It is not surprising when people ask questions like which 10 Must-Have Android Apps for 2020? There are currently over 2 million applications on Google play store and it can be confusing to select which app to use. That is why in order to help you out, we have compile in this list the Top 10 must have Android Apps that you can download on your android smartphone. Ensure you read through this article to learn more.


An android phone without applications is like a train without an engine. In this article, you will find some essential Android apps that you should have on your Android device in 2020.

  1. Nova launcher
  2. Swiftkey
  3. SMS Organizer
  4. Evernote
  5. Google Drive
  6. NordVPN
  7. Whatsapp
  8. WPS Office
  9. ES File Explorer
  10. Xender

There you have the list of Top 10 must have Android Apps on your smartphone which will give make you stay glued to your phone. Below is a brief discussion on each application.

  • #1. Nova Launcher
Nova Launcher one of the must have Android Apps

Nova Launcher one of the must have Android Apps

Nova Launcher occupies the first spot on our list and it is rated as the best android launcher. Nova launcher works seamlessly, it is fast, has a beautiful interface, and comes with loads of customization features. It is used by many android users who rate it among the Best Free Android App 2020. In addition, the app also supports app-drawer customization, you will also find a scrollable dock, it has notification badges, folder and icon customization, etc. Above all, the Nova launcher app is free to download, however, it has a prime version which unlocks a lot of other features including some locked gestures.

  • #2. Microsoft Swiftkey
Microsoft Swiftkey

Microsoft Swiftkey

Microsoft Swiftkey is second on our list of 10 Must-Have Android Apps for 2020 because it is rated as the best android keyboard. The typing application comes with loads of features and it is entirely free making it one of the Best Free Android App 2020. Swiftkey is developed with an artificial intelligence that allows it to learn and predict users intends to type. Also, the keyboard comes with autocorrect and gesture typing feature, an inbuilt GIF search engine, different language database, and a wide range of themes. Swiftkey enhances your typing experience making it a must have application on your Android device.

  • #3. SMS Organizer

Coming in at the third spot on our list is SMS Organizer ranked among the Best Free Android App 2020 and one of the Most useful Android Apps in Daily Life. We send SMS every day to communicate with friends and family as well as for business purposes. SMS Organizers comes in handy and helpful in managing your text messages. the app feature includes tabbed interface, dark theme, intelligent sorting, booking reminders, PNR status, SMS backup & restore, among others.

  • #4. Evernote

If you are a writer or your niche involves writing and you need to pen down ideas that instantly, then you need to download Evernote considered to be Best Android Note Taking Apps. The app note taking app is used for various formatting including text, photos, audio, video, and sketches. The app is an excellent tool that will help you organize yourself. More so, Evernote is designed with a user-friendly interface that as well as other functions that make it a very unique productivity app earning it a spot among the Top 10 must have Android Apps.

  • #5. Google Drive App

Taking us further in our discussion on 10 Must-Have Android Apps for 2020 is Google Drive App. The app is classified among the Best Free Android App 2020 because it allows you to sync and store your files of any format, pictures, videos and any other file that you have. More so, the Google Drive App includes a mobile office suite which let android users create and edit files from your phone. Google Suite include Google Docs, Google Slides, Google Sheets, Google Photos, and Google Keep. Also, Google Drive App store files locally, for offline viewing and editing.

  • #6. NordVPN

NordVPN is among the best virtual private networks that helps keep your Android free of dangerous malware. When you are connected to a public Wi-Fi network without protection, there is tendency that your information is been tapped, as such NorVPN is equipped to hide your IP address and cover your web traffic with an extra layer of security. In addition, this VPN application let you enjoy fast and stable connection which enhances your streaming and downloading experience on the internet.

  • #7. Whatsapp

As we gradually approach the end of our discussion, we also deemed it necessary to include Whatsapp, the best free, instant messaging application in the world making it one of the Top 10 must have Android Apps. Also, it is the most downloaded application with over 160 million downloads worldwide earning it a spot among the Most useful Android Apps in Daily Life. Whatsapp gives allow android users to communicate with one another through the internet service. You can send messages, voice messages (voice notes), video calls, share links, images, videos, and share location. Another unique feature of this messaging app is its high security feature which protects you from hackers and unauthorize users.

  • #8. WPS Office

WPS Office Suite application is ranked the Best Android Office App because it is embedded with every feature that you need to format your documents which led us to include it among the 10 Must-Have Android Apps for 2020 and because it is used on daily basis to format documents of  different formats on daily basis makes it one of the Most useful Android Apps in Daily Life. This application is a must have because it is easy to use and it is compatible with Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and it can work with different document formats including PDF, Powerpoint presentations, Excel spreadsheets, memo, Google docs, and so on. In addition, WPS unique feature includes PDF converter, reader, editor, along with file-sharing abilities, supports multi-window mode, data encryption, etc.

  • #9. ES File Explorer

The pre-installed file explorer that comes with an android smartphone is boring to use, but that has changed with the advent of ES File Explorer which has more option than the conventional one that comes with your mobile phone. This application is classed among the Most useful Android Apps in Daily Life because it is used on daily basis. It is ranked the Best File Explorer Apps because it has all the necessary features you need. Foremost, it has a Space Analyzer which help free up space on your device. The app comes with App Manager that allow you to backup or uninstall apps; you can share file with other ES File Explorer users over Wi-Fi

  • #10. Xender

Xender close our discussion on Best Free Android App 2020. This application is an essential Android apps that is a must have on your android device. Xender is used primarily for sharing music files, videos, android applications, and documents of any formats from one phone to another. The application is used by a wide margin of android users on dauky basis making it one of the Most useful Android Apps in Daily Life and it is ranked among the Top 10 must have Android Apps. Having this application installed on your mobile phone save you the stress of moving around with USB data cable to exchange files with PC, because you can also connect this application with your PC to transmit or receive files. Another major reason why you must have this app installed on your phone is that it is faster than Bluetooth for sharing or transferring files between any device, due to it being cross-platform.

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Conclusion 10 Must-Have Android Apps for 2020

Android smartphones has revolutionized mobile devices taking it further from the conventional call making and text messaging. It has become a mini-computer for many who cannot afford a PC and also a gaming console for those who can’t afford play station, Xbox and the likes. Thanks to the thousands of mobile applications that gives the liberty to perform all these tasks. Form our list of10 Must-Have Android Apps for 2020 itemized and discuss above, I believe you have been schooled on the apps that you must have on your phone with reasons why. Let us know what you think about this article and how helpful you find it by giving us a feedback.

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