Asup Strike Update Today 2019
ASUP Strike Update Today 2019

The ASUP strike seems to be the recent trend in Nigeria reason been that several governmental parastatals are embarking on strike. This fit often does not bring a smile in the face particularly to the students whenever it occurs. It is no news that the Academic Staff Union of Polytechnic (ASUP) in Nigeria has followed the trail of ASUU to embark on a strike as well due to the government’s alleged failure to fulfil its agreements with the union since 2016.

Many have been asking and wanting to know when this ongoing strike will be ended. Therefore, this article contains the updated information concerning ASUP strike and all you need to know.


One cannot help but wonder why ASUP has to go on strike now and then and it is becoming a norm for them. ASUP embark on its indefinite strike on 12th of December, 2018, following the government lack of commitment to meet up with the various agreement reached with the union since 2009.

ASUP has refused to back down to suspend the ongoing strike and has said the strike embarked on is not to be rebellious to the government. Amidst the joy of ASUU suspending the strike which lasted for three months, attention has shifted to ASUP who are still adamant to keep the course going until their demands are met.

Some believe that the strike to commence at this instance is a result to frustrate the government and as well bring about disturbance and delay to the forthcoming election, this has been denied by the association claiming that the reason for the strike is to remind the government concerning the agreement that reached which led to the suspension of the previous strike.

ASUP members are stiff-necked and would not budge

ASUP has mentioned that her members are stiff-necked and would not budge if the ongoing concern and issues between the government and the union were not addressed and resolved immediately.

The Union is said to be requesting for the following he 2010 agreement between the Union and government including shortfalls in personnel cost releases, non-implementation of the NEED ASSESSMENT report and withdrawal of allowances, unhealthy conditions of state-owned institutions and non-release of CONTISS 15 migration arrears, non-payment of salaries in many state-owned polytechnics, non-payment of union check-off dues, pension deductions and other statutory deductions from staff salaries to the appropriate bodies, and continued victimisation of union officers, amidst another complaint.

ASUP members lamentation

ASUP members lament that the federal government is taking their demand for granted. They were hopeful that the agreement held previously would by now have been met but to their dismay, nothing is yet to be done.

Fortunately, there seems to be a bleak of light at the end of the tunnel as recent reports unfolding indicating that the strike may not be lengthy one but one that would be resolved soonest.

ASUP Strike Update Today 2019

Still, on the ASUP strike, update information we gathered is that the Academic Staff Union of Polytechnics (ASUP) has given a directive to its members in all state chapters to hold a referendum on whether to suspend the ongoing strike in the nation’s polytechnics.

What is the ASUP National President Saying?

ASUP National President, Mr Usman Dutse, as reported by the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos that the referendum would hold between the second week and third week in January. He disclosed to NAN that the referendum was to assess the efforts and step taken by the Federal Governments at ending the lingering strike in polytechnics.

“ASUP is said to have received some documents and proof concerning their requests from the Federal Government to back up its claim of payment of N16.4 billion as salary shortfalls.

The union is yet to have all documents in their possession; nonetheless, the union has resolved and given directives to all the chapters across the states to hold a referendum between now and next week, as that will give a heads way concerning the next line of action to be taken. ASUP strike

“Mr Dutse stated that they have received from the federal government some of the documents, which serve as proof, but not all. Furthermore, he said that they are making a move to go to the ministry now to pursue something. Thus, after the referendum, the union’s National Executive Council (NEC) will convene in order to decide the next step to take concerning the issue,” he said. ASUP strike

Report by NAN on the Situation

It was also reported by NAN that the Minister of Education, Malam Adamu Adamu, had on Jan. 31, in Abuja said the Federal Government in order to meet the demands and request of ASUP have released the sum of N16.4 billion to be used for the settling of staffs’ outstanding salary arrears in the country’s tertiary institutions. He also buttressed that another N30 billion had been raised as revitalization funds.

Malam Adamu further made it known during the “Sixth edition of the Ministerial Press Briefing” that disbursement of funds was currently ongoing through the Office of the Accountant General of the Federation to provide a solution to the issues and demands raised by ASUP and ASUU.

Adamu said that the government had resolved all issues and awaits the academic unions to also call off their strike in the coming days, especially ASUU and ASUP.

Meanwhile on the part of ASUP who has since declined that they have not received any payment, either by document or proof of the said N16.4 billion the Federal Government said was released.


On the other hand

National Association of Polytechnic Students (NAPS) have not been quite as well, claiming that the federal government is been lackadaisical concerning the issue and not taking the matter at hand with every matter of urgency.

It is believed that students are the ones who often suffer the most a case of “two elephants fighting and the grass is the one suffering”. More so, it sees the government attitude as sheer wickedness as a means to further cause harm to the already crippled education system of the country.

Members of NAPS believe that the federal government has money to meet the request of the union and get done with the matter soonest but are been adamant and claiming there is no money to meet the demand.

Adedeji Adedayo, from Yaba College of Technology

A Chemical Science student Adedeji Adedayo, from Yaba College of Technology (Yabatech), spoke to NAN saying that “an idle mind is a devil’s workshop” and as such it is ill to keep students at home for too long. He furthers said that students are always at the receiving end of strike sitting at home for hours, days, weeks and months; stating that such these are reasons why some students embarked on crimes and all manner of illicit activities that endanger the society.

They plead that the government should consider and meet the demands of ASUP. Students are now idle… not studying nor working and is very dangerous.


The association urges ASUP not to relent and should not be reluctant in taking the next step by meeting with the government and coming to conclusive terms and reaching a decision that would be favourable to all. Most students are not happy precisely the ones that are supposed to graduate soonest been in their final year and this ASUP strike serves as a setback for them especially those that are warming up to be called to serve the fatherland through NYSC.

Conclusion on ASUP Strike Update, Everything You Need to Know

That is the update concerning the ongoing ASUP strike Today 2019 including all you need to know. Parents, as well as students, have publicly erred that both government and ASUP should come to a consensus. It is said that things have to degenerate to the issue of a strike before the federal government takes matters seriously and as such their approach has not been encouraging at all.

It is hoped that the lingering strike will be brought to a halt so as to resume normal academic activities which have been suspended since the strikes begin. Students are eager and anticipating because they are tired of sitting at home doing nothing and rusting away.

The government is employed to speedily come to terms and agreement with the Union so that students can resume and continue academic activities as soon as possible. We are hopeful for a positive outcome after the meeting to be held after the referendum which will see students smiling back to campus again and continue their studies.