Best Art Courses To Study


Here are the full list of Best Art Courses To Study In Nigeria.

  1. Law.
  2. English.
  3. Mass Communication And Journalism.
  4. Political Science.
  5. Theater Art.
  6. Music.
  7. Creative And Visual Arts, Fine Arts And Design, Fine and Applied Arts,
    Counseling and psychology.
  8. Foreign Languages.

Most people get confused about the course to study after their secondary school in the process of getting into a higher institution because they don’t know what some courses entail and why they should go for it, so they pick any course they feel is ok. Students who are in this category and are interested in searching for excellent classes that can provide them with a prosperous job should check this out. It is necessary to know that the courses highlighted here are Art courses, and they have been carefully selected out of the many art courses offered in Nigerian universities.

These courses offer people who studied them good and well-recognized jobs in the society in our country Nigeria, and they never regret studying the course. Firstly, Art courses in Nigeria Universities are becoming more popular among Nigeria Students, and it gives s sense of humor, and it brings more knowledge about the art around us. Despite all these, it does not mean there is no seriousness or discipline in the course; students who are willing to study this course must be ready to study hard and be prepared to learn more as well. Mostly, people take Arts courses lightly, and some take it for granted because they believed its too simple to study compared to science courses. Meanwhile, Art courses have their dealings and the critical aspect that required all seriousness and discipline. Despite some challenges that are faced by some Art students, thousands of students choose to study this course not because it’s simple, Still, because it offers a good job after graduation, it’s exciting, it’s part of our daily living.

Here in this write-up, the following are the questions that will be answered after you are done reading the write-up.

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So read on as we will be bringing to you full courses for those in the verge of decisions


Art is a faculty on its own, and it has several departments. The department under this faculty has discipline relating to the course. The discipline help students to grow in their field and also build them to become professional in their various area, courses like performing arts, foreign languages, religion, etc.

Best Art Courses To Study
Best Art Courses To Study

Here are the best Art Courses to Study in Nigeria and which you would enjoy studying as soon as you enter the higher institution. This will also help you to make the right choice.

Also, each student must know what they are capable of doing before choosing a course; this is important for them to be part of their work.  Below is the list of Best Art Courses you can study at any University of your choice in Nigeria.

  • LAW

Law is a system that deals with rules that are created and enforced through social or governmental institutions to regulate behavior. Law is considered the best of all art courses to study in Nigeria, and this is no longer a new thing. Studying this art course makes one a lawyer, and being a lawyer open ways for you in Nigeria as a lawyer are well recognized here in Nigeria. The period of years used in studying law is almost the same period for studying medicine, but the difference is quite clear. This course offers excellent employment opportunities and benefits; it is very competitive; there is also a level authority a lawyer will earn from the society at large. A lawyer also can work in the banking sector as a lawyer; he or she can work in any management company as a lawyer too. So a lawyer can work for an individual as far as you are ready to pay.

  • English

The English language is a critical study; the English course is one of the most marketable art courses in Nigeria currently. English studies are not about knowing the English language or speaking English fluently, but the English course opens far greater doors than teaching. Studying the English language does not necessarily mean you can only work as an English teacher. Still, English language students can work as an Editorial assistant, Lexicographer, Magazine journalist, Digital copywriter, English as a foreign language teacher, Newspaper journalist, Primary school teacher, Secondary school teacher, Writer, etc. One of the joys of studying the English language as a course is the opportunity to be a freelancer.  English Language students can work anywhere because it is a critical study.

  • Mass Communication/Journalism

If you are aspiring to study Mass Communication, you are making a sage decision. Mass communication one of the most popular and marketable courses in Nigeria, it has both national and international recognition, and some do refer to its courses as programs. Mass communication is a course needed by many organizations, organizations like Media house, private Institute, and also foreign countries, but unfortunately, not too many Institution offers the course.

One of the hottest courses in Mass Communication is the media house. Media house makes enable a mass communication Student to work with Mass media outlets both on TV and Radio, Arts Councils, Newspaper companies, and other print-oriented industries.

Aside from the above-stated station, Mass Communication graduates are liable to work in places such as the embassy, which can serve as ambassadors in English-speaking countries, and they can also become freelance Journalists.

  • Political Science

Political Science is a social science that deals with systems of governance, and the analysis of political mindset, political character, and analysis of politics. It broadly deals with the practice of politics and also theories of politics, which are also known as the distribution of power and resources. Political science deals with the theory and practice of government at the local, state, national, and international levels. Political science is one of the top-rated courses in the Faculty of Art, and it is very lucrative. As a political science student, you can work as a Policy Analyst, Legislative Assistant, Public Relations Specialist, Marketing Research Analyst, Political Consultant, and Attorney. Therefore to gain employment is almost immediately after school graduation as far as you have an outstanding result.

  • Theatre Arts

Theatre Arts is art almost concerned exclusively with live performance; it has been over the years and has provided graduates that are now among the respected and valued individuals in the society. Theatre art is a full course with so many sub-courses like Media Production, Writing, Broadcasting, Acting, communication arts, and others.

Here are some of the Universities that offer this course and that have produced the highest numbers of successful actors in Nigeria, Obafemi Awolowo University, University of Port-Harcourt, the University of Lagos and the University of Calabar and others. The students who graduated from these schools are successful because they took their discipline seriously, and the schools also provided them competent lecturers and with facilities that can also help the students to do well in their studies. This course is all about passion and not just intelligence.

  • Music

You may begin to wonder if the music is a course of study or one of the Art courses in Nigeria Universities, the fact is some of these Universities has a standard instrument for music training and music is a cultural activity that interest both young and old in Nigeria. To, therefore, obtain a B.A. degree in music is a great honor, and to get a job is very easy and straight. A time many who graduated in music department has skills like songwriting, directing and recording songs which can make them acquire job easily.

  • Creative And Visual Arts, Fine Arts And Design, Fine and Applied Arts

This course is one of the core courses in the Faculty of Art, and it offers a lucrative career for its graduate. It has to do with designs that are mostly requested for website designs, business logos, corporate designs, etc.

  • Foreign Languages

Mandarin (Chinese), Spanish, Russian German, and French are the most popular courses under foreign languages that crave opportunities for those who studied them. Not too many people studied this course, so there is less competition in the country. Graduates who study these courses work in embassies why some of them become a private tutor; some also is a freelance translator. They work at conveniences, and they get paid.

  • Counseling and psychology

Few people are studying this course because they believed it’s not well recognized in Nigeria, but it is well known in developing countries and developed countries. Counseling and psychology entail dealing with the minds of people to solve their problems and also teach them ways to overcome their challenges. Few people seek the services of psychologists and counselors because most people haven’t known the value of this course. A counselor must be a person who has a tender and caring heart. A psychologist also must be someone very smart and sensitive.

Information About Other Art Courses

Note that all courses are lucrative; it all bore down to your ability to be creative and use your imagination to become valuable and also be excellent. Whatever the course you study in school, you can gain employment immediately if you plan correctly before graduating.

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Conclusion of Best Art Courses To Study In Nigerian

All the listed courses are good ones as long as you are ready to be creative because it almost deals with creativity, and also be willing to make good result out of it. They are the best Art courses that offer a good job after that. However, it all has to do with your passion and determination. Do make the right choice while choosing which path to study.

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