QR Code Scanner For iPhone
QR Code Scanner For iPhone

QR Code Scanner For iPhone- We are living in a technology world where everything has gone digital. Talking about sharing information, especially by business owners to their customers and clients, the new method adopted is QR code. A QR code is an acronym for Quick Response Code, an emblem for a type of matrix barcode. QR codes contain information about an organisation, including prices and reviews on their products and services. However, there are different types of QR codes, depending on the contents. To have access to the content of a QR code, there is a need to have a QR code Scanner which often is a third party application to be downloaded into your iPhone or Android devices. Therefore, this article is centred on providing you with information on the Best QR Codes for iPhone and Android Devices, including all you ought to know. Here are the most sort of questions online;

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There are different QR codes available for you to download from the internet, especially from google play store for Android devices and iTunes for iOS devices. Notably, some of these QR code Scanners are counterfeit and may be designed to hack your device and access private information from your device. Thus you need to be careful when downloading QR Code Scanner for iPhone.

Below are some of the best QR Code Scanner for iPhone and Android devices. They are based on the rating of users.

  1. i-nigma QR and Barcode Scanner
  2. QR & Barcode Scanner
  3. NeoReader
  4. Quick Scan
  5. Bar-Code Scanner
  6. Quick Mark
  7. ShopSavvy Barcode & QR Scanner
  8. Avira QR Codes
  9. TapMedia’s QR Reader
  10. Kaspersky QR Scanner
  • i-nigma QR and Barcode Scanner

This master QR code scanner for iPhone also has an Android version. The app is prominent for its ability to scan QR codes fast and easily too. It easily detects a QR code as soon as it is pointed to the frame of the QR code and displays the contents.

QR Code Scanner For iPhone

  • Features of i-nigma QR and Barcode Scanner
  1. Sophisticated QR code scanning technology
  2. Recognise UPC/EAN, QR, and DataMatrix codes and another barcode matrix
  3. Allow user to compare product prices, particularly on Amazon and eBay.
  4. Access media files (i.e. music, video)
  • QR & Barcode Scanner

This QR Code Scanner for iPhone is an efficient app designed by Gamma Play for reading all types of QR codes as well as barcodes. It easily detects QR codes containing resources such as ISBN, text, URL, contact, to products, emails, calendar, Wi-Fi, location, among others. It also works for both iOS and Android devices, and interestingly it is easy to use. All you need do is to point it to the frame of a QR code using your Android or iOS device, and it will automatically detect the QR code content.

  • Features of QR & Barcode Scanner
  1. Compare prices
  2. Scan coupon codes
  3. Create QR codes
  • NeoReader

Still in search for a formidable and reliable QR code Scanner for iPhone and Android device, then search no further. With Neo reader at your disposal, be rest assured to enjoy the most simple, fast and highest performance QR Reader available and its Free with no in-app purchase. One of the best features of this scanning app is that it scans the broadest set of 1D and 2D codes today.

scanning qr code on iphone
a scanning QR code on iPhone
  • Features of NeoReader
  1. Create your own QR codes – for FREE!
  2. Confirm websites before visiting them
  3. Automatic detection of code type
  4. Omni-directional live-stream scanning
  5. No framing or alignment required. Simply point and scan
  6. View history of what you have scanned
  7. Support for front and rear camera
  8. Personalise scanning sounds
  • Quick Scan

This awesome and fast scanning app for both iPhone and Android devices has made shopping easy and convenient as well as let you decode all format of QR codes such as including contact, detail, email address, email message, telephone number, plain text, website URL, SMS message, etc. you can also see the prices of reviews and other valuable information in real-time by scanning products of from Amazon, eBay, Walmart and BestBuy.

  • Features of Quick Scan
  1. Fastest QR Code and Data Matrix scanning
  2. Auto decode all types of QR codes
  3. Scan Barcodes & QR codes from photos in your Photo Roll
  4. Perform all the actions related to the QR code without quitting the app
  5. Add contacts directly into the address book
  6. Open web links and map locations directly in the app
  7. Embedded SMS and Email sending
  8. Unlimited storage for scan history
  9. Save useful and favourite QR codes for future reference
  10. Share by mail and text message
  • Bar-Code Scanner

Bar-Code Scanner is a through-and-through QR code and barcode scanner app by simply tap on the “TAP TO START SCAN” button to start scanning a QR code on your iPhone or Android devices

  • Features of Bar-Code Scanner
  1. share contacts, apps, and bookmarks in a QR Code
  2. Scan different types of a QR code, barcodes or data matrix contains contacts, URL address etc.
  • Quick Mark

Quick Mark QR code scanning application works perfectly for iOS and Android devices. This scanning app is user-friendly and lets you decode scan and generate different types of QR codes and barcodes including all major barcode formats such as Code39, EAN 8/13, DataMatrix, QR Code, Quick Code, Interleaved 2of5, Code128, et al. the beauty of it is that the app is free. It can also be used to create QR codes for emails, contacts, applications, and Wi-Fi as well.

To use this application to scan a QR code on any material or photo, all you need to do is tap “Scan”, and the app will detect codes via your phone’s camera instantly.

  • ShopSavvy Barcode & QR Scanner

With ShopSavvy Barcode & QR Scanner, you will be able to scan the QR code of any product and compare all the best prices online, especially when you are at nearby, local stores. More so, the app lets you drop the price at the register using the store’s own price matching policy. In addition, ShopSavvy Barcode & QR Scanner has the largest database of retailers, products and prices, making it to connect to major retail organisations, including Amazon, Best Buy, Target, and Walmart.

  • Avira QR Scanner

Avira QR Scanner has proven its worth since it was developed. The application works on iOS and Android devices, which lets you scan and decode every link embedded within the QR Code and immediately blocks any suspected or malicious links. The security provided using this app not only protects you and your valuable data from infected and phishing links but also provide a smoother and easy use of QR Codes without fear of been hacked.

  • Features of Avira QR Codes
  1. Fast and efficient QR code scanner.
  2. Incorporates proprietary Avira URL cloud technology, which scans URL links in real time.
  3. Blocks suspicious, malicious websites before it loads.
  4. Shows you the full URL links that are linked to the QR code
  5. Avira also scans bar codes
  6. And offers a price comparison engine
  • TapMedia’s QR Reader

Still, in the bid to get the best QR Code Scanner for iPhone and as well works on android device, TapMedia’s QR Reader is another app to consider. The app is free but, however, the iPhone version is a bit featured than the android version. The app is incorporated with an integrated QR code generator, not customizable but has several arrays of choices to choose from. Also, the app’s history log and its favourites tab let you keep all scanned content organised and ready to be accessed or shared.

  • Kaspersky QR Scanner

Aside from being one of the top antivirus application, it sure does serve as a QR scanner as well.  The app is not a multi-matrix code scanner but only scan QR codes and nothing else.  The top aspect of Kaspersky QR code scanner is its feature to protect you from dangerous QR codes containing malicious links containing malware and phishing traps, stores your scanned QR codes, has its own browser, however, it doesn’t come with an instant share option, you can only copy the link of the QR code to share.

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Conclusion on the Best QR Code Scanner For iPhone/Android 2020 Top 10- All You Need To Know

Those are the Best QR Code Scanner we have for you. Search no further as any of the above apps you choose will give you the best of QR code scanning experience.

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