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    How to Stop Procrastinating as a Student and Get Better Grades

    If you have trouble focusing on your schoolwork, you’re not alone. Many students find it hard to concentrate on studying when they have so much other work to do and so many other distractions around them. Follow these helpful tips on how to stop procrastinating as a student and get better grades so that you […] More

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    How to resist distraction as a student: tips for better focus

    As students, we’re often given the advice to learn how to focus. This may seem like simple advice to follow, but it’s much easier said than done, especially when there are so many distractions around us that can derail our best intentions towards studying or work. Here are ways you can resist distraction as a […] More

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    How to Choose a University Project that Suits You

    Choosing an university project, often called a Bachelor Thesis, can seem like an intimidating task. However, if you do your research and choose something that suits your personality and interests, you’ll be far more likely to complete it and be happy with the results. Here are five steps to choosing the perfect university project for […] More

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    How to Sleep Like a Student: Tips for Getting the Sleep You Need

    Being an undergrad or grad student can be challenging, especially when it comes to achieving restful sleep. Between studying and completing projects, working part-time jobs and being involved in extracurricular activities, it’s difficult to carve out time to catch some shuteye at the end of the day. But making sleep a priority can give you […] More

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    Ways to Defend Your Project in Your Final Year

    Wth your final year approaching, now is the time to start planning how you are going to defend your project. This step can be intimidating if it’s your first time doing it, but rest assured, there are plenty of helpful tips and tricks available to help you get through it with flying colors. Here are […] More

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    Who Makes A Great Study Buddy? You Might Be Surprised

    There’s no doubt that having someone to study with can be beneficial when it comes to studying effectively, but choosing the right person can make all the difference between success and failure during your exams. Whether you tend to study better alone or in groups, you may want to consider these six factors when choosing […] More

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    Rewarding Yourself as a Student: The Best Ways to Treat Yourself

    Getting good grades in school can be tough, especially if you’re the type of student who’s so busy doing schoolwork that you forget to take care of yourself and reward yourself for doing well. If you feel like you need some extra motivation, consider trying one or more of these best ways to reward yourself […] More

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    Tips to Boost Your CGPA

    Many of us know how important it is to maintain good grades; not only does it look good on your resume, but it can help get you into the career of your dreams or earn you scholarships and other awards. To help ensure that you get the grade you want, consider these helpful tips to […] More

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    Ways to Make Your Schedule Work for You as a Student

    If you’re like most students, you have countless assignments, tests and projects due at various times throughout the semester. While it’s tempting to put everything off until the last minute, that doesn’t give you the best chance to do well on them or on your exams. Fortunately, with these seven tips you can make your […] More

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    10 Things to Do If You’re Feeling Overwhelmed as a Student

    There are few feelings worse than the feeling of being overwhelmed as a student, but it’s important to remember that you aren’t alone and that you can help yourself by taking certain actions. It’s also important to remember that students go through periods of feeling overwhelmed at different times in their lives, so even if […] More

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    7 Ways to Use the Library That You Didn’t Know About

    The library has long been an overlooked resource in the modern age of information at our fingertips. But even though most people simply think of the library as a repository of books, there’s so much more to it than that! Here are seven ways to use the library that you probably never knew about, but […] More

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    How to Decide if You Want to Go for a Trial

    If you’re being accused of committing a crime, you may be facing some very serious consequences if convicted of the charges against you. The good news is that you have the right to fight back and avoid conviction by insisting on going to trial instead of accepting an offer from the prosecutor to plead guilty […] More

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