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Android QR Code Scanner- Have you seen a black color dots in a square shape on any item you buy? If yes, then, that’s what is known as Quick Response Code popularly called QR code.  QR codes are everywhere especially on item packs, magazines, billboards, posters, etc. and make it very easy to get information about products or services as well as take advantage of special deals and incentives. This code is embedded with information that can only be viewed by scanning them with QR code scanners. If you are an android user, there is a need for you to get an Android QR Code Scanner or QR Code Application/QR Code Scanner online Mobile so as to be able to view whatever information is hidden within those matrix dots. As such, this article is centered on Android QR Code Scanner, and all you need to know about them.


With a Google QR Code generator, you can create your own free QR Code, especially for your organization and embed all that your clients/customers need to know about within the QR matrix dots. Thus, they go ahead to download a QR Code Scanner.

For Android users who are the primary concern of this article, there are different and simple ways to scan QR codes; you can download an Android QR Code Scanner or QR Code Application and as well use a QR Code Scanner online Mobile on your Android mobile device so as to have access to the information.

Below are some of the Android QR Code Scanner that you can use to scan QR Codes on Android devices.

Most android phones come with a built-in QR code Scanner which is effective in scanning QR codes. Also, there is over a hundred Android QR Code Scanner available at your disposal, all you need do is to visit google play store and download any.

  • #1. QR Scanner by Trend Micro

QR Scanner provides you with the quality URL safety checks on all QR codes you scan; thereby, ensuring you are directed to a safe website, free and void from scams or malicious and dangerous contents. You need to give the application permission to have access to your camera, Storage, and microphone (optional) to function effectively.

Features of QR Scanner

  • Scan QR codes quickly and safe search
  • Block dangerous websites and reports instantly
  • It is 100% Free
  • No advertisements
  • Scan from live camera or saved images
  • Scan bar-codes and quickly search products
  • Scan QR codes of contacts, texts, WiFi, locations, etc.


  • #2. QR Code Reader

This happens to be among the best Android QR Code Scanner available for Android users. This application is free and simple to use; it loads QR codes faster in less than 5 seconds, which meaning it works quickly. Most importantly, unlike other QR code scanning applications, Android QR Code Reader doesn’t blast you with adverts. Also, it is compatible with Android version as low as Android 2.3.3 up to the latest Android version as long as your phone has a working camera.

QR Code Reader identifies a QR Code as soon as you launch the application and carries out the necessary task as well as provides the appropriate information. Should in the case of phone numbers and other contact information, the application will ask you what action you want to take. Interestingly, it also records your scan history so you can always keep up with the number of QR codes you’ve been pointing your phone at.

Features of QR code reader

  • Free extreme QR code reader app
  • Free lightning QR code scanner app.
  • Free Barcode scanner app
  • Free Barcode reader app
  • How Android QR Code Scanners work

There is no big deal or special skill needed to operate or use QR Code Scanners. All you need do is to launch the Scanning application; it connects to your phone’s camera then you can start scanning by pointing your camera at the QR code. Importantly, ensure that you adjust the camera appropriately to line up inside the guide arrows and that’s it.

  • Use Google Lens to Scan QR Code (Android 9)

You can also use the Google lens to scan the QR Code. Google Lens is an in-built QR code scanner on Android. This works directly inside the Camera app when Google Lens Suggestions is activated.

All you need do is to Open your Camera App > Focus the camera on QR Code > then you will see URL popup.

To setup Google Lens, do the following

Step 1: Open Camera and click: More

Step 2: Click: Settings

Step 3: Activate: Google Lens suggestions

  • Kaspersky’s QR Code Reader and Scanner

This is another fine simple and straightforward Android QR code Scanner which has proven to be one of the fastest that you can use. This application can access your photo/media files, camera, WiFi connection information, among others. Though Kaspersky is known to be an antivirus application, providing a security check before opening a website makes its speed even more remarkable. Also, the application keeps a record of scanned QR Codes.

Features of Kaspersky’s QR Code Reader and Scanner

  • Checks instantly if the scanned link is safe
  • It maintains a history of your scans
  • With just a quick scan, it adds new contacts to your database
  • Warns you of any dangers that lie behind a QR code
  • Scans codes to open texts, images & more
  • Saves the results of all your scans


  • #3. QR Droid

This QR Code Scanner is not entirely free as it has some in-app purchases. It also has access (if permission is given) to Device & app history, Photos/Media/Files, Contacts, Location, Camera, Wi-Fi connection information, and receive data from the Internet. Unlike the previously discussed QR code application, QR Droid displays adverts at the upper part of the screen after you must have scanned a QR code.

The beauty of QR Droid is that it is able to identify different types of QR codes (i.e., contact, calendar event, web address, plain text, WiFi network, phone number, SMS, geolocation, email, book, and product) and perform different actions for each type of QR code. In addition, you can customize the functionality of this application to suit your need. All you need do is to open the app settings and follow each step carefully.

Features of QR Droid

  • It Creates Custom Codes
  • Has QR Decoder
  • It has Widgets and Shortcuts
  • Save the history of your Scanned QR code
  • It can integrate with your phone’s browser
  • Social sharing of QR Codes via email, Facebook, Twitter and many more
  • It can Export your QR code search and save as CSV file.


  • #4. QuickMark Barcode Scanner

This app can conveniently work on six different types of a barcode scanner, which are web, phone, SMS, email, geo-coordinates, and WiFi. Once you have download and installed on your phone can access your Contacts, Phone, Photos/Media/Files, Camera, In-app purchases, Device & app history, Identity, and as well receive data from the Internet.

Features of QuickMark Barcode Scanner

  • Speedily Scan QR code and Barcode
  • Save the history of all your searches
  • History
  • Export of QR code

Note: the application displays adds at the bottom of the page after you scan a code.

  • #5. Norton Snap QR code reader

Norton QR code reader is fascinating and must have QR code reader for android users. One of its interesting features is that it protects you, your identity, and your data from online threats by checking the safety of websites linked to QR codes before they load on your mobile device.

Features of Norton Snap QR Code Reader

  • Automatically scan QR codes and checks their safety.
  • Identify safe websites and blocks malicious sites before they load on your mobile device.
  • View and tail the final destination a QR code is linked to, not just the shortened URL address, so you know where it really goes.
  • View whether a site is safe, potentially dangerous, or should be completely avoided.

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Conclusion on Android QR Code Scanner – All you need to Know

There are more Android QR code Scanner than the ones listed here, but they prove to be the best and outstanding among them all. The QR code has made it easier to access information and becoming the trend used by most enterprises and organizations to dispatch information to their clients/customers. The QR code Scanner outlined in this article will not just scan a QR code but also protect you from malicious sites attached to the QR code. More so, whichever QR code you have ensured it is capable of protecting you from malicious sites that are harmful to you.

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