Best Car Accident Attorneys In Oakland

This article discusses the best car accident attorneys in oakland. It’s a fact that accidents do occur. And if they do, you might have to deal with both potential hikes in your insurance rate and possibly car repairs and injuries. Driving safely can help keep you and your family safe and your premium under control.

Car accidents come in a variety of forms. You might find it useful to know more about the kind of accident that caused you or a loved one harm. You can have a clearer knowledge of what might have contributed to the accident, who should be held accountable, and what damages you might be able to receive back for your losses. Some of the beat car accident attorneys in Oakland include:

1. Law Office Of Teresa Li, P.C- Campbell, CA

This firm is located at 2542 S Bascom Ave, Suite 250, Campbell, CA 95008. The Law Locations of Teresa Li, PC offers devoted personal injury representation to anyone hurt as a result of another’s negligence or other reckless behavior from its offices in Campbell and San Francisco, California. Attorney Li is aware of the difficulties victims of auto accidents may encounter, including worries about medical expenses, lost pay, and physical pain and suffering.

Teresa Li supports her clients’ rights and best interests as their advocate in discussions with the negligent parties or their insurance providers and, if required, in court. Attorney Li provides free initial consultations in order to best assist her clients. Teresa Li handles a variety of personal injury claims, including those involving issues like aviation and mass transit accidents, birth injuries, brain injuries, car accidents, construction accidents, product liability, sexual abuse, trucking accidents, and wrongful death.

Teresa Li takes pride in serving those in the Bay Area who have been injured without fault of their own. Additionally, her law firm represents clients in insurance law-related cases, class action lawsuits, and claims resulting from construction accidents. Attorney Teresa Li worked as a personal injury defense lawyer for corporations before opening the Law Offices of Teresa Li, PC.

Teresa Li aggressively pursues the maximum compensation on behalf of her clients, drawing on her understanding of how defendants in such cases evaluate and approach them as well as the familiarity she gained with the court’s adjudication process while working for three state and federal court judges. She has obtained more than $15 million in settlements and judgements for her clients, earning her membership in the Litigation Counsel of America, an invitation to which only 0.5% of lawyers are granted.

2. Van Blois & Associates

This law firm as well represents individuals who suffered injuries in collisions brought on by shaky roads or intoxicated drivers. Regardless matter the kind of accident you were involved in, Van Blois Law company has the knowledge and assets required to make a strong argument on your behalf. They have the ability to assist you in making the greatest possible progress from your automobile injuries, regardless of whether your claim is ultimately settled or must go to trial.

3. Law Office of Leonard S. Becker, APC

One’s life can instantly change in the event of a major auto accident. You might find yourself suddenly struggling to make ends meet, worrying about caring for your family, or even finding it difficult to carry out basic everyday duties. In a situation like this, it’s crucial to have a committed, successful personal injury, and car accident attorney on your corner so you can fight for the adequate compensation you need to start life over.

At the Law Offices of Leonard S. Becker, they have a track record of successfully assisting accident victims achieve this. Clients in the Oakland region and throughout Northern California from their offices in Hayward and Danville are offered cost-free consultation.

4. RMD Law Firm LLP

RMD Law LLP’s skilled Irvine automobile accident attorneys can go through your rights and assist you in learning more about submitting a claim for compensation. They can as well assist with a variety of automobile accident cases, including those involving accidents caused by reckless drivers, Uber, and Lyft drivers. This firm comprises of seasoned attorneys committed to fighting for each client’s right to full and equitable recompense.

Many of their clients have been able to go on with financial peace of mind thanks to our history of high settlements, which has altered lives. Every day, car accidents occur. Unfortunately, car crashes are a common occurrence. But what occurs after a collision? How do you behave? If you contact RMD Law for assistance, they can ascertain the legal repercussions of an automobile accident on your behalf.

5. Ledger Law Firm

This law firm believes that you are the most significant individual in their workplace. They are prepared to begin working on your case immediately. As you certainly know, having an injury and possibly missing work is never easy or relaxing. If you are unable to make a living, how will you pay your household or even medical bills?

Even if there is another household member who works, it might not be sufficient to pay for everything. Today, most households require two salaries to make ends meet. What can you do, then, in this tough period to maintain your home while concentrating on your rehabilitation and obtaining justice for your injuries? You can contact The Ledger Law Firm’s highly qualified personal injury lawyers.

Their area of expertise at the Ledger Law Firm is injury law, especially one sustained from a car accident. This indicates that this team of attorneys are knowledgeable on accidents and the procedures you will need to follow to obtain justice. They have built a strategy that puts care, compassion, hard effort, and empathy as a priority as a result of their extensive experience managing instances of car accidents.

They collaborate with the accident victim and advocate for them by treating them like a unique individual rather than just a case. Along with this methodology, collaborating with this law firm gives you access to national resources like their offices in California, Texas, and Washington State.

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