10 Master’s degree in psychology scholarships

The study of psychology as one core STEM course is gradually reducing, considering the fact that the cost of studying the course is ever-increasing depending on a scholar’s level of education. As a result, you may need to see the top master’s degree in psychology scholarships if you determine to be a psychologist or healthcare provider but you are not financially buoyant. 

The following are some of the top 10 Master’s degree in psychology scholarships you can rest assured you may secure. 

1. NAJA Graduate Scholarship Program

10 Master degree in psychology scholarships

Any scholar focusing on studying a course that ultimately makes them improve the mental or special needs of youths and children. 

The deadline to apply for this program is often February in every session. One other thing to take note of is that the scholarship award/grant varies, but the organization has reportedly provided scholars with over $1,393,504 since its establishment in 1962. 

In addition to this, over 550 students have been offered admission by the platform, ever since. 

2. James M. & Erma T. Freemont Scholarship 

10 Master's degree in psychology scholarships

Freemont scholarship has been founded in memory of avid scholar and community advocate, the late Dr. Freemont. It targets to help a wide range of scholars, and your chances of being part are high. It is not only aimed at scholars going to take psychology in their master’s degree but also at every student currently attending a Historical Black College or University at any level of education. 

3. California Association of Marriage & Family Therapy

10 Master's degree in psychology scholarships

Are you a graduate student making research aimed at fostering the field of marriage of therapy? Attempt applying for this offer. The platform offers scholarships to graduate psychologists who would like to further their education and ultimately become a marriage and family therapists. 

It is a one-time $4,000 worth scholarship grant you shouldn’t miss out on. The grant is offered to scholars with high moral standards. Information will be gathered about applicants to know certain things about their personalities, some of which will include gathering if they are active in the community or civic events, and more. 

Any brilliant and faithful scholar in the field of psychology can apply for this scholarship and stand a chance to get the offer. 

4. Arnold Horowitz Endowed Memorial Award 

10 Master degree in psychology scholarships

Hofstra University offers a scholarship termed Arnold Horowitz Endowed Memorial Award annually, in honor of the late Arnold Horowitz. This program is offered within the school’s College of Liberal Arts. 

If you can maintain a minimum of a 3.0 GPA, you can renew this scholarship for three years in the course of your postgraduate program. Another thing that matters is enrolling in a full-time program. 

5. National Space Club Keynote Scholarship

10 Master's degree in psychology scholarships

This is a non-profit organization that grants financial assistance worth $10,000 to scholars in the field of psychology yearly. The organization has been established to help promote the study of STEM courses. 

If you are ambitious about studying psychology, this scholarship program is one you should ensure you don’t miss out on. 

6. American Psychological Foundation Graduate Study Scholarships

10 Master's degree in psychology scholarships

The American Psychological Foundation in conjunction with the COGDOP, Council of Graduate Department of Psychology set up this program, awarding 15 scholarships to qualified scholars yearly. This scholarship ranges from anywhere between $5,000 and thousand dollars. 

The program is designed to help graduate students who intend to study further in the field of psychology. It is open to students nominated by any U.S.-based graduate department of psychology that belongs to the COGDOP. 

Applicants are required to complete an application form and submit it alongside a recommendation letter. 

7. Army Health Professing Scholarship 

10 Master's degree in psychology scholarships

Are you a citizen of the US or Puerto Rico? Here is a program that offers scholarships to people interested in taking psychology or any other healthcare courses in their master’s degree program. Providers of this scholarship take 100% charge of every fee qualified scholars may need for their education. 

This offer is only open to commissioned officers in either of the two geographical entities earlier mentioned. 

8. NSF Graduated Research Fellowship Program 

10 Master's degree in psychology scholarships

Through its NSF Graduated Research fellowship program, the National Science Foundation has been able to help many students in the field of psychology get places with their education. 

It is limited to US citizens and only those taking a master’s or doctoral degree in any STEM-related courses. The award/grant worth offered by this platform varies from student to student. Are you interested in this program? Apply to take psychology in any American (as well as other country’s) university. 

9. A. Gordon Rose Scholarship: Another View Endowment Fund  

10 Master's degree in psychology scholarships

This is a scholarship offered the Nova Southeastern University to students taking psychological courses in their master’s or doctoral degrees. 

It is granted as a tuition waiver to qualified students who are dedicated to professional research and work aimed at improving the community and self-acceptance of gay and lesbian individuals. To stand a good chance to win this scholarship, you must be a member of the said university. 

10. CPA-F Minority Scholarship Program

10 Master's degree in psychology scholarships

Here is one of the top master’s scholarship programs you can apply for as a scholar aspiring to study psychology with a grant in the United States. 

The program aims at helping minority students reach the pinnacle of their ambitions in the field of psychology. Being a minority is therefore a requirement for applicants of the CPA-F (California Psychological Association Fund) Minority scholarship program. 

You must have a piece of evidence to show that you have been admitted to take a psychology master’s degree in an accredited university to be eligible for this scholarship.  

Final Thought

Although these are scholarship programs for scholars interested in furthering their education as psychologists after a bachelor’s degree, most of them focus on citizens of the United States. You, therefore, have an upper hand if you are an American. 

If you are interested in any of these programs, pick your writing materials, put down the programs you would like to apply to, and make findings on their deadlines, when to apply, and how to apply. 

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