Best Science Courses To Study In Nigeria

To talk about education in Nigeria universities, Science courses are approached as the hardest courses. This leading to students running away from science courses right from their secondary schools days especially because of calculations and practical’s involved. Nevertheless, in a developing country like Nigeria your course of study really matters because, in Nigeria society, some courses still lack value. Therefore, university students often want to know the very best and appropriate science courses to study in Nigeria. And these being a very reasonable question, we proceed on providing answers to it by selecting the best science courses to study in Nigeria.

Best Science Courses To Study In Nigeria
Best Science Courses To Study In Nigeria

To start with, undergraduates who wish to study science courses in Nigeria need to understand that these courses are not offered in all universities in Nigeria and these must be put in consideration before applying for a future degree. Although some of the Private, State and federal universities that offer the courses will be listed for proper enlightenment. List of science courses is provided below for undergraduates who want to get a degree in the science field.

Here are the few things we will be looking at in this write-ups;

  • What Are The Best Courses In Nigeria?
  • Best Science Courses To Study In Nigeria
  • Top Most lucrative Science Courses In Nigeria


There are more than many science courses to study in Nigeria universities be it State, Private or Federal universities and because of this science students might be confusing to make their choice appropriately when it comes to courses that are best for them. To avoid them going for the wrong course of study, it is very essential to direct them and bring about some facts to their understanding of how to go about choosing their courses appropriately. Therefore, the very best out of the many science courses to study in Nigeria are listed below. Although it is not based on any form of order but based on the Nigeria present situation and state of the economy.

List Of Best Science Courses That Are Lucrative

  • Medicine

In Nigeria, medicine is considered the most lucrative health science course, I can say it is the most preferable courses for all science students. Reason being that there is 100% possibility of securing a job after completing the program. Gaining admission into any university in Nigeria to study medicine is very competitive and requires a lot of hard work from the student as it is mandatory to have a very high score in both the JAMB UTME exams and the POST UTME exams. Like I said earlier, it is rated the best science course to study in Nigeria as it brings about a very respectable prestige of the title of a doctor. Nevertheless, it is a very herculean course of study.

  • Nursing / Nursing Science

Also one of the Best Science Course to Study in Nigeria is Nursing and Nursing Science. Mostly, people think Nursing is meant to be studied by only women because they believe men should go for medicine. Meanwhile, the course is not only meant for women alone but it depends on one’s ability and capacity to study either Nursing or medicine so far you are a science student. It is also a health care course that focuses on the health and well being of others.


  • Medical Laboratory Science

Medical laboratory Science can be studied both in Universities and School of Health depending on the students’ choice; it can also be studied in polytechnics. It is known with different names in universities and other higher institutions. Medical Laboratory Science is a health care professional degree. Basically, it entails a microscopic analysis of human body fluids and tissues. Also, a healthcare professional degree dealing with microscopic analysis on bacteriological diagnostic, chemical, cytopathological, hematological, histopathological, and immunologic of the body. A medical laboratory technician can work in a Hospital as a Clinical Laboratory Technician, they can also work in reference laboratories, non-clinical industrial laboratories and so on. It is very easy to get a job after graduation because the work of medical laboratory science is needed every day. Not only that, but they also get a good salary.

  • Microbiology

Microbiology is defined as the study of microorganisms. Microorganism are the organisms that cannot be seen with the naked or human eyes except with the microscope e.g Archaea, Bacteria, Fungi, Prions, Protozoa, Viruses etc. Microbiology is a good course and is one of the best Science Courses available in Nigeria Universities for science students. As a microbiologist, you can work anywhere. For example, a microbiology graduate can work in a pharmaceutical company, in a Hospital, in a drug producing industry, as a science teacher, as a marketer etc.


  • Pharmacy

Pharmacy is a good course to study, is one of the Best Science Course to Study in Nigeria. It requires diligence and hard work. Pharmacy is all about the production and manufacture of medicine i.e. drugs. A pharmacist can work in pharmaceutical companies, in Hospitals etc. they work hand in hand with medical student and Medical laboratory students.

  • Dentistry

Dentistry is a science course related to health courses. It is an aspect of medicine that deals with the anatomy and morphology of teeth. Also, it deals with the study diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of disorders, treatment of diseases and the condition of the oral cavity. It is your choice and passion that will make you go for it; it is also one of the Best Science Course to Study in Nigeria.

  • Computer Science

Computer science is a good and well-recognized course in Nigeria Universities, in fact every male child wants to study computer science with the thought I want to be a computer literate which is good and fine, even now females also are running into computer science, this reveals that it’s a desirable course because of this computer evolution world  but computer science is more than being a computer literate, it entails dealing with software design, website design and also an engineering work. Software design is about algorithmic thinking, programming languages, human-computer interaction, and the history of computing as well, website design is about the design of several websites to suit the type of business, it’s sometimes a means of advertisement. Computer science students are creative and also study wider because new things generate each day in this computer age. It is therefore paramount to know that a computer science student can also set up a blog which is a means of making money on its own. If only you can be serious and determined you are sure to be a successful person as a computer science graduate.

  • Architecture

Architecture is a physical science course that deals with drawing and designs of building structures. Architecture is a very popular course and it’s also one of the major courses in science. As an Architect you must be to draw a house plan and also design it, construct a building or other structures, this will guarantee you to work with companies like a building firm, you can also have a firm on your own when you develop your skills well.

  • Engineering

The most technical and broad course in science is Engineering, it is divided into several aspects, some of which are; mechanical engineering, electrical and electronics engineering,  civil engineering, petroleum engineering, agricultural and environmental engineering and industrial production engineering and others which are not mentioned here. As broad as this course is, it is very beneficial in the country and even the whole world. You can choose to go for any of the above-listed categories of engineering as a full course in the higher Institution. You can just as you want to go and study engineering; you have to choose which of the engineering courses you prefer.

Engineers are needed everywhere and they are well paid and also well respected in Nigeria. It is one of the Best Science Course to Study In Nigeria. Engineering has no or little competition.

  • Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering is a professional course and is one of the aspects of Engineering course, it has been recorded as one of the top and best engineering courses studied in Nigerian universities. It entails the design, construction, and maintenance of the natural and physically built environment. Civil Engineer is those who construct our bridges, pipelines, roads, airports, canals, dams, sewerage systems, railways.

  • Chemical and Petroleum Engineering

This course also is one of the Best Science Course to Study in Nigeria. It is very profitable and marketable, in fact, people who graduated as a chemical and petroleum Engineer as highly respectable in our country and they are needed in oil companies like NNPC, CHEVRON, TOTAL, OANDO, and others.

  • Agriculture Science

Agricultural Science deals the combination of agriculture science and biology. It is very broad and also a marketable course. Agriculture is everyday work as it deals with plant and rearing animal around us. Aside from this, it provides job opportunities to as many as possible who studied this course. Agriculture science graduate can work in a research institute, Agricultural sector etc.

Conclusion ON Best Science Courses To Study In Nigeria

None of the above list Best Science Courses to Study in Nigeria is a gender-selective, but it involves one’s passion and also abilities because if you go for a course you don’t have a passion for or you don’t have the capabilities to really study it, it can lead to failure and frustration. Every of this Best Science Courses to Study in Nigeria is beneficial to this country and expert are needed in each field which therefore guarantees success and wealth for anyone that goes for them. .It is important to note that all these Best Science Courses listed here are accredited by National Universities Commission (NUC). Meanwhile, there are still numerous science courses to study in Nigeria, but the above courses listed are the best of all.



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