Austin Truck Accident Attorneys

Best 18 Wheeler Accident Attorneys

Austin Truck Accident Attorneys
Austin Truck Accident Attorneys

At the mention of Austin Truck Accident Attorneys, truck companies in Texas fidget knowing they are between the devil and the deep blue sea. Thus, they have to either compensate truck victims maximally or lose in court. Unfortunately, as Austin truck accident Attorneys keep expanding, truck accidents are also on the rapid increase. However, Austin truck accident attorneys ensure that negligent truck drivers in the county of Travis pay adequate compensation for their negligent actions. Several attorneys are working for Austin in truck accident expertise. The Austin truck accident lawyers are reputably known in Texas for winning and recovering the most extensive results in terms of compensation in the event of truck accidents. There are several Austin Wheeler accident Attorneys among several others:

1. Niles Sneed Law Firm

For over five (5) years, Austin truck accident attorney Niles Sneed is said to have recovered the largest truck accident settlement in Texas in the year 2020, a $27.5 million settlement for truck accident victims, 18 Wheeler settlements, and awards in the county of Travis for truck accident victims and victory against the United parcel service.

2. The Sharp Firm

This firm is located at 3307 Northland Drive #320, Austin, TX 78731. They specialize in the personal injuries suffered by truck accident victims in Austin. They ensure that negligent truck drivers driving 18 Wheelers semi-trucks, tractors, trailers, commercial vehicles, e.t.c., pay fully to victims for accidents occasioned by their negligent actions. The firm is named after one of its founding partners Laura Sharp who has been in the service of defending truck accident victims with personal injuries for over 3 decades. She was once the president of the Austin Bar Association. Austin Truck Accident Attorneys prepare well for court trials.

3. Martinez Law Firm

This firm is situated at 2101 S IH-35 Frontage Road, Suite 100, Austin, TX 78701. This firm has been in the service of representing victims of another’s negligent actions. Cases of personal injury occasioned by exposure to poisonous chemicals, animal attacks, abuse of nursing homes, defective products, e.t.c., for over 25 years. The firm is named after its founder Arturo Martinez who is a judge in San Juan. An accident victim should hire the right attorney.

4. Shane M. Boarsberg Law Office

This is at 408 W. 11th St Ste 5, Austin, TX 78701. The law office is named after its founder Shane boasberg. Shane’s law office focuses on representing truck accident victims during negotiations with insurance companies. It also ensures that the Medical costs, properties damaged and wages lost by truck accident victims are fully restituted.

5. Carl Knickerbocker, P.C. Law Office

This law office is situated at 8200 N. Mopac Expressway, suite 295 Austin TX 78759. This firm provides adequate legal representation to truck and motor vehicle accident victims who have suffered a personal injury due to the accident. It focuses majorly on truck accidents caused by drunk drivers. The firm is named after the principal partner Carl Knickerbocker.

6. James wood law firm

This law firm is located at 500 W. 2nd St suite 1900 Austin TX 78701. This firm is notable for securing multi-million dollar settlements for truck accident victims, victims of defective products, e.t.c. It also ensures that the insurance companies of faulty parties pay adequate compensation claims to their victims. The firm was established and named after its founder James wood who is a personal injury lawyer.


7. Bratton Firm

This firm is located at 1100 B. Guadalupe Street, Austin, TX 78701. This film also helps truck accident victims to obtain fair and adequate compensation claims for personal injuries from negligent truck drivers violating state and federal laws regarding the conduct of commercial vehicle drivers, thereby causing personal injury to its innocent victims.

8. Terry and Kelly PLLC

This is located at 1002 Rio Grande Street Austin, TX 78701. The firm provides legal representation to victims who sustained injuries from truck accidents in the metropolitan area of Austin. Truck accidents are caused by driver fatigue, overspeeding (exceeding the speed limit), the intoxication of the truck driver, and lack of adequate maintenance of the truck vehicle, among many others. The firm is named after its partners Jim Terry and Trent Kelly who are both members of the Million Dollar Advocates Forum.

9. Schuelke Law Firm

This Attorney is located at 3011 N. Lamar Boulevard Street 200, Austin, TX 78705. This firm focuses on cases involving grievous injuries sustained by victims as a result of car and truck accidents. The firm claims against the employers of the truck drivers who caused these accidents relying on negligence, license regulations, and the violation of road safety regulations. The firm is named after its president Books Schuelke, who was the president of the Capital Area Trial Lawyers Association in the year 2013. A good Attorney knows how to gather sufficient evidence for his case.

10. Lee, Gober, and Reyna Law Firm

This law firm is located at 11940 Jollyville Road #220-S, Austin, TX 78759. This is an attorney from Austin specializing in the legal representation of traffic-related accident victims. This team of attorneys also ensures that the insurance companies of the parties at fault pay adequate compensation for emotional damage, damage to reputation, medical costs, and wages lost by accident victims.

11. Joel Levine A. Law Office

This is located at 1515 W. Koenig Ln., Suite 100, Austin, TX 78756. The firm ensures that truck accident victims obtain adequate compensation for the injuries and losses which they suffered as a result of negligent truck drivers or improper maintenance of truck vehicles. The firm also represents clients in cases involving workplace discrimination, wrongful termination of employment, etc. The firm is named after its principal attorney Joel Levine who is a member of the Austin Young Lawyers Association and the Real Estate Council of Austin.

12. Joe Lopez Law Firm

This is named after its founder Joe Lopez. The firm is located at 1502 West Ave, Austin, TX 78701. The firm focuses on the legal representation of the families of victims who have suffered wrongful death as a result of accidents involving trucks and motor vehicles. The firm hires the services of scene animation recreators, nurse consultants, and reconstruction experts when required to fully understand the circumstances surrounding the death of each victim. It also involves negotiation with insurance companies on their client’s behalf.

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