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If you are reading this piece of informative writing on Amazon Web Services Review, it simply means that you have an interest to use this cloud computing service. Amazon web service is an on-demand cloud computing solution designed by Amazon for businesses of different types and sizes on a metered pay-as-you-go basis. Probably you are wondering whether this service is good or not and want to acquire more information about it, you are reading the right article where we have compiled all that you need to know.


Before we delve deeper into what Amazon Web Services is about, below is a tidbit of what you should know.

Upside of AWS

  • Automatically Scalable Storage
  • Provide users with a Pay-Per-Use model in Low Cost
  • Brilliant Support Choices
  • New Users enjoy a Free Plan before upgrading
  • Large Terabyte Files
  • Excellent security.
  • Advance server support.
  • Equipped with a wide array of product selections and features as well as a growing list of add-ons and integrations from third party system.
  • An excellent and wide choice of Windows or Linux OS server options.

Downside of AWS

  • Determining pricing can be very difficult.
  • Unavailability of Standard Packages
  • Prices depends on user’s location
  • Usage must be estimated and Calculated by user
  • Contacting support can be difficult

Overview of Amazon Web Service (AWS)

Amazon Web Services is a cloud-computing service that is one of the best infrastructures as a service solution considered to be the best option for most applications and businesses; also, it provides the largest IaaS performance as well as one of the most comprehensive set of tools with an increasing list of third-party integrations.

AWS is undoubtedly a mature product and service offering that is widely used by organizations of different sizes.  Incorporating this cloud computing solution ensure most things work well and setup and management are intuitive and user friendly although it is best for advance users than beginners reason been that the Iaas solution comes an impressive level of service that will benefit professionals much more while newbies will find it hard to use.

To further enhance user experience, AWS features and performance has been improved in virtually every area as upgrades are been done frequently to meet up with client demand. More so, the basic service levels of this cloud computing solution include Google Cloud Platform and IBM Cloud. In addition, AWS offers a vast array of services which lets you build cloud service to your preference using its wide variety of other AWS cloud services such as cloud databases, e-commerce storefronts, end-to-end workload and much more.

Language is not a barrier when using AWS as it is available in 15 languages: English, Arabic, Indonesian, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Turkish, Russian, Thai, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese to accommodate its vast customers across the world.

  • Infrastructure

In terms of infrastructure, Amazon web service has the largest worldwide network covering 64 zones in 21 regions, with 169 points of presence.

  • Availability

In terms of availability, AWS is constantly running giving users an uptime of 99.9%. If users were to experience unnecessary downtime than they ought, they will be compensated depending on the exact amount of downtime. This is another strong reason why many users turn to AWS.

  • AWS Marketplace

There is also the AWS Marketplace where users can buy software that operates on AWS. Likewise, software developers can sell their programs through the marketplace       .

  • Components of AWS

AWS comes with most of the features needed to build a cloud service. The primary services of this cloud computing solution include Compute, Storage & Content Delivery, Databases, and Networking. Other services offered by AWS include Mobile, Developers Tools, Management Tools, IoT, security and enterprise apps. Users can control all of these services via an extensive admin controls that is accessible through a secure web client. Available tools found in this cloud solution include identity management, auditing, encryption key creation/control/storage, monitoring and logging, and more.

More so, AWS takes cloud computing to a whole new level offering far-reaching services than any other IaaS solution you can find.

You can use Amazon Aurora if you want to develop a database management system (DBMS). If your data is in terabytes (TB) or even a petabyte (PB) of data and you want to put them into the cloud, then AMS Snowball, a briefcase-size appliance, is your best bet. However, if your data is way more than terabytes, you have the AWS Snowmobile, an exabyte (EB)-scale data appliance to bail you out.

Other tools especially that can be used to process your data includes Redshift, a data warehouse; Amazon Elastic MapReduce (EMR), a Hadoop and Spark service. Not forgetting to mention that AWS is also equipped with machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) services you can use, and it also has the AWS the Internet of Things (IoT) feature as well.

To further enhance user experience and staying atop of its competitors, AWS is equipped with virtual servers, containers, file systems, and block and archival storage.  AWS further stretch its tentacles of compatibility to function maximally with windows as well as Linux server because it is designed on Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL). Amazon’s cloud also supports Docker containers.

  • Scalable Resources

In terms of scalable resources, AWS is not left behind among IaaS solution that offers the best scalable resources. As such, users need not have their heart in their mouth when there is a spike in traffic or data, as they will only be billed for the amount you use.

  • Create an Account

If you are a newbie and want to make use of AWS, you need to create an account by registering on the platform. The step is pretty simpe and you will be done in no time as, say max of five minutes.

  • Step 1: go to AWS website. Select ‘Create an AWS Account’ in the top right.
  • Enter your personal information; and
  • Confirm your identity via SMS and with a credit card (for verification, not billing purposes).

New users are offered free tier, so they can get in and test the service, even hosting real websites, for a particular period before they are charged.

  • Wizards and Automated Workflows

Another impressive feature of AWS is the wizards and automated workflow which are lifesavers especially for beginners. AWS is designed and equipped with over 150 services that can be configured, launched, and tested, including several wizards and workflows for common procedures.

  • Backup and Restore

AWS does not include automatic backups in your hosting plan but you can purchase AWS’ backup and data protection software so as to protect your data as well as uploading your data to Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) and Amazon S3 Glacier and stored across a minimum of three devices in an AWS Region.

  • AWS Containers

AWS container is another fine feature which favours IT experts than beginners. The container-based environment where users can use containers to you can package app code, dependencies, and configurations into a single object meaning that users package can run in the same way, not minding the environment, turning on, off, and scaling quickly.

  • AWS Performance

AWS performance is superb working excellently than most cloud computing solutions in its league.

  • AWS Pricing

In terms of price, you pay for AWS services based on what is used which is similar to the mode of payment applied by other cloud computing solution providers. Payment can be per second or per hour based on the resources you use. However, there is volume discount if you find you’re using more resources.

Not forgetting the free tier plan, which let users enjoy the resources of EC2 and EBS to host a website for free for 1 year, and that is if unless usage does not exceeds the limit of 30GB of storage. Also, AWS has pricing calculators that automatically calculate your billing.

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Conclusion on Amazon Web Services Review

We have come to the end of our discussion on Amazon Web Services Review. AWS allow you to do everything that is done on a cloud computing solution offering the best of both in-house and third-party software options and choices. Truth is, if you are looking for cloud-based solutions that can advance your business, AWS is the best option for you. Having read through the article and have determined that AWS is suitable for your business, waste no time to get it and begin usage. We will like to hear from you on how helpful this article has been.

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