application processing fee is to be paid to the Embassy’s bank account which can either be paid in cash to any Standard Chartered Bank in Nigeria or via international money transfer to the Embassy bank account before an appointment date is scheduled.

When coming to the Embassy to honor the appointment with the embassy, you are required to come along with a set of clear photocopies of all your documents attached to your visa application form, including bio-data page of passport and all the necessary records (original) and the papers can only be presented at the time of personal interviews. The embassy cannot guarantee that they are included in the visa processing if you send any requested documents without a reference number to the Visa Section, and those documents solely remain on your responsibility.

The visa processing time is a minimum of 14 days. The time of processing depends on the number of applications received during holiday seasons; thus, it is wise to book the interview appointment as early as possible be aware that the earliest to apply for a visa before the planned travel.



  • Visa Application Fees

The fee paid for the residence permit processing is non-refundable and is to be fully funded before applying. You are to present the original receipts of payment when you arrive at the embassy for the interview. The residence permit fee must be completed when received on the Embassy bank account.  All payment made through international bank transfer for both the sender and the recipient is the responsibility of the sender.

  • History of Finland Embassy in Nigeria

The government of Finland opens its embassy in Nigeria just three years after her independence in 1963, in Lagos, Nigeria. The Republic of Finland recognizes Nigeria just a week after Nigeria had become the Federal Republic of Nigeria, on 7 October 1960. The diplomatic relations between both countries were established in 1963and later on, Finland opened its Embassy in Lagos, which was the then capital of Nigeria. The Embassy was situated on the tenth floor in the Western Union Building at Broad Street, Lagos Island until 1980. By 26 January 1981, the Embassy signed a land property lease with Lagos state. New office premises were constructed at Walter Carrington Crescent, Victoria Island and was completed in 1983. The Embassy remained on these premises until 2004, when it was moved to Abuja, the new capital.

Presently, the bilateral relations and agreement between Nigeria and Finland have been re-energized.

  • Overview of Finland

Finland is also known officially as the Republic of Finland located Europe particularly the Northern region. The country belongs to the Schengen region in Europe and is bordered by Norway, Sweden, and Russia. The capital city is Helsinki which also is the largest city in the country. It covers the land mass of 338, 145 square kilometers with a population of over 5 million people in the country making it one of the sparsely populated countries in Europe. The state is home to beautiful landscapes and various national parks. The land speaks different languages including Finnish, Swedish and Sami.

Conclusion on Finland Embassy In Nigeria: Phone, Email, Address & Full Contact Details.

Nigerians that are willing to visit Finland should endeavor to visit the Finland Embassy in Abuja. Currently, Nigeria has no embassy in Finland. The embassy is available on all working days to meet the needs of all visa applicants as well as to operate and legislate the government of their home country. The procedure to obtain a Finnish Visa is not tedious but

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