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Top 10 Richest Communities in USA 2020

US one of the powerful countries In the World.

The Richest Communities In USA 2020 are presented below. TOP 10 RICHEST COMMUNITIES IN USA 2020 1. Alabama: Shelby County County median household income: $74,063 State median household income: $46,472 Poverty rate: 8.3 percent Unemployment: 2.8 percent Major metro area:…

The Cleanest City in The World

cleanest city in the world

The cleanest city in the world is London in the United Kingdom. It has remained the cleanest city in the world since 2020 to date Because of the consistent improvements in environmental sensitization, sanitation, and eco-initiatives. London has become an…

Largest Church In The World

Largest Church In The World

The Largest Church in the World is St. Peter’s Basilica. The church is also called New St. Peter’s Basilica, Occupies a large area of the World’s smallest independent country called the Vatican city. The church building project was started by…

How To Cite A Website In Apa

How To Cite a Website Apa

How to Cite a Website APA – The common way to cite a website in APA is to start by writing the last name of the author first, followed by their first initial, Then the Date article was Published, lastly…

2021 US Population By Race and Ethnicity

us population by race

US has a Total population of 319,249,300 100.0%, White 191,757,100 60.1%, Black 38,872,200 12.2%, Hispanic 59,102,900 18.5%, Asian 18,007,200 5.6%, American Indian/Alaska Native 2,125,700 0.7%, Native Hawaiian/Other Pacific Islander 528,200 0.2%, Multiple Races 8,856,1002 8%. We use data from the…

How To Lock Screen On iPhone

How to Lock Screen on iPhone

Lock Screen on iPhone 2020- iPhone is an amazing mobile device that everyone will like to own. The mobile device is well equipped with modern and advanced features, which makes it outstanding from other mobile devices. We’ll be discussing one…